Redesigned Zipza (Refurbed-stain eye detail)
Current appearance
Green fur, Zipper mouth, tan Antenna, pink and purple eyes, grey claws
light Blue cloth body, white and dark grey sleeves and a metal box
"Sneaky", Pranks and Jump scares
Ability type


Zipza is a Green furred "Ziznake" with two different colored eyes, Pink and Purple, both with a red stain on them. He also has tan colored "antenna", a Dark blue ish tongue, grey claws, and a Zipper mouth. He has a light blue "body" with rips on the shoulder showing Black and white Sleeves that are also frayed at the end where his claws are at, and has a box on / as his tail.

His Eyes Also Shift from his "normal eyes" to full color, or a mix in between.

Zipza M A D

Zipza with 2 different "full colored" eyes

Zipza Errie ish

Zipza with a mix of both "eye types"


Zipza Himself is surprisingly friendly, Though He does have a few Screws loose in his head. He Often tries a lot of off beat pranks or "jump scares" to catch others off guard, But doesn't exactly appreciate it if people assume that He's evil, or that He's going to "eat them" (Not that he's even scary in this current world). Zipza Also cares for those that he knows and actually "work with" (and by "knows" that also means TRUSTS). Though he could still technically Go Crazy (literally) and take things a bit to far in some cases.


There is not a lot of information in regards to Zipza's backstory, But of what Information there is It heavily Implies that Zipza works with a few other creatures working around the time of October. Only thing contradicting this is that Zipza has appeared numerous times as well as some of his Co-workers OUTSIDE of the month (or whichever dating or calendar system the planets in the Crossover junction uses), Often times LOOKING for said Co-works as they have "Disappeared" and He is trying to find him. Though He Did manage to find them, they weren't exactly the same. Seeing that the Co-Works in question didn't look so good (and that is coming from Him, and he SEEN their Monstrous forms *but that is actually Natural to him*). He is currently still looking for what might have originally caused their disappearance but will stop for a bit of "fun" seeing that he did find his Co-Works (still concerned though)


Zipza Doesn't have Super Natural powers. That Alone can be said about this "prankster", But he is Skilled in other Aspects. He's stealthy in a sense he could relatively Sneak up on any species and attempt to "scare" them. Though he looks are not just for show, He CAN Scratch and Claw a Being if he wanted to and has a good Jaw Grip with his Zipper mouth (aka Zipping his mouth almost shut when he holds onto something or someone with his jaw.


Zipza, Despite not having Bone, Can easily get caught up in his own "pranks" and get the Bunt of the effect (when his mind isn't right that is). He can Also basically get Beaten, Bashed, Maned, Mauled, Set on Fire, and still technically be ok, But enough power can end this creature for good.