" It's alright for you to underestimate me just because of my fighting capabilities. But I'm warning you, if you underestimate my mind.. It'll mean the difference between my ass on the ground and your ass in hell."
Volt (Voltavius)
Volt (Young Adult +Sign Of Training)
"Seriously, I don't want to get caught up in whatever you guys are doing. I'm no fighter like you people." ~Volt
Mentally: 21 (Post-Manus Timeskip) | Literally: 180+
Human | Pseudo Saiyan
Black Hair, Yellow Eyes, Average Saiyan Build. Laid Back, Cocky.
Fighting Gi & Altered Xeno Atire
157.48 Cm (5"2')
86.1 Kg (190 Lb)
Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Sister: ..?
Lawful Neutral
Chaotic Hand to Hand | Refined Saiyan Apparition Combat

Ki Manipulation | Ki Mastery

Electric Energy Channeling
Ability type
Long Range Ki User
Full Power

Focus Form | Full Focus Form | MAX Focus Form

Apparitional Influence

Pseudo Super Saiyan

Voltavius (also known as Volt) is a long-time veteran character of AiM, appearing and evolving in AiM2.5 and onward. If you've known Togi for long enough, you'll know that this is his signature character.

Tier ListEdit

  • Normal State : 6-A: Continent Level
  • Full Power : 5-C: Moon level
  • Focus Form : 5-C: Moon Level
  • Full Focus | MAX Focus : 5-C: Moon Level
  • Apparitional Influence : 5-C+: Moon Level+
  • Pseudo Super Saiyan : 5-C: Small Planet Level


Volt has the appearance of an average Saiyan build, with a fit body and tense glare. He prefers sporting his sleeveless green Fighting Gi that complements his fast movements and attacks, as well as acting as a comfortable shirt for everyday use. His pants, shoes, and gloves are altered Xeno (Time Patroller) gear, a gift from someone unknown. They're incredibly durable and light, allowing for hardened strikes. The scarf that he wears was a heartfelt gift from Anti, reminding him of his past self and the long road that he's traveled to get this far. When the Saiyan Apparition enjoyed torturing individuals, he attacked the Saiyans for their high output of negative energy. While Volt was alone, the Apparition struck Volt across his right eye with a blade of Ki, tearing it apart and leaving a scar around it. Through training with the Saiyan Apparition, Volt received his mark of mastery on his left glove. The symbol itself is ancient in origin and unknown.


Since he was first awoken, Volt has been an extremely laid-back guy with no care in the world. He doesn't have the drive to work without reward, nor has he had an immense drive to train. His big mouth gets him in more trouble than expected. As he grew older, he became increasingly quiet as the woes and ways of life became more apparent, the most resounding effects being the death of his first friend, living alone in the wilderness right before the Saiyan Apparition attacked him, and the widening gap in power between him and the other people around him. That said, if he's called on for important business, he'll always do it if his friends are in danger. Despite being oddly dark at times, his heart is pure and willing to defend the ones around him.

Backstory Edit

Volt is one of ten individuals genetically enhanced by Professor Rosanne Avalon and made into androids. In the late 1900's, the mad scientist desired to explore the galaxy by sending out ten orphans to a planet that could supposedly support human life, the planet which would later be known as Mobius. Once the pods landed and stasis wore off, the pods containing the androids were opened... All except for Volt's. Centuries later, it opened, and a rare bug occurred in his memory bank infused brain, causing him to forget the past 10 cognitive memory years of his life. Once he awoke, only muscle memory and instinct were his allies.

Over time, he began to grow close to people around the planet. At this point in history, all kinds of races had populated the planet, such as saiyans and fellow humans. One in particular stood out to him - a young girl around the same age as him called Lizzie. She enjoyed being around Volt, observing his brash and casual attitude, and eventually began to have feelings toward him. Unfortunately, one night, as the two were trying to escape the rain, a group of experienced thieves attacked the two, fatally wounding Lizzie on accident. She supposedly died in his arms shortly afterword, and the rage from the experience awoke the blessing of Focus after the brutal wave of anger clouded his judgement. With his newfound strength, Volt viciously murdered the group, smiling and laughing the entire time.
"She was.. INNOCENT! You heartless, unforgivable BASTARDS! You KILLED HER.. and now I'll kill you."
—Volt, during the decent from Rage into Madness.
As he grew to his teenage years, he met the group of Heroes and decided to hang out with them as way to pass the time, but the thrill of being around them made him choose to stay with them. As he stuck around more, he met Professor Sarah Avalon, the descendant of Rossane Avalon, who has been searching for Volt ever since she could cognitively think.

Post-Chaos Core Finale, Avalon discussed with Volt about his ancient history. Born in 1980 and made into an android ten years later, Professor Sarah Avalon plunged Volt and 9 other androids toward an uncharted planet which would later become known as Mobius. She discussed the possibility of a blood sibling, such as a brother or sister, but both have doubts that either one exists.

Powers Edit

From the beginning, Volt's fighting style has been unrefined and archaic, while his ability with Ki has begun to stand out among the Heroes. As his training with the Saiyan Apparition continued, Volt became an adept martial artist, learning from the Apparition's own cruel way of combat. Volt has the ability to create a scimitar from channeled Ki, but he prefers not to use it as he deems it "...cruel, even for me." Instead, he prefers to utilize Electricity-Ki combos to wear his opponents down over time. As he fights, his body begins to charge, slowly raising his damage to 3x as much as it was from the beginning. This coupled with his extremely cunning mind, his abilities as a Pseudo Saiyan, and powerful techniques makes Volt a force to be reckoned with indeed.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Auto-Energy Recharge - Energy is automatically recharged at a medium pace.

