The Outcast Timeline Lore

* Note, all events would be taking place in the New World, however, due to the Zacharie timeline being from a older world, the two worlds would clash together. This merger, would result in a rather modernized Steampunk-esque world. Along with this, all events up until the Myverian Saga occured, for the most part, similar to the main timeline. This meaning that the world is based upon steampunk technology and ideals, however, it would have a more modern look- instead of the classical victorian style.

The Myverian Saga

In the Outcast timeline, the Myverian Saga is the point in which both timelines, i.e. the main and outcast, are where the similarities end for the two. The Myverian saga, is almost exactly the same as the previous one, however, the ending is the main difference between the two. During the ending of the Myverian saga, the heroes would go onto fight Reign and defeat him. However, the heroes would not kill him- nor would he absorb the NEO Emeralds. Instead, the heroes would go onto battle Doumetrium and his three allies. This battle was fought with the VORBIS Fleet, in the space around the Planet Teslon. During the end of the battle, Reign and the other Celestials cured Duo of his curse. This ended the battle, causing the attack to end. The Celestials would soon vanish, after realizing their wrong doings, and would plant the seeds  for the revival of the Myverian Race in the Earth, allowing the new generation of Myverians to not repeat the same mistakes as their ancestors.

The NEO-Teslonian War Saga

Five years after the Myverian saga, in which the Myverian species had enough time to regrow, and begin to populate another planet. Tensions have increased between the planets Teslon and the NEO Homeworld.  Eventually, a war broke out over control and domination over surrounding solar systems. This war, sent a divide throughout the heroes; causing four sides to form. These sides were the Teslonians, the NEOs, there was also a third party who fought both, and a side that wanted to end the war through peace. The war continued, ravaging both the Teslonian Economy and the NEOs themselves, the war truly reached it's peak nearing the ending of it, however. As the war neared it's end, the Teslonians- under the Command of Zetsubo, launched a barrage of warheads, blowing up the NEO Homeworld. The destruction of the homeworld created the NEO Asteroid belt. The newly destroyed Planet reawakened the God of Rot and Decay- Hivemind. The Heroes went onto duel Hivemind, and ultimately ended up killing him- for the finale time. Throughout the battle, Zetsubo managed to escape, along with his parnter- Shi. As Zetsubo escaped, Shi attempted to leave the very timeline itself. As she attempted to escape, Alpha and Kenshi followed her and attempted to battle her. Alpha and Kenshi were both killed by Shi during the battle, Shi never being seen again afterwords.


Master Izan, The Former Master

During the events of Ryoko's hometown, Master Izan and Daichi had traveled there long before the heroes, in search for something. After the heroes had crashed, he sent Daichi to rescue them from the wreckage, and to take them to meet him. Throughout his meetings with the heroes, he bestowed knowledge upon them, and gave them warning of the being known as Izanagi. During the ending of Ryoko Hometown Saga, after the Pseudo Unlimited was defeated, Salesman impaled Izan with a Hell chain, to anger the heroes, to take away something they loved after the destruction of his creation. The Death of Master Izan, was one of the variety of things that slowly built up Xemos's views of what should be done to villains- especially Salesman.

Daichi, The Hidden Master

During the events of Ryoko's Hometown, after the death of his Master, Daichi impaled Zetsubo using the Nail. However, his rage would not be satisified by that, as he went on to attack the Salesman and his fleeing troops without mercy. After his sudden burst of fury, with Zetsubos's forces having escaped, Daichi realized the power of emotion. With this new understanding, Daichi went up to carry on his master's work- and role. Daichi has now become a living legend, a master warrior- and teacher, a powerful sage he carrys on his Master's teachings. His location is unknown, but some brave souls seek him out to be trained, or for some for of wisdom.

King Julianos, The Armored Justice

After the death of Kenshi, at the hands of Shi, his body was lefting floating in the area between realms- a place where lost souls usually end up. One soul in particular, that had been trapped there due to the Cycle- was King Julianos's. King Julianos saw Kenshi's body, and knowing the dangers it could unleash if someone else obtained it, he entered it himself. Upon entering Kenshi's body, he awakened something- The Izanagi genes. Using these genes, he managed to tear a hole in the land between realms, and returned to the Outcast timeline. Once he returned to the realm, he sought out Izan and Daichi, only to find out Daichi was the only one left. Julianos went onto join a group- The Three Heroes, after donning a armor similar to his own- mixed with Kenshi's armored used to battle Izanagi. 

