Turr mark .5
Current Condition (place holder)
Technically a robot but is refereed to as a "male
Metal with bronze like coverings, red eyes, wire like ears, circle like mouth with teeth, around 7 arms (conditions may vary)
Specializes in different types of combat for training purposes
Ability type
None, only conditions


Turr is a 7 armed robot with broze covering for both rows of arms on his body and it's head. It has red eyes and a circle like mouth with teeth. He also has wire like ears and two metallic feet. His metal spine is exposed between the rows of "Arms" and it's head, and It's weapons on system includes a flamethrower, mace, buzz saw, claws, blades, and blaster arm.


Since Turr is a robot he has no real personality, Only programmed to give a fair match to a opponent, but occasionally lashes out in a aggressive and glitchy rage.


Turr is one of the few Inventions made by Jolt "Gameverse", With it's purpose to be a training bot for others to get stronger. However It still had to be worked on due to it's glitches and sometimes violent "spasms" sourcing from various training session. This caused the Prototype to be put into repair trying to fix it's "levels" and try to make it fair, but challenging. It was further delayed once the Inventor realized that some of the "Heroes" (aka People) in the Area can easily shoot blasts that can simply defeat the training prototype without any REAL effort, So He had to figure out a way to program a "Shield" mechanic to Turr or replace his bronze shell with something that is more durable to blasts, but won't weigh down the endo skeleton in the progress.

A Finished version of this character has yet to be seen to this day.


Turr being a Training robot has been programmed to try and adapt to different fighting styles and mix up it's arsenal of weapons to make a fitting, yet slightly challenging match for it's opponents. This involves new arms to be made and even changing out the "ammo" in it's blaster arm or it's "Cannon" section of it's body.


Turr's weaknesses somewhat varies from what it has to build up from a defeat, but it can ALWAYS be defeated in some form or another. Since it never builds it's defenses unless it has a new shell, It can take the same amount of damage every time and sometimes even more if the approach of the fight isn't something that is in it's data banks.


  • Turr's Current design is one from a "steampunk" esc era, but hardly seen
  • IT is noted that this design has part of Turr's head missing and the "shells" of his ears are missing as well.
  • Turr's limbs has also changed from a prior version changing from metal to a bronze and copper like build.
    Killer training post

    Turr's Older design

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