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Xelzye the Snilapt
Current appearance
Not Available
red and pale skinned with a snout and curled antenna, yellow teeth, "silver tongue", Green furred lower jaw, orange fur or mane, feathery tail, multi colored head feathers, grey furred arms with red claws, and pale tendrils
not available
not available
Not any known
Chaotic Neutral
"Knowledge", able to sneak by with slight ease (sorta)
Ability type
None (technically normal since not everyone can be a sayian or mobian an have super powers in this junction)


Xelzye is a red and pale skinned Snilapt with light orange eyes, Yellow teeth, and Silver touge (though It doesn't help him much). He has antennas one his head functioning as ears as well as a curved beak like snout, while his lower jaw just has green fur covering it. He has a Orange "main" with different colored feathers that work as "feelers" and four arms, two that are tendrils with tan spikes and two that have a greyed purple fur with  violet claws. He also has a feathery tail and is almost snake like in appearance.


Xelzye has a mostly "sneaky" personality. Often trying to bargain with others claiming he "knows" how to fight off or help with a certain problem, only to ditch or stab then ditch a little after (which is half true). But he won't do that if he knows he would have his tail handed to him in a situation that ends in a brawl. Xelzye is also smug when it comes to thinking he knows what do (or what he knows in general), and often Very critical in various situations and isn't afraid to "smart off" a comment of what he thinks is wrong.


Xelzye being a "clever" Snilapt has made his survival's meet by going off other species and rarely his own species. However Xelzye knew that if he was to "move on" with the bigger things he would actually have to have some data or proof to back up his "claims", So he went off to collect data from books, scraps and notes to use to his own advantage. This soon led to him thinking that if he "knows more" he can "Get more" to side with him, making him travel further and further till he knew as much of his own world as possible. One day however the Snilapt came across a weird pixilated portal, He was curious of what could be on the other side but knew could be something dangerous so he chucked a rock in, nothing happened. He then threw a small bug through the portal, nothing came back out again. Soon Xelzye figured he couldn't keep flinging stuff in if nothing comes out, it could have been a portal to a pit for all he knew. As soon as he poked his head into the portal he was YANKED in by a Claw. The Creature was covered in flesh and his eyes had yellow gunk leaking from his eye, frightened Xelzye did the first thing that came to it's mind "Negotiation".

That didn't work. Soon Xelzye was locked in a Cage by the creature along with some other weird creatures from his own world, When the Xelzye tried to convince the creatures that had put him in there to let him out "or else there won't be anyone to save him from the Sligsaws" He soon ate his own words on that upon seeing a Sligaw in a cage as well. Then He just flat out started pleading to not kill him (sure his cell mates first) and that he could promise he'd be useful. The Creature Appliqued to this but Didn't let The Snilapt out. To this day Xelzye is still locked in a Cage until he is "useful" to his "captor".


Xelzye despite not having any ranged attacks can attack with his four arms and even try to hold a target down. He also has some "negotiation" skills though it doesn't seem to work with a few creatures. He is also very swift and sneaky when manurviring around and can scale a walls and surfaces.


Xelyze's weakness other than the obvious of being mortal like fire, drowning, be wacked really hard in the skull, etc. He isn't a good liar, nor is he clever when caught. He may be 'slick' and 'sneaky' but that does nothing when you can basically close line him or shoot off his face