Iyuza/Giovanni, The Fragmented Fighter

During the events of the Zetsubo War, Iyuza was captured by Zetsubo. During that time, Iyuza was put through the process used to make Project Arufa. Years later, after the war, during the events of Myverian Saga Iyuza was brought to the brink of death at the hands of Order. Arriving in the nick of time, the heroes managed to fight Order off, and pursued her. Only a few stayed with Iyuza, trying to assist him- Guardian, Kenshi, Angel... and Xavier. Angel tried to comfort Iyuza, as Guardian and Kenshi tried to save him. This only however, outraged the almost powerless Xavier- as his powers had been bound by the Salesman. Using what little power he had left, Xavier managed to save Iyuza, but merging their two souls together- creating a being that was almost like Giovanni, from the AiM2 Era. This being went onto join the Three Heroes, a group that was the last remains of the Five heroes. Going under the name Giovanni, he retained various fragments of Iyuza and Xavier's personality- including Iyuza's love for Angel.


Shi, in the Outcast timeline, is actually the same Shi from the main timeline. Due to this, almost all her actions preformed are the same, and there are no differences in her. After the NEO-Teslonian War, however, Shi left the timeline. She was never seen again and was presumed dead by Teslonian Officials and it's people.


Like Shi, no differences would be found in Eclipse, as he would be the one from the main timeline too.


Like Eclipse and Shi, no differences as he's from the main timeline.

Uri, The Grieving Hero

Like the main timeline, Uri would go onto lose his family to Project Alpha, and would also go onto meet Xavier and Azlato. Sometime after the Myverian Saga, Uri would go onto meet Azlato- only to learn later on of his deeds, causing him to end his friendship with him. Later on in his life, Uri with the heroes, would go onto face the Salesman- who had built a massive cauldron- one meant to continue the Cycle. Due to both the deaths of Bill, Kenshi, and Alpha, the heroes would go onto face Salesman without any of their help. The heroes would manage to destroy the Cauldron, completely stopping Salesman. Enraged, Salesman used his godly abilities to freeze the heroes in place- allowing them to watch. Salesman would go onto and taunt the powerless Uri, calling him a weakling, bringing up Clara- and his son. Uri would go into a fit of anger, and try to punch the Salesman, who would move out the way. Salesman would go to attack Uri, punching- kicking and slamming Uri around. The Salesman would go onto breaking Uri's arm, and his leg- after giving him a Black eye. After that, the Salesman launched a Hellchain, it wrapping around Uri's neck. The Hellchain would raise Uri in the air, showing him off to the heroes, before he was dragged to the Salesman. Uri would look upon the heroes, attempting to say something to them- before being impaled by a Darkheart, forcing the blade into Uri slowly, and painfully.. The moment Uri was impaled, he would see the spirits of his Wife and child, before everything going black.

Zetsubo, The Endless Despair

Like his main timeline counter part, Zetsubo AKA Salesman would go onto do many, many terrible things- the same things his counter part has done. Zetsubo would go onto kill Uri, infront of all the heroes. However, this was the Salesman's ultimate mistake- as it led to his ultimate defeat. The heroes, upon seeing the death of Uri, were consumed by both hate and despair- which empowered them. The Heroes and Zetsubo would face each other, in one gigantic battle. During this battle, Hasimaru, Michael, and even Grieth were killed. However, even after the deaths of many well known heroes, and the slaughter of countless, nameless heroes- The Salesman finally met his end- at least... his body did.

Elisa, The Stolen Soul

Unlike the main timeline, Elisa would never go on to meet the heroes. Instead, during the events in which Salesman destroyed, and ruined Elijah's family, he killed her. After killing her, he took her soul for use for a later date, and left her body to be found by Elijah, furthering his descent into becoming Father.

Zeinfried, The Betrayer

Zeinfried, like his main timeline counterpart, would go onto meet the heroes and work with them for sometime. However, during the events of Ryoko's hometown, Zeinfried would join the Salesman- betraying the heroes- after killing Isa, whom tried to convince him to not join the Salesman. Zeinfried's luck would run out however, as he would be betrayed by the very person he betrayed the heroes to join. As he would attempt to escape the exploding base, inside the caverns, Salesman would betray him- stabbing him with a Hellchain. After that, he would kick him into the large Cauldron, as it exploded, killing him and turning his body into ashes.

Wartank, The Hosptialized Warbuddy

After the 'death' of Iyuza in the Meryvian Saga, Wartank would go and try to live a normal life with his the heroes, and friends. However, during the Teslonian-NEO War, Wartank was forced to fight for Teslon. During the war, Wartank faced off against Tenekaiser, and after a long battle- attempted to save his life from a complasing building. During this attempt, however, Tenekaiser was killed and Wartank was wounded greatly. For the rest of the war, Wartank was hospitilized in VORBIS HQ. Wartank's arms were lost in the war, causing Isa to surgically give Wartank robotic arms. Later on, Wartank would go onto join the Three Heroes.

