Following Doom's return to Earth after travelling through Hell, like, 5 times in a row, Doom had found Earth already ravaged by Hell's armies. His first sight was the mangled corpse of his beloved pet rabbit; Daisy, this spurred his anger further, pulling a TFS Vegeta through Hell to stop the invasion from the inside. In the midst of this, Doom had received a call via his helmet comm from the survivors, telling him that the source of the invasion was in Doom's very hometown. Fighting his way back to Earth and into the city of his childhood, he found them in their house. His whole family; Burned black and mauled. This....did not help Hell's invasion, as the demon the demons themselves feared had only been fueled further. The Hellwalker had reached his peak of rage. Doom still keeps Daisy's hind leg on a keychain on his belt, not for luck, but as a reminder of innocence lost and a symbol of his motive for fighting the armies of Hell.