Time Eater is a supernatural being found by Eggman to serve him and destroy all of history. Time Eater has lived for an unknown amount of time having abilities that affects time and space itself.


Time Eater in its imperfect state is a ghost like appearance with gears on its back with eyes of Sonic,Shadow,Tails,Knuckles,Amy,and a Chao all over its body.


Eggman stated that the Time Eater is more of a "Force" than a being, but Time Eater was seen roaring at his enemies showing hostility towards its enemies and it can understand the terms of Alliance as it was seen fighting alongside the Heroes and Eggman to defeat the Chaos Maw.

Powers and Abilities

Space-Time Manipulation

Time Eater can manipulate Time and Space by travelling in time and can travel into alternate timelines. Time Eater's time powers alone can interfere with other timelines like Crisis City. Time Eater can also rip space apart and drain the color of a target and send them into a White Void. Finally it is able to cast out Portals or also known as Time-Holes to enter in or exit out and can suck people in the Time-Hole and send them into the White Void.

Physical abilities

Time Eater wields Immense strength and capable of defeating opponents at ease in his Imperfect State as he took on Neo Metal Sonic that wielded a Fake Emerald. Time Eater uses a move called the "Warping-Arm Attack" warping his arms through a Portal and slashing enemies at a distance and Time Eater was seen throwing a Sun-Burst a mini-supernova and throws it at its opponents, Sun-Burst drains Time Eater's energy making it weaker, he can make multiple at once if he was in his Perfect state.

Time Eater Sonic

Time Eater was able to split his body into a smaller being known as Time Eater Sonic. Time Eater Sonic shares the personality of Sonic the Hedgehog, copying the Spindash,Homing attack, and having the speed of Sonic. Time Eater Sonic can manipulate the flow of time by stopping time, reverse himself, and fast forward himself which works as a Time-Skip.

What if sonic time eater form by nibroc rock-d9bd7pj

Time Eater Sonic

Bad Future

Eggman has created androids of Shadow,Tails,Knuckles,Espio,and himself and he created a copy of Omega. The Bad Futures stats are more enhanced than their real selves and they do not get affected by the flow of Time. They appear as what they look like but only the Purple Eyes gives it away. Time Eater has perfect control over the Bad Futures making them as minions to the Time Eater.


The Bad Futures have the same weaknesses as themselves and Time Eater Sonic can underestimate heroes leading them to overpower Time Eater Sonic just like when Kibo mastered Dark for the first time leading to Time Eater Sonic's demise.

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