Jester/Alexandros, The United Performer

Like the main timeline, Jester would be taken in by a woman named Marie Ann. However, unlike the main timeline, R. Jester would not take control causing a fire from highly destructive magic. Instead he would continue to remain whole while under the care and guidance of his Mother figure, Marie Ann, he would learn how to control his magic- and R. Jester. He would remain whole, and gain a understanding of himself- becoming the wacky, nonsensical but intelligent, wise Alexandros. Alexandros would go onto find his final piece, Tom Xui Kazi, taking in the fragment. He would go on to start a Performing, yet heroic group known as the Flyers.

Gali, The Protector 

After the Death of Guardian, Gali- AKA GX, fufilled one of Guardian's dying wishes. Guardian, always having felt the partial bit of guilt for being in Gali's true body, would allow Gali to reclaim it. Gali, now in his true body, would become the Protector- as to not take Guardian's name. Using and learing the Winds of Pandemonium- a force from a place long gone, he used this magic with the addition of technology to become a guardian of all. He would develop a new suit, for the times to come. Now, with the addition of Outcast future counterparts traveling back in time, he himself uses the Winds of Pandemonium to back to capture and return the counterparts back to their proper timeline.

Guardian, The Betrayed

Like his counterpart, he would live a good life- managing to survive both the Meryvian Saga and the Teslonian-NEO war. He would go onto get married, and have a daughter named Chloe. Sometime after the Teslonian-NEO war, Guardian would go onto reveal who he was in the past- and how he was not truly GX. The heroes, angry, and unable to cope the fact they'd been lied to over the years, attacked Guardian. They disregarded their friendship with him, violently assualting and hurting him, while he did not fight back- for he was unable to hurt his friends. Almost all the heroes attacked Guardian, while others just stood and watched, silent. Only one however, tried to defend Guardian: Isa. The heroes would go onto kill Guardian, infront of his Xemos. Unbeknownst to them however, the already outcasted Yujin would also witness the death.

Isa, The Crippled Leader

Isa's life would remain relatively similar to that of the main timeline, as not much would truly effect him. During the event, in which the heroes would go onto kill Guardian, Isa would be the only one to stand in their way. The heroes, having a heavy bias against Isa due to his interactions with the heroes, and thoughts on others it would only continue to enrage them. The heroes would go onto assualt Isa, crippling him and making sure he would never walk again. The only reason for having done this is due to the fact that they would require a leader.

Xemos/Zacharie, The Legendary Outcast

Xemos's early life would go onto be very much similar to his, especially the fact he was not born- but created. Along with that, his Father, Guardian would go onto marry and have a child named Chloe. Both Child would go onto grow up with the heroes, for the most part, having decent lives. This would change, however, during a mission to destroy one of the last few remaining Cauldrons, after Salesman's death. After the mission the mission was completed, the heroes would stop to rest Guardian, motivated by the near death situation they had gone through, told the heroes the truth about him. The heroes would go onto attack, and brutally murder Guardian infront of Xemos. Xemos, upon witnessing the murder of his Father, would be engulfed in anger, hate, rage, saddness... and despair. He would attack the heroes that stood in his way, unleashing a violent barrage of elemental attacks and Black blood variations. He would go onto kill many heroes, and many nameless ones but many other heroes would live on to tell their version of the tale. Xemos would run away, after the slaughter, becoming a wanted outcast by the public.

Yujin/Darkheart, The Wandering Soul

After the death of his father Alpha by the hands of Shi, Yujin would live under the care of VORBIS. The heroes, however, would become fearful of Yujin. They feared that Yujin would become the new target of Salesman's, or even worst, be taken under Salesman's wing. The heroes woulg quickly outcast Yujin, forcfully removing him from VORBIS care. Yujin would go onto the learn the world by himself, gaining a much harsher view of it. He would be taken in by someone for a short time, being taught the powers of darkness.

Drum, The Scarred Traveler 

After the death of his father at the hands of Sedro, Drum would gain a deep rooted hatred of him. However, the real crushing blow for him was when Totepo, was once agained consumed by Diminite, becoming him once more. Drum would attempt to go save Totepo from himself, but was brutally beaten by him. Drum escaped beaten and bruised, with a large scar across his eye. Later on, the teenage Drum would meet up with Gali, now known as the Protector. Protector would go on to teach Drum even more sword play skills, showing his a variety of combat- including taking advantage of his Saiyan heritage, teaching him the use of speed and accuracy over pure strength in combat. Eventually, Protector would outfit Drum with both a suit of armor, and special technology with time traveling capabilites, to help him watch over time, and prevent people from their timeline going back into others.

