Zoness Tiberius Emerald [Post-Genesis]

"I Think therefore I am, therefore, I think I am a Hero." -Zoness


Zoness, after the impending Genesis Wave, is reborn as an Omi on the Earth Archipelgo of

Maldives, located not too far off the coast of India. Zoness was born to a Mother and Father by the

names of Cynthia and Bradly. Of the Archipelgos islands, The family of three lived on an uninhabited

Island, Zoness was a home schooled child, learning all of lifes essentials from his Parents, few people

ever visted the Island, meaning that Zoness's childhood was very isolated, for he had no friends,

And very few aquaintances. Because of this, Zoness grew to be a Quiet, obidient child, never having

to be told anything twice or have to repeat himself. In all his life, Zoness tended to excell at one thing,

Learning, he had a thirst for it. Anything he learned was something he Remembered. Having all

the information at his fingertips only made him hungry for more. But his parents allowed little

contact outside their small isolated Island. Zoness, deep down felt a lingering feeling of stir

craziness, but never brought such a thing up to his parents. He never did anything that went

against them, if ever spoken of amongst some of the few people who knew him. They'd say

he was rather family oriented. But, as he grew older, stronger, and wiser. Zoness couldn't help

but feel a constant need for independence. And at the age of 25, he got what he wanted.

Zoness brought up the topic with his father, pouring his heart out into the details of his situation.

And when he was finished, the only thing his father could do was give him his consent, his mother

followed soon after. It was then that Zoness would leave the Maldives Archepelgo, and onto the

mainland for what was the first change in scenery he had ever had in his life. And he embraced it

with open arms. He began his life of independence by traveling a large portion of Eurasia, from India

to Russia to Germany to Switzerland, and eventually the UK. Of course however, by the time he gets there

his accent, as he puts it. 'Is fucked'.[TBC.]


Zoness, at first glance is a rather Calm and Collected individual, prefering to nod than give someone a word of consent or disapproval and usually attempts to avoid abnormally crazy situations.

But if One decides to stick around him long enough and be patient enough with his bouts of total silence, they'll eventually uncover a Man of immense Philisosophical thought and Cultural knowledge, people may also find an atypical habit of Curiousity regarding strange noises, unpresedented footsteps and other anomalies in his general surroundings.

But most all, those who truly care for this little Jack-In-The-Box will find that Zoness is quite the homebody, reminicing about his family and all the time they had spent together, and his inevitable journey away from home, and his sense of regret of leaving home. Even though he's learnt more about the world then he ever had in the past 53.


  • Claws - To some, they may seem like an reoccuring set of 'fingernails' in most canines, Zoness sees his claws as an effective Multitool, as their capable of Picklocking, gripping tough surfaces, acting as tiny switchblades, and can opening.
  • Lurrsen Plasmium Flintlock pistol - A Close range, single shot Plasmium pistol, modified with a Hair trigger and a lovingly maintained barrel, this weapon was developed by a German arms company reffered to as Lurrsen. The gun itself however was given to Zoness as a gift of gratitude from a German gun enthuiast.


  • Agility - Floofs are profoundly known for their Agility, and Zoness is no different, He can perform vaults, wall runs (With the help of his claws.), rail grinding and leaps with ease. His cardio ain't half bad either.
  • Photographic Memory - Zoness tends to remember everything He witnesses, bear this in mind when you attack this snake with a long Memory.
  • Gravity Distortion - Zoness is capable of Weakening or Strengthening the gravitational pull on Himself, and others, friend or foe. However, this power is very Unspecialized, making it only usable on a limited number of targets, and having its duration seriously numbed down.
  • "Blinking" - Zoness can make brief fluxuations in time in order to allow him to boost forward suddenly, giving him an advantage of a guaranteed surprise attack the first go around. Unfortunately, the dash only sends him 6 feet forward at a time, and continuous usage can lead to nausea and fatigue