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Volt (Smiling)
Original Art by BillyTheBumGamez.
-See "Appearance"-
-See "Appearance"-
110 Lb.
Lavender - Guardian | Parents - Unknown.
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Avalon Android #10:

Volt is a character that has stuck around since AiM2, RP'd by Togihill. It has been his main character for years, as he represents most of Tog's traits.

General Overview: Edit

Volt is a Very Lighthearted and Goofy Person, who has Lived out his Life on Mobius as far back as he can remember. He doesn't remember his Parents, however, and he pretty much doesn't know how to live with anyone else. It always struck him curious that he didn't seem like the others around him. He wasn't a Mobian, and he was practically an outcast due to rebellious nature.

Appearance: Edit

Volt is a young teenager about 5'6" tall, with golden Yellow Eyes and a Black and Green Gi on. He has semi-long, flowing hair that spikes at the bottom, and with several strands of hair coming down from the top. In later arts, he sports a scarf.

Personality: Edit

Volt's carefree personality is only matched by his absurd laziness. He'll always try to act friendly toward others, but should they start to aggravate him, he'll usually walk off.

History: Edit

Before the massive wave of fate that would draw the Heroes to Mobius, Volt lived his young life as a runaway street rat, causing utter havoc and chaos wherever he existed. His unnatural speed allowed him to avoid drastic punishment from the authorities. He never really fit in, and anyone that he tried to see as a friend would betray him and/or leave him. He met a young girl at the age of 13 who was about the same age as him. The two quickly connected on such a personal level that they hung out every day, and even promised that they would marry each other once they grew up. However, one cold winter night, the two were attacked by a small gang of ragtag criminals, and she was fatally injured. In her dying breath, she smiled at him, and fell limp. As her lifeless body lay in his arms, his dormant power was unleashed in a fit of absolute rage, and he simultaneously snapped the attackers neck all at once. The incident, although left the people around him feeling guilty for how they shunned him, left Volt in a state of depression for a long time, without purpose, and without hope.

Two years later, he felt called to join the Heroes, hoping to avenge his fallen loved one, to prove his worth to the people around him, and to protect as many as he can.

Powers: Edit

Ki: Volt has learned how to utilize his inner energy, allowing for a wide variety of techniques and blasts. Skills such as Flight and Ki Sensing are a natural ability of his.

Forms: Edit

Pseudo Super Saiyan: While under constant attack by Yxius, he was controlled to attack his friends against his own will. With the help of the nearly nonexistent cracked shard of his previous self, he was able to overcome control and flee, unknowingly fulfilling the wish that his Old Self desired which was to merge and guide his newer incarnation. With it came the abilities of a new type of Super Saiyan unlike any in AiM History. Volt is 100% Human, and the merging of Souls affected his Genetic Code in such a way that only some Saiyan traits were inherited. The power multiplier of the form is cut by 25% (50X Base = 35.5X Base), and the form must be triggered with immense trauma each time, although it becomes slightly easier with repeated triggers. The drain of energy is also increased.

Tetsuya's Focus Form: Blessed by the Sage Tetsuya from birth, he awakened this dormant power after the one he loved and cared about died in his arms. In this State, Time around Volt slows down to a fraction of its regular speed, allowing him to easily strike Critical Points on the enemy, disabling them at best. His limits of this state are unknown, and should he lose control of this state while combining it with power-biased forms, the resulting space-time ripple could be devastating.

Limit-Breaker: Inside of Volt are limiters to his power, designed by Sarah Avalon, The Third Generational Ancestor to Professor Rosanne Avalon, in the year 1974. They are designed to limit his power from progressing too far (in other words, to prevent him from becoming another generic overpowered saiyan #105831). Should his potential power and training crack the limiters, he can enter the Limit Breaker state, which rapidly drains his Energy and Stamina in exchange for an all out assault. Five limiters exist, and Volt has cracked the 2nd one recently.

However, the last one seems like it cannot be broken by power and training alone. Perhaps something otherworldly could provide the answer..

Weaknesses: Edit

  • Although his heightened ki sensing abilities keep him alerted, taking on more than one opponent at once is not his strong-point.
  • Although Volt has some of the most potential of the Saiyans, he isn't really the fighter type, and would rather fight with words than fists.
  • His speed can overwhelm opponents, but his strength isn't impressive at all.

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