Rena/Rune, The Runaway Companion

Rena would live a life similar to hers in the main timeline, however everything would change at the death of Michiko's father, the head of the Decadian economy and political dealings with other planets. Jalqus would be pushed to limit by Michiko's father, killing him out of anger. Jalqus would succumb to his disease, which would normally deform and turn an decadian into something akin to a walking corpse. The disease would awaken a ancestor deep within the reaches of Jalqus's mind known as Yukan. After this awakening, Rena would be forced to flee from her home planet, as she would be hunted down by Yukan's army, set out to eliminate any remaining Royal Family members. She would eventually meet up with Zacharie, becoming one of his companions.

Bill, The Final Mission

Bill's life would remain exactly the same throughout the Zacharie timeline, until the Meryvian saga. During a assault by Order, Bill and Destruction would be forced to fuse together. The two would begin to fight back the forces of Order, until Regin himself appears, and forces the heroes back. Destructill, the fusion of Bill and Destruction, would attempt to duel Reign to stall for the heroes. This plan would be a success, as the heroes would manage to escape- but with a cost. During the battle, Destructill was killed by Reign, killing both Bill and Destruction.

Kenshi/The Justice Sword, The Lingering Will

After Kenshi's death by the hands of Shi, his body was left in the space between realms. His soul, however, would not simply stay at rest. Like long ago, during his original death, The Justice Sword would revive him- or rather, save his soul. The Justice Sword returned Kenshi to the timeline, as a being almost akin to a spirit. Kenshi, still attempting to be a hero- a keeper of justice, went on as a spirit protecting others. He now looks like a very much paler version of himself, with various markings all over his body. After the death of Odin, Odin's gears- now known as Soul contracts, all carried over to the spirit of Kenshi. He now wanders, as a spirit of justice with the power of the Gaze, Justice sword, and even the Soul contracts.

Luhala, The Lonely Creature

Within the Alternative timeline, Limbs decided to create a Hybrid of an Omi And Cipher, using DNA from both Mesti and Iseki, she created the present day 'Omipher' for the sake of studying it's varying distinctions compared to both of the species alone.Limbs foresaw that a Combination of the to species would prove to be unstable if it was not created through Natural means.Limbs then created a 'Restraint', which helped stabilize the power until the being could control it itself, The experiment wouldnot be released from it's captivity for a long time....when it was released, it was not by Limbs, for she had mysteriously died from an unknown entity.Mesti was the one whom ended up releasing the Omipher, she however was not content with the experiments company, she disowned it or mistreated it badly.. The fact that Mesti was in a suicidal state did not help her ability to raise or care for the Omipher. Mesti ultimately took her own life,leaving the experiment alone. It found itself following after the hererever they went, aiding them whenever possible...theExperiment would end up as a husk of it's former self, it had emotionally regressed, and simply wished forsome form of comfort in it's depressing existence. After witnessing the Slaughter of Xemo's at the hands of the heroes themselves,The Omipher quickly abandoned them and became a lone wanderer, roaming the world...Unknowing of it's surroundings and it's lingering feeling of Loneliness and confusion.

Shinji, The Unchained Friend

For the most part, Shinji's life remained very much the same as his main timeline counterpart. However, his fall from grace happened much later on in his life as he had managed to fight off his own Unlimited for a very long time. His fall occured a little bit after the NEO-Teslonian war, in which he attempted to hurt and kill Seritsa. He was stopped however by the heroes, in which he was locked up by Isa(pre-cripple). For sometime afterwords, he would be cured and would attempt to fix his friendships. This was never accomplished however, as he has gone missing. One thing is known for sure, however.... and it is that he has met...... a terrible fate.

Mitsu, The Beloved Lover

Her life would remain relatively similar, until the time in which the heroes stayed at Alpha's hometown. During this time, Alpha would go onto propose to Mitsu and soon after, the two would get married. They lived a relatively happy life together, even though threats always ran rampant- which caused them to risk their lives to stop them. Their lives would end, however, due to their soul bond. After Alpha's death at the hands of Shi, Mitsu would die to from it. They would leave many things behind, but yet, still be together and happy- even in death.

