Redesigned Volkmar (reFURbed)
Current Attire
Verslit hybrid
Orange fur, Long neck and arms, white tusks, green eyes, white claws, orange tail, tan exoskeleton limbs
Brown Gloves with blue orbs, Belt like strap, Goggles with 2 different lens
Neutral, good
Ability type


Volkmar is a Orange furred Verslit With a Long exoskeleton Neck, and arms. He has furred hands with three fingers and a central paw pad on each hand. His has two nails for each furred feet and has a long tail. He also has Tusks, short furred ears, and green eyes. His Current Attire has a Belt like strap across his body, goggles with two different lens and two gloves that has blue "orbs" over the paw pads.


Volkmar sans Adventure Attire

Alternate Attires

Other than Volkmar's Adventure Attire He Does have a Winter Attire. He Retains his Belt strap but instead of gloves he has red mittens and a big green scarf around his neck, He also Lacks his Goggles.

Winter Volkmar

Volkmar's Winter Attire


Volkmar, Though friendly, is a bit more of a book worm not wanting to get involved into any violence or danger unless it's for knowledge. Though He does explore a bit on his own to take notes of his Environment and people around him, and Documents it in a series of Notebooks that he and other people could look through later.


Myswick Misfit Origins

Volkmar was born into a village of Versilt hybrids. He unlike most of the Kids was more into reading as opposed to exploring. He writes almost Every bit of information he comes across, making his OWN Journal full of the Bio of Creatures indigenous to Myslwick woods. He doesn't mind helping out others though, With his knowledge he records he knew how to solve certain problems, And though he didn't like exploring there was ONE thing he was willing to get out of his comfort zone for, A Book Full of Stories, Myths and Legends of creatures Outside of his world, and from different dimensions at times.

One night however, Something Woke Volkmar up from his sleep. When he went to look outside he saw a HUGE monster Tearing up the Village square. He also noticed some smaller dark creatures as well....breaking into homes, taking the civilians, and killing them.....then Spike-like limbs seem to Pierce the space around the Corpses. Terrified Volkmar snuck out with his notebook, darting and dodging to Avoid being Caught. Devastated by the destruction, He searched for whoever else might have escaped....if there was any.

From there he Ran into Sneetie, who at the time was carrying the injured Ireling twins, He then looked through the Notebook that he had kept and Patched up the Ireling twins with only Vines and Berries. Volkmar then explained what has happened to him and showed the three a sketch he drew of one of the creatures. Sneetie Recognized this and told her side of the Story, She tried to fight them but failed. The four decided to band together and became sorta like a "Misfit Family". Volkmar Initially Pitched the Idea of looking for a book that was rumored to have stories of different creatures, Some of which was outside of their own world and actually caught Sneetie's Interest since she wanted to learn more about the creatures that wrecked their homes.


Volkmar, Despite not having any sorta of super natural power, Has learned about various creatures and species over time. These notes help Volkmar and his friends learn about and from outside sources, and possibly discover a weakness in the enemy if it has one.


Volkmar, Like Jolt, Is Durable but is also Mortal so enough of a certain power, blast, or element can kill off this Verslit. It is also noted that Volkmar almost NEVER Specializes in fighting, so he would already be at a disadvantage.


  • Volkmar And Jolt are both Verslits, But they look completely different from one another including length of limbs fur, Tail (Of which Jolt lacks) and Tusks (which Jolt also lacks)
  • Volkmar's Adventure Attire was based around a Steampunk Era and is so far the only part of the Misfits that has Retained that idea as the others were either scrapped or never introduced.
  • Same can be said for the Winter Attire for it has Rarely been seen in Rp
  • It is Implied that Volkmar, Sneetie, and Jolt were Older than the Ireling twins when they first met, Making their age higher but the exact age for each character is unknown.

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