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"I was bored, so I joined the Blood Hoods."
The Second Command of Blood Hoods
Mobian Hedgehog
White fur (except his chest and muzzle) and orange eyes.
Wears a cap, rings on his body, and wears modernized gloves and shoes.
Normal Height of a Mobian.
Neutral Evil
Street Knowledge and Good Dealer.
Ability type

Zipp the Hedgehog is part of the Blood Hoods and serve as Second Commmand for BHL and knows his leader's identity as secret.


A mobian hedgehog with white far and long tail, only showing fair skin tone on his muzzle and chest. He looks like a smug-looking guy. Usually he does not require a cloak (Sometimes he do.) Unless it's needed. Zipp's eyes are orange eye color and he looks modernized. Wearing yellow shoes, gloves and cap. He also wears rings on him for show.


Zipp is smug and sometimes self-centered. When it comes to working with someone or a organization, he is cooperative and careful person on other situations. With the right items and equipment, he acts confident from this. He also likes flirting with other women.


Born as a street kid, he tried to surviving the bad region on Emerald City. Filled with crimes and other things that got him involved. He joined with obscure gang on Emerald City and learned the path toward Street Knowledge and deals.

Zipp was quite a prodigy on learning other gangs, knowing his favorite is the Crimson Syndicate. He doesn't bother to join since he is too young at his age.

Returning to his gang, he heard they died from a local shootout against another small gang. He feels remorse about them, but, his mind is all about survival. He went off, chasing his goal to find a obscure gang and climb the ranks. Looking to become big, someday.


Zipp has no special powers yet. N/A.


Zipp knows how to spindash and be agile enough to dodge incoming attacks. One of the most agile on BH Gang and acts thoughtful on his fighting style.


Skilled to know about Emerald City with his street knowledge and knows other gangs from his street-life experience. He also knows how to do deals with other people, even meeting Mr.X and successfully made a deal with the Malice Emerald.

He is also quite good at hand-to-hand combat and knows how to shoot with a gun. At least quite good with accuracy but not expert-level skill. He is still a novice at it.


Zipp is self-centered and acts cocky against people who tried to stop his plans on becoming big with the Blood Hoods. He also likes making risks, doing heists and stealing with BHL.

He is selfish from his own decision, either out of pride or greediness. Which can get him on different scenarios of trouble, especially high-experienced villains and skilled people.

Incapable of making the right deals if there's no required items and resources for business to make promised decisions.