Byakku( Black/Alphonse ), The Accidental Union

Alphonse and Black would live lives the same as their main timeline ones, until the NEO-Teslonian War. Alphonse would go and break into the base in which Shi, the Imperator currenty was housed. Alphonse fought through multiple soldiers, until he came across Black. The two would duel- a duel between friends and even master and student. The duel would not end with a victor, however, as Alphonse would convince Black of what he was doing was wrong. Black would quickly join forces with his old friend, Alphonse, and the two would go onto find Shi. The two would find Shi, in a underground room in the base- this room housing a Cauldron. The two would fight Shi, but this battle would be cut short. The base would be bombed by NEO forces during the events of the battle, causing Shi to do something rash. Shi would be caused to accidentally knock both Alphonse AND Black into the cauldron, which was active at the time while she escaped. The Cauldron, at the time, lacked souls in it. When the two fell inside, it caused both their bodies and souls to be merged together, forming a new being- Byakku. Byakku is now a mix of Both Black, and Alphonse- mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Saburo/Tritos, The Broken Husk

The younger brother of Soliara, Saba's life would be similar for the most part, until events before the NEO-Teslonian war. Salesman, at the time, would have taken a form of interest in Soliara, due to her shy nature- and her peculiar abilities due to her race. Salesman would confront Soliara, while she was with Saba. Upon seeing her little brother, Salesman would immeditately realized the possible potential he could use him for. Salesman would unleash his powers, killing Soliara infront of her litte brother. At the sight of the death of his sister, it would break Saba and cause him to attack Salesman. During his violent attack, Saba would overuse his abilities, causing his gems to crack. This entire event, along with the breaking of his gems and overuse of energy- would corrupt and break Saba. Salesman would leave Saba alone, to fester in darkness and despair, waiting to use him for some greater purpose like a puppet.

Kelson Aldo, The Bounty Hunter

In the Zach timeline, Kelson's life would play out very differently. He would arrive to our Galaxy due to hunting down a man known as Darth Iniquity. This Kelson, unlike ours, had embraced his mandalorian side instead of his jedi. He would be a Mandalorian Bounty hunter, trained the ways of the force and lightsaber combat. He would slaughter Iniquity, but unable to return to his own galaxy, he would remain in ours. Gaining himself an reputation for his force tricks and lightsaber combat- due to the foreignness of it. He would be a reputable bounty hunter, gaining a large kill count. He is still alive however, but one day, he may come face to face with Zacharie.

Seritsa, The Trained Protector

Seritsa's life would play out very similar to her main timeline counter part, but some things would change after the Meryvian Saga. Amun would actually survive the saga, allowing him to spend time with his daughter, and teach her. She would go onto learn variety of powerful magic, but her journey of learning would not end with Amun. Before the NEO-Teslonian War, she would visit Cortis, learning magic from both Armis and it's army of mages. Finally, during most recent times, she would train with Alexandros, showing her a variety of chaotic magic to help her learn both sides of magic. Due to her involvment with the heroes, she woud join Protector and Isa's group, to help fight the Unlimited.

Dr. Veric/Lisa Veric, Dual Scientists

Lisa's life would change, after her father- Jonathan Veric, AKA The Guilt, would be given the secret of stopping aging by Kenzaki. He would use this newfound knowledge upon his daughter, Lisa. After his death his daughter would go onto carry on his work, becoming a rather brilliant scientist. Overtime, she would eventually work for Hakken and her division of VORBIS. After the NEO-Teslonian War, and the rise of the Unimited, Lisa would help Protector and Isa form their group to stop it. She would become a major helper to Protector, Isa and Hakken over the years. She is one of the major scientists and helpers of Protector's group.

Namida, The Outcasted Hero 

The son of Mitsu and Alpha, and brother of Yujin, Namida faced the same fate as Zacharie. He was friends with Xemos, and to a certain degree, looked up to both Xemos and Yujin. Like his mother, he was a kind and helpful child whom dearly loved his friends and family. However, at the death of his Father and mother, he would crack. Consumed by rage and vengance, Namida would leave his friends in search of Shi to kill her. In his quest, he would never find Shi but rather, meet Cuore. Cuore would bestow upon Namida an artifical unlimited, as a reward for his long search. Namida would return to the heroes, only for them to turn on them- in their belief that Namida had killed Shi, and was now too dangerous to be alive. It would be his new Unlimited that saved his life, and allowed him to escape from the heroes. Namida is now an outcast, and leader of a small group of people. He is an extremist, inspired by Zacharie's ideals.

Robotnik, The Reborn Villain

Eggman had been prepared for his potential demise, and as such, uploaded a digitial copy of his mind as an AI into the Empire Mainframe. This AI, going under the name "Robotnik". Unlike Eggman, Robotnik lacks any form of emotion or sympathy- for it is a machine. It is highly efficient and ruthless, having completely disregarded any form of goofy nature of the original Empire. As such, all goofy designs of the forces of the empire have been scrapped. It has designed itself it's own body, in an attempt to look fierce. Using pieces from Old Eggrobos, and other robots, it has made a body it deems to be the best machine in the entire empire.