Ki Manipulation - The ability to make a blast, beam, weapon, ect. with the power of Ki.

Blast Fist - A charged punch infused with Ki. Mainly a knockback move and is Volt's signature melee move.

Lightning Flash Dance - A rapid combo in the blink of an eye involving several punches and kicks. Volt can stop mid attack and swap to a different attack or evade with ease.

Lightning Cage - Traps the energy inside of a cage, slowly shocking them and damaging them as long as they stay inside.

Reversal Flash - Deflect an enemy's energy attack and counter with a blast equal to half the strength deflected within' Volt's relative strength.

Focus Form - Volt's main transformation blessed to him by the Sage Tetsuya long before his birth, and first awoken upon the death of Lizzie. When active, his perception of time is altered, reducing opponents speed by 75%. Within' this state, Volt's roster of attacks doubles.

  • As of recent, his central nervous system has been thrown off balance. Although he can still perform regular actions normally, his Focus has been fractured and the state has been weakened drastically.
Volt (Young Adult + Sign Of Training) (Focus Form)

Volt's Focus Form

Flash Reflex - If timed correctly, anticipate an incoming melee attack and counter in an instant without fail. This is more of a passive ability than anything, but is still exploitable.

Condensed Kamehameha - A Super Kamehameha wave with increased speed and damage that takes a few seconds to recover from, similar to the Kaioken X4 Kamehameha.

Focused Impact - A barrage of powerful, disabling attacks that temporarily lower the target's stamina, as well as a chance to paralyze the target.

Time-Space Rejuvination - A move learned by the Saiyan Apparition. Instantly recover any lost energy. Every use reduces defense and maximum energy pool by 25%. (Up to 100%)

Various Time Based Attacks - Various attacks that counter and repel any target, blowing them back.

Full Focus & MAX Focus - Enhanced but incredibly straining versions of Focus Form, and is considered Volt's most tactical form. Volt's time perception raises to 80/85% and give him access to two incredibly powerful abilities learned by the Saiyan Apparition.

Void of Time - Fires a ball of negative energy that warps time around a small area, which slowly drains the target(s) energy and reduces target(s) speed by 10%.

Nexus Energy Bomb - Volt's ultimate and most powerful attack. Time completely stops while Volt charges and attacks with an immense ball of Electric, Ki, and Time energy. Time resumes when the attack lands.

Apparitional Influence - With the slash across his eye, Volt is marked. The Apparition has the ability to empower Volt with raw malice energy or even control his body entirely if he so chooses.

Pseudo Super Saiyan - A seemingly impossible transformation to obtain. During an immense trigger of anger, the soul of Overseer will react within' him, granting him the ability to become a Super Saiyan; However, as Volt is entirely human, the form is mutated and reformed into a Pseudo Super Saiyan. The form itself is 25% weaker than regular Super Saiyans, a quintupled (5x) energy drain multiplier, enough to overwhelm his natural energy regeneration, and loss of control. Despite the weaknesses, It is considered Volt's most destructive form.

  • Overseer Link - By linking perfectly with Overseer, Volt can achieve a perfect state of Super Saiyan, though this is a heavily time-strained form that takes massive amounts of energy from both Volt and Overseer.
Kaioken - One of the two most powerful abilities taught by King Kai. By controlling all of the energy inside of his body and amplifying it all at once, this powerful yet risky technique increases one's abilities depending how far the technique is taken. With each level (Highest ever shown being x20) comes greater strain, and one small mistake while controlling all the Ki in ones body can lead to severe consequences, or worse, Death.
"This version Doubles my Strength, Speed, and Senses, And all the other traits I use in a fight!"
— Son Goku

Recent Edit

After the Chaos Core Finale, Volt is currently resting in the newly rebuilt Emerald City; However, his period of rest wont last long. Professor Avalon discussed with him about his old history, and also informs him that the other 9 "Avalon Androids" are currently on the planet. Anxious to hear about the rest of his past and discovering his technological siblings, he prepares to travel with Avalon and Nagashi on a quest to locate them.

Weaknesses Edit

In General - Volt is extremely stubborn, preferring to fight and train alone. Ever since training with the Apparition, his attitude gives off a negative vibe to those around him, despite being a kind-hearted Earthling on the inside.

Contemplation - Volt takes a larger amount of time to think about his next move than usual, similar to Vegeta. This causes him to be caught off guard at times.

Cocky Nature and Big Mouth - During battle, Volt has a tendency to continuously taunt his enemies. Even in AiM, the universal law of "Taunt to get Bodied" still applies.

Limited Strength - Although Volt's mind is absurdly powerful, he himself is not. He comes in as one of the physically weakest Saiyans of the Heroes.

"Show me your Full Power!" - Like many Saiyans, Volt prefers to have his opponents go all out. This, most of the time, leads to him feeling pissed at himself for not being strong enough to defeat them after that point.

Death - Despite the one pro of Death being easier control over ones inner energy and abilities, should Volt die while dead, he will no longer exist in the mortal and spiritual world.

  • Volt is no longer dead, and as such, this Buff/Debuff is currently rendered inert.