"It's really fun when they die."
Zatch and Zym
Zatcho and zymbo
Zatch and Zym on a flashy AiM background.
Refer to the Appearance paragraph.
Refer to the Appearance paragraph.
Zatch: 5'6, Zym: 5'2
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Ability type
Helixes (Zatch)

Zatch and Zym are a duo of "bounty hunters" going on journeys across planets, universes, dimensions, etc. You name it, they've done it. There's Zym, a no-nonsense bounty hunter who just wants to do his job and respects others the same he would himself. Alongside him is Zatch, a naive lunatic from the 72nd dimension. Despite being polar opposites, Zatch and Zym find themselves working with each other quite well even if they constantly argue with each other.


Zatch often wears a loose white button up shirt that reaches down to his legs which are completely black, no indicator of whether he has shoes or not. He often wears an oversized party hat that fits his entire head. Zatch's eyes are yellow with orange swirls inside them with pale yellow skin, a trait shared between the two. Zym wears goggles and a white coat with a red shirt accompanied by black pants with red, puffy boots matching his shirt.


Zatch is rude, abrasive and will often butt in on others' conversations yet often excused by Zym. Zatch has a love for violence, and usually gets into arguments with Zym about how he doesn't mindlessly kill. Zym is calm and usually doesn't talk unless being talked to or Zatch is being a stupid idiot. Zatch and Zym argue quite often and may result in them missing out on what's going on.


The two met when Zym was assigned with Zatch's bounty of $85,000,000 at the time. He eventually tracked down Zatch's whereabouts. Zym had caught Zatch off guard but before Zatch could be cuffed, Zatch brought up a deal to Zym. If Zym doesn't bring him in, Zatch will do his bidding. Zym took the offer, and thus began their journey as renegade bounty hunters!


Zym being assigned with Zatch's bounty before they met.


Zatch and Zym arrived at Baile-Ore using the Dimensional Pyramid, an object used to cross dimensions. They did their usual business of bounty hunting. During reckoning day, they appeared hauling Pico (whom's legs they broke a few days before) and later left to go after another bounty.

Teslon (AoS)

Zatch and Zym arrived at Teslon while Reckoning Day was occuring on Earth, hunting after a bounty. They soon lost track of the unknown bounty when they found the incredibly large bounty of Alphonse Von Bombastus. They immediately took their chance and starting asking around if they've seen him. They eventually came upon their actual bounty, whom they didn't realize were their actual target. Noticing that he seemed harmless, they inquired about why he had such a high bounty on him, yet they were interrupted.


Zatch's Abilities

  • Helixes

Helixes are an ability of Zatch with a variety of uses. They can rise up from the ground and hit opponents, wrap around Zatch's arms making him hit harder, trap opponents, and heal wounds.

  • Dimensional Pyramid

The dimensional pyramid is an object which is summoned by Zatch and operated by Zym. As the name states, it's used to travel across dimensions. Once a destination is set, the user will be warped away by a 3-dimensional diamond shape. At arrival, the user is etched into the world by a spinning pyramid. This takes about 45 seconds.

Equipment and Skills

Zatch's Equipment and Skills

  • Machete

Zatch's machete is one of Zatch's favorite weapon to use in combat, although his helixes would make the job much quicker. Zatch usually takes his machete everywhere he goes.

  • Incredible Durability

While it's not exactly a skill, Zatch is incredibly durable. He can have several glass bottles fall on his face and not a drop of blood will fall. He can sustain several bullet wounds, which Zym can also do.

Zym's Equipment and Skills

  • Generica 5000

The Generica 5000 is Zym's main weapon of choice in combat. The Generica 5000 was supplied from Generica, a weapons manufacturer that supplies bounty hunting groups with weapons, barriers and other combat tools. The gun has 3 features, Standard, Stun and Stabilize. Standard fires regular shots which can be charged. Stun fires shots that are the equivalent to tranquilizers that keep the target conscious. Can be charged as well which keeps the target stunned for longer, yet cooldown will be longer. Stabilize makes targets harmless and lose effect. Can't be charged and has cooldown with every regular shot.

  • Bomb Defusal

Zym has bomb defusal training from his time at his bounty hunting job. Certain bombs can be stabilized with the setting on the Generica 5000.