The Masked Hedgehog

An unknown grey hedgehog, with black stripes and messy, wild quills. Showing up only recently, their true idenity is unknown, however, one thing known about them is that they are not normal. There body appears to be degraded in some way, almost like a liquid. Almost everything about them appears to be a mystery, but they have helped in times of need. They seem to be a hero, attemptin to do what is right. However, there is a certain aura around them, that makes them seem dangerous to both friend and foe.

TMB, The Eternal Engine

With the Death of Bill, TMB fell into crisis. TMB, whose main purpose was to kill Bill- was lacking purpose. TMB would go out of control, hunting down robot sand machinery and killing them- assimilating them into himself. He would become a compact, but highly powerful machine. This would go on until he had a realization: that Bill lived in the hearts and memories of everyone he had met, helped, and inspired. As such, TMB regained sentience and purpose: To kill the idea that IS Bill- By killing everyone who has ever known him, in any way.

Teia, The Determined Scientist

Teia's life would go exactly how it is in the main timeline, however, after the Meryvian Crisis her life would actually get better in some ways. She would fall in love with Archon, and the two would eventually wed. She would run Yuki Co. with her Sister, Marisa, in hopes of making life better and safer for everyone on Earth and Teslon, and everywhere else. She would go onto leading Stormcast in hopes of helping everyone, but to also stop Archon. She would also have a son with Archon, before his fall; Oris.

Archon, The Possessed Savior

Archon's life, would remain normal for the most part, until after the Meryvian Crisis. He would go onto fall in love with Teia Yuki, and one day marry her. With her help, he would reform Stormcast and lead it with her, in an effort to bring back real heroes. In his time, he would go onto seal away the Vessel of Chaos Maw's in the AiM 2 region. During his time with Stormcast, he would gain notice of Dark shards scattered throughout Mobius. These shards contained his former master; Morrowgoth. With the help of Stormcast, he would collect these shards in an attempt to make sure his master could not ressurect. It was in this he made his error, for the shards being all together enabled Morrowgoth to free himself. Using the shards and his power, he would take over Archon's body. Now controlled by him, Archon's body has mutated to better suit Morrowgoth's needs.

Oris, The Recruited Strategist

The son of Teia and Archon, he is a strategist. One of the new members of Stormcast, he wishes to live up to the Legacy of his Father, and also stop him. Using tech, and his natural control over chaos energy, he is a dangerous foe when fighting on his terms. Using technology to enchance himself and his attacks, he is smart. Like his mother kind, and stoic like his father. He is friends with Drum and the son of Iyuza and Angel; Herc.

Blitz, The Rising Tyrant

After the death of Destruction and Bill, their inner-antis would be expelled from them. Due to the fusion between Bill and Destruction, Onslaught and Obliteration would remain fused too. They would call themselves Blitzkrieg, Blitz for short. It would be their evil, anger, hate and malice that would keep them alive. They would possess a Old Metal Bill, and using such emotions and NEO, would corrupt and transform it into a habitable vessel for them. Using Onslaught's intellect, they now reconstruct DESTON into it's own Empire, somewhere hidden on Mobius.


The Three Heroes

A group built upon the last remainders of the Five Heroes, the Three heroes consist of Wartank, Iyuza AKA Giovanni, and King Julianos. The group is considered a standalone group, as it isn't owned by any outside party. The group's purpose is simple, as it is meant to protect others, to defend all that is just and good.


A private group owned and led by Isa. With most of it's original members dead, and Isa crippled, Isa has yet to recruit any of the new members. Besides that, due to the fall of Teslon, VORBIS acts as one of the main protectors for the various cities, countries and states that have formed from the ruined government.


Sometime after the Meryvian Saga, the tensions between VORBIS and Stormcast decreased- until there was none. With the death of Bill, a new leader would be needed to leader the group, this leader being Teia. With the help of her Sister Maria, and her other " sister " Alice, the three helped build the group to new heights. The three would reform Stormcast, better than ever, and gather a wide variety of new recruits to help.

The Eggpire

After the Cauldron was set off on Mobius, all life was killed and sucked into the Cauldron. To the dismay of some, this included Eggman. However, unknow to the inhabitants of Mobius- Eggman had been the one that assisted in the creation of the Cauldron. He was not aware that it was, in itself, a Cauldron but a powerful machine. He had been prepared for such a event, uploading a digital copy of his mind and intelligence into the mainframe of the Empire Computers. After his death, this AI would revive Robotropolis. However, this AI would lack something Eggman had- A soul. This AI would revive the Empire, into a new one, "The Eggpire", in honor of it's creator. This Eggpire would be much more robotic, more than Eggman ever intended. Much colder, brutal- similar to the likes of Kintobor. This Empire has one, single purpose: Conquer. Expand. To convert all life into one, finally tuned, well-oiled machine.

