Therix and Ebonvale are 2 settlements surrounded by a wall and are split between an unnamed river from 2 lakes. Therix is homed to outlanders and Ebonvale is homed to humans.



Therix has a rather unsettling appearance. Though futuristic, some buildings are destroyed and some acid-storing capsules are leaking. There are also poles that have skulls strapped onto them, probably to show how deadly and corrupt the Overlanders are.


Ebonvile has a much beautiful appearance than Therix's unsettling appearance. The houses look like houses in Swiss Villages. It currently has construction undergoing. There is a Museum and Library expected to be complete.


The 2 settlements have largely lost it's ecosystem. However, there is a river that splits the 2 settlements up and a little gap of trees and hills on the west and east side of Therix and Ebonvale respectively.


Therix and Ebonvale was settled a few years ago by authorization of the Overlander Elder Council and Acorn High Council respectively. They were sorrowfully greeted by eachother and told eachother to leave. The Mobians worked out to keep the 2 species of the 2 settlements neutral to each other.

Significant Populations

Therix is only inhabited by Outlanders and Ebonvale is only inhabitated by Humans. Other species such as mobians or saiyans are granted access to any of those settlements, though they are mostly heroes. There are 4 unnamed interactive NPCs and 2 named interactive NPCs, which are Mokrul the Sage and Shigotar Marnumez, at Therix. There are 3 unnamed interactive NPCs and 1 named interactive NPC, that being Mr. Poghtz, at Ebonvile.

Notable Areas


Ebonvale has a Museum, Library and other buildings under construction to be used for research purposes.


The Gauntlet is a small arena meant to host brawls. The Gauntlet has alot of blood markings, probably from previous brawls. There, the player can meet Shigotar Marnumez.