Tickery "Tac" Bang
Redesigned Tickery (reFURbed)
Current Attire
Not Available
Male and Male
Grey fur, One light green and one light cyan eye, sharp claws and teeth, has 3 sprouts of hair
Strafe jacket esc "shirt" with stitches, A bag with Various colored Pins in it, blue pants, grey shoes, and goggles
Not Available
Not Available
No known Relatives
Neutral, "Anti hero", "hero"
Stitching, and inventing
Ability type
Insanity based


Tickery is a Grey furred Twichzane with 3 sprouts of hair on the top of his head, Sharp teeth, Sharp claws and one light green and one cyan eye (occasionally Orange) Of which constantly changes focus or at rare instances color. He is often wearing a Patched up Strafe-like Jacket, normal pants and shoes, and a make shift bag with Pins and needles poking out of it.


Tickery when not insane is a semi knowledgeable person, having known information of certain things, how things work, and how that thing could be beaten. He has a knack of curiosity for making things, living ones at that and experiments with certain parts. When Insane however, he's a bit more Violent, and constantly talks to himself, sometimes getting into a fight WITH HIMSELF, but is capable of being restrained. Also it is to be noted that is personality or sanity could very well change at a drop of a hat from good to bad to just plain psycho.


Not Much is known about Tickery's past except for a record of possibly being too mental for any type of work after trying to make "scarier" Versions Of animatronic characters made by a co-worker verslit named Modger. These characters were never shown but looked Strikingly similar to the company's Mascots except parts of their suits are missing, Sharp teeth, Claws, feet, and Metallic eyeballs. These Character were NEVER SHOWN due to their hostile Appearance and Tickery was soon excused. . . . that or He quit due to his own madness. Along with these "Horror" characters Tickery also helped make A age of animatronic performers BASED of designs he heard of in books, With movable face plates and segmented parts. These characters were also never shown to the public due to a MALFUNCTION to one of the Classic animatrioncs going haywire, Possible due to faulty wiring from a Proto type ("Proto-S.J") Made by Tickery, and Tested by Modjer.

Stitched Monsters

After the Incident with the company, Tickery moved on to try to "make up" for what he's done. But it's not easy, Often times he had a hard time fitting in, Particular when where he's going has more thing he saw in novels, and less of what He knew from his home planet. Most of the Time He tried to figure out what made the creatures tick, it didn't go so well as most would Avoid him at all cost, Even if they didn't know him Which was already strange enough as it is when He hasn't done ANYTHING to be "feared". During This time he started making Stitched creatures from parts he collected while traveling, mostly from graveyards and nearby battles. First prototype monster he made was smaller than him, had four legs and acted like a dog. After a few tests Tickery Assumed it was a Success, however....The 1st stitched creature was a bit Vile towards anything else that came to Tickery. Soon after noticing this Tickery tried to figure out what made the "dog" so violent to others around him, the creature itself lacked certain internal parts, such as certain organs, so Tickery tried fixing the creature and it's behavior slightly improved, still a work in progress.

After the 1st one the next few creatures he made were as big IF NOT BIGGER than him, But these creatures somewhat also lacked parts as well, as one's skull was exposed and beaten in. Another had stiff movements and another bared a hook that can only move in one direction when first started. Tickery's Creations were also easily influenced, likely due to him not exactly putting much self thought for the creatures themselves, And they fall apart when hit in certain areas. Dis spite these flaws Tickery thought it was progress though he started missing more parts for the creatures.

The Misfits

When Tickery got a earth he found a band of creatures that was like him (aka from his world). He was curious of that group as well as a "Bigger" known Group often refereed to as the "Heroes". Tickery didn't exactly want to get involved in violence since that would most likely trigger his madness (To his thinking at least), And by Looking at the "Heroes" They didn't seem to want to much of a "bizarre diversity". This was around the time he made the 1st Stitched monster *Tidnab*, He soon found himself sorta aiding the group of "Misfits" in the tech department and was able to rig up a machine that can bring in close to about anything (Give or take the size and where it's from). Though He is often frowned upon by a few of the members for not exactly having a stable mind, Most of them have gotten used to him except for one of them (Sneetie). When Their "lead"(Jolt) went missing He was one of the few to go in groups to try and find him. Though Tickery knows little about the "lead" himself. He has at least recognized his appearance. He was Grouped along with Fellow Misfits (Keywark, Bingy Honk, And Snipe) To Find Him. Through the Search, Keywark Filled Tickery in on why the others were so worried about this one Verslit. When they Did find Him however, With the help of some friendly Creatures, The 2 were split on what to do. Tickery thought that since they found Him they should go back to the rest and tell him he's ok, or at least bring him back. Keywark Disagreed with this saying "It's already bad enough that Some of us don't trust many people here, Even with the Current state Of our friend, It might be better if we kept watch over him just in case". From that point Tickery Split off from the Rest of the Group to tell the others anyways. . . . . except he got lost . . . . . .and semi forgot. Later He ran into Sneetie (The one member that still hasn't gotten used to His behavior), who was still looking for the Verslit. Tickery offered up to help since he could possibly help navigate through other places with a few tweaks in his device. The Souterm refused but after a few more times of being asked She let him help.



Tickery's ability if he had one would be VERY Limited, however there is one of which only has a circumstance and can be triggered in his sanity is either very low, or just triggered by something. This Circumstance Involves a Corrupt being inside the body/ Vessel, Usually happening by creation (Glitch Corrupts) or a form similar to Possession ("Normal" Corrupt) when the victims sanity is very low. Whenever this happens with a being it can mutate the Vessels body ripping them apart to make a more monstrous form of the creature. For Twichzanes these forms are Called "Insanity" forms, due to the victim losing all sanity briefly while in the form.

The I N S A I N I T Y

The "Insanity" form


In Tickery's Career He has grown Decent inventing/ tinkering skills from his time at Gameverse Arcade AND from his own stitched monsters. The Lines of animatronic characters Involved some of the first generation, the unreleased 2nd generation, and his own line of "Horror" bots. Names listed are

Horror Crankjaw revamp

EXAMPLE of one of Tickery's More Infamous Creations while working with the Gameverse Arcade Company "Horror Crankjaw"

  1. SJ (Prototype, Mk 2 and a MK H version)
  2. Kitzen
  3. Xelea
  4. Britz
  5. Steamwork
  6. Crankjaw (MK H)
  7. Gizspunk (MK H)
  8. Vixlee (MK H)
  9. SpringBolt (MK H)
  10. Nezta (MK H)

His Stitched monsters also had names, But they had a little bit more of a "personality" if they had one. These creatures were made from mismatched parts, cotton, stuffing, organs, flesh, fur and bones. Names Listed were

Redesigned Reklats (reFURbed)

An EXAMPLE of One of Tickery's Stitched Creations, his 2nd one Reklats

  1. Tnidnab
  2. Reklats
  3. Hcins
  4. Repaer
  5. Retnuh
  6. Htcarcs

He Also had time to make a portable portal like device.


Tickery's Weakness is Literally his mental Insanity, this is because despite the Twichzane's constant "shifts" They don't truly mean any harm by it, And Tickery is no Exception. Some Twichzanes even accidentally ended their lives or cut off their own limbs due to this problem. But if people just want to go physical, Like any mere Mortal can be Impaled, beaten, shot, etc, Minor Resistance sure but like any other species they can be cut down.