The DESTRON Empire

An empire formed from the remains of Team DESTRON and abandoned settlements. Lead by Blitz, it intends on being a powerful civilization and brutal one, but, unlike the Eggpire- welcoming to outsiders. With the military force led by Team DESTRON Members, it welcomes those willing to live under it's rule. It intends to be the most advanced and powerful ruling force all across the galaxy. This isn't to say they aren't brutal, for they will unless an onslaught upon all that oppose them, and obliterate whatever may remain.

The Teslonian Dark Government

After the fall of the Teslonian Government, and the events of the NEO-Teslonian war, the Representative of the Darks- Dolus, would go onto to reassert some form of government over the darks, to calmy the anarchy. Dolus would go onto help even the remainder of the Light Government resources over to Hakken and Booker due to the death of Masuda. The Darks have figured out a special way which allows the Teslonian soldiers to turn back into Ancient Teslonians- while still having the ability to use some their weaponry.

Yuki Co.

A Company based on Earth and owned by Marisa, the sister of Teia. This company works with Stormcast, and currently the groups dedicated to stopping the Unlimited. This group, with it's brillant building teams, and scientific researchers, this company is providing a variety of weapons, machinery, and even armor to the groups to help fight off the strongest of foes. The company is even mass-producing robots, to help fight off threats.



After the NEO-Teslonian wars, the Light economy began to collapse. Due to the collapsing Light economy, and the now fallen Hierarchy- the public having seen the corrupted of it, and it's lack of leaders- only lead to the Dark's attempting to take advantage of this. This resulted in causing a war between the Light and Dark, but at a large price- completely destroying the Teslonian Government. This collapse caused Teslon to divide into a variety of fanctions, most unnamed, city states, states, and countries. Each colony is under it's own form of law, or government- thus giving each place a feel as if it were under marshal law. Other than this, the beauty of Teslon's landscape has yet to be ravanged- only it's inhabitants.

The Beach

After the fall of Teslon, the beach was abandoned by VORBIS and the heroes. The beach was left in the hands of both fate and nature itself. The beach is now a hidden area, surrounded by nature- a hidden paradise away from the now chaotic Teslon. Before it's abandonment, however, the events of the Beach were almost precisely the same as to the main timeline.


After the fall of the Teslonian Government, one man quickly sent into motion a plan to protect the city and it's inhabitants, this man being HM himself. With his aid and guidance, Dengar is now one of the safest- and least corrupt city on Teslon. The City bustles with life and culture, even though fear and despair run through the lands of Teslon. This city is a symbol of hope- that even in the darkest of times, people can come together and be happy. The group VORBIS is also known to have a base in this city, allowing for contact with the group run by Protector and Isa.


Armis's hometown, and the lead kingdom on Teslon for magic, the kingdom of Cortis is now a minor safe haven. The Kingdom of Cortis is now mass producing magic weaponry to the Northern Reigon, for profit. Corits is now a hidden kingdom, cloaked with magic almost undecetable by many. With various measures to protect it.


A city, floating extremely high in the sky, above the very cloudline of Teslon, and protected with various machines and cloaking magic, this city is a mass producer of machinery and tools. This city, with the help of Cortis, and even Yuki Co. produces various machines, weapons, armor, robots, and vechicals to help combat the Unlimited threat. This place isn't meant to be taken lightly, and is extremely difficult to find. It is currently run by Dr. Veric, and Kenzaki.

The Northern Region

The Northern Region, currently under the control of Rika and Tenebrae, the Northern Regions is a powerhouse area. The Northern Region is training many soldiers and knights, to help defeat the Unlimited. The area is heavily protected and hidden, for the utmost of safety. The Northern Region is taking in weaponry from both Cortis and Talmeg and training their soldiers to use the weaponry.

The Capital

After the NEO-Teslonian War, the capital was left in disrepair, and abandoned. The Capital is but now a large, ruined city which is now inhabited by the Accursed. The Accursed did not waste time, as they quickly used magic, nature, and their own building styles to build up the city, into the first- and largest Accursed city on Teslon. The Capital, is the safest place in Teslon as the Accursed have used some form of magic to shield the city. Due to this however, the Accursed only allow their most trusted of allies and friends into the city. The magic used to form the shield is unknown, but is believed to be extremely powerful. With this power shield, all evil is warded away, along with all forms of darkness. No villains dare attack or approach this shield. Not even the Unlimited.

The Fault Line

Just like in the previous timeline, the fault line was caused by Project Alpha, after having ravaged the entirity of Teslon. However, over the years, the fault line healed from the death and destruction. It is now mainly abandoned, but is home to some of the most foreign plant life on Teslon, something that clearly did not orginate on or around Teslon. People still do not dare approach the Fault line region, as they believe something lurks there.. something large. Something that now inhabits the region, and is the cause of all the foreign plant life.

The Purple Forest

After the fall of the Teslonian Government, with the threat of deforestization out of the way, the Purple forest began to expand itself. The Purple forest with it's semi-intelligent plant life remained as a forest, but grew to cover two regions worth of territory. It is now a place truly of wonder, and beauty. In the center of the forest, what was once a small tree, is now a gigantic, towering tree with large roots, a thick trunk, and towering canopy. Around the tree lies a small lake, which glows with some form of energy. It is also known that the forest- and the main tree, has some form of caretaker and protector. Not much is known about this character, besides a few things. From what has been seen, the protector wears some form of cape, and has rather thin arms and legs. It is also known that this protector has a extremely noticable laugh..... something akin to Nyehehe.

NEO Asteroid Field

Once the NEO Homeworld, it is now a gigantic asteroid field, full of asteroids that consist of a variety of sizes. The asteroid field is now the home of the NEO. Throughout the asteroid field, lies gravity pockets, nature, life, water..... and corrupted areas, containing portions of the dead Hivemind. The NEO now commonly live on large ships, almost like barrages- or floating colonies similar to space stations. Throughout the asteroids, the famous high speed rivers flow around asteroids due to the gravational pull they produce. This causes the rivers to move and flow like it was a normal river- acting as a transport between asteroids. Along with this, there are extremely large asteroids throughout the field. These asteroids, are mostly hollow, and contain biomes from the NEO homeworld. Due to this, these asteroids are usually inhabited by the NEO, acting as one of the 'homely' places to them. On some of the smaller asteroids, there are small outposts meant for watchtowers, trading, or for tiny colonies meant for very few inhabitants.


Before Salesman's demise, he unleashed one of his most powerful creations upon the poor planet, during the NEO-Teslonian war. He had secrely built a gigantic cauldron upon the planet, and activated it. With the cauldron activated, it ravaged Mobius, absorbing every single soul from all the inhabitants, wiping them all out. Afterwords, the cauldron was lost.. but it is believed, it was used to make something.. or someone, using all the souls inside it. Other than that, Mobius is now a ghost planet. Unihabitated by 'intelligent' life, meaning that all forms of civilization upon it are gone. This however, has allowed the planet to become gigantic, lush planet full of different biomes.

AiM 2 Region

A region once home to many events, and many tales of heroics is but simply a place- like most of Mobius. Most of the events that occured their being the same to that of the main timeline. Unlike the previous timeline, however, something is there. A Large shrine- old yet recent made of some unknown stone, this large shrine is decorated with multiple runes and symbols each meaning something. In this shrine, however, lies a sealed door upon this door is a symbol- a cross. It is believed behind this sealed door is a chamber, which contains a vessel. This vessel, whose idenity is now long forgotten, is believed to contain... The Chaos Maw.

South Island

The once beautiful and lush island, is now a heavily industrialized place, ruled by the Eggpire. The once destroy Egg Zones have been rebuilt and modernized. Along with this, all other zones have been roboticizied and turned into new areas fitting the needs of the Eggpire. All form of life is gone from the island, except for animals. The animals, also known as Mobini, still remain on the island. However, they are locked away and kept in cages, and only used to breed more to act as power sources.


A huge city, born from the ruins of Mobotropolis and the surrounding areas. A massive, modern like city, it is home to currently the forces of DESTRON. Althought it is meant for the common folk, its existence is virtually unknown due to most of Mobius being abandoned. The city is, however, fully operational. It is strict however, with various procedures and security bots. In the center of the City lies a huge, black tower which is the main base of operations for DESTRON. In it resides Blitz.


After being bombed during the NEO-Teslonian war by Teslon, Earth was left in a state of disrepair. Earth, now almost in a fallout-esq state began to slowly heal over the years. This healing however, did not come as expected. As the plant and wildlife began to mutate and change due to the weaponry Teslon used. The once 'boring' Earth has now become a fantastic wasteland. Most areas a desert, but when truly explored, one would find fantasic things, something almost able to rival the likes of Teslon's purple forest. This has resulted in the planet being far more dangerous, however, with very few countries remaining.


This small town, after being hit with the various bombs from the Teslonians, during the NEO-Teslonian war managed to survive for one reason only. The power of the now Master Daichi, saving the town from destruction. Due to it being one of very few towns in the region, Bail-Ore has grown into a large, or rather gigantic city, swelling with people, technology and advancements.

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