The Grey Mirror
AiM - The Grey Mirror
Saga name The Grey Mirror
Number of Chapters 2
Key events DESTRON's Final Stand
Key characters .
Previous saga Battle Bird Armada (saga)
Next saga Unknown
Main location Cocoa Island

The Grey Mirror is an ongoing saga that started on October 26, 2017.

Chapter 1: The Storm Awakens

Thunder clashes and lightning surges as the day darkens. In the distance, the egg carrier sores torwards Cocoa Island. With mere minutes before it's arrival, Destron seems to be making their move. The Egg Carrier's fighter jets fly overhead, causing a gust over Oakenstock. Oakenstock's Mobian citizens start heading inside their homes. The ships however, are there to scan the island. Surprisingly, Doctor Eggman, the leader of the Eggman Empire, doesn't want anything from the islanders and heroes. As the Egg Carrier slowly approaches like a fearsome lion about to trounce its pray, the heroes have a choice to either, support Destron or stay out of the battle. They decide to support Destron and split them up into 2 groups, the offense and the defense.

The Egg Carrier finally arrives at Cocoa Island and moves torwards Destron's former location. Eggman sits in the Main chamber of the Egg carrier, scanning the island. "Commander, any signs of life?!" says Eggman. Commander Pawn responds, "No life signs, sir. They must've cleared out". Eggman starts thinking about what to do. Eggman comes up with an idea. "Prepare to fire on the Island anyways. Any amount of trickery is possible. Raise shields in case of retaliation!" asks Eggman. "I'm going to thin out these little Vermin and take those Emeralds for myself!". "Load all cannons! Open the Forward Antimatter Cannon!" asks Eggman. "Lets erase that island!".

The main Egg Carrier cannon opens. Suddenly, all of the Defense's weapons fire, lighting up the sky and smash into the shields. "Struck with Ion shields on our left side, sir!" says the Pawn Commander. Eggman smashes his fist on his table and says "Get those shields up, turn quickly! We're open!!!". The ship slowly begins to turn the opening in the shield moving away from the cannon. Hundreds of auto cannons load, aiming at the town. "Those fools! They weren't my target... now they are!!" says Dr. Eggman. "All cannons on decks 250-750! Open fire on Oakenstock!". They open fire at the capital of Cocoa Island. A large portion of Oakenstock was just comitted to the fire with hundreds of casualties. People run out of burning buildings on fire. The keepers of Oaken are evacuating the city. "Blasted idiots, they're going to get us all killed! Everyone, run! come on, move move move!!" says Sting. "Idiots! Thats what I thought! Now for Destron!" cackles Eggman.

The shields slowly regenerate. It turns back torwards Destron. With a vicious whistle, a fleet of ships drop pulse bombs into the central front cannon. The air brigade soars abovehead. Sting turns sharply, "Someones gotta save our skins...". "All Frontal Cannons disabled!" says Commander Pawn. Eggman growls, "Thats it! if I can't have Destrons head, I'll just finish the job with that city!". Sting speaks over the comm in the Destron Hangars to both the Combots and Recruits. He announces "This is Commander Sting making an executive decision!!! I'n going to be saving all our lives today! Man stations A, B and C! We're putting this Station into the sky! Hail Destron!!!". With a whir, the air brigade keeps Eggman Busy. As Oakenstock is on fire, a figure stands above on the side of the mountain in a heroic pose. The figure speaks in a cheesy voice, "This looks like a job for," the man stands in makeshift crummy armor, "The man of steel!". He realizes the name is taken. "Uhh... I mean Uri! Wait, thats not a good name- but perhaps... no... uhhh..." wonders Uri. 'He realizes the town is burning. "No time! Gotta save these people!" say Uri. He soars down and uses his arm cannon to spray the fire out and rescues the people inside the burning buildings. Eggman tells the commander, "Progress on the shields?!". The commander responds. "95% operational".

Eggman tells the commander "Open fire on Destron!". The sirens in the egg carrier beep at the intrusion. "Release the containment agent!" growls Eggman. A white spray is surged over the Nanites, deactivating them. Eggman chuckles evilly, "They thought I would come unprepared?! This is why you update Technology- people find out how to stop it! Ready the frontal cannon! Destroy that island. Its there, i'm certain of it!". The cannon begins to charge with pure antimatter. "Ready all weapons!" shouts Eggman. "Aannndd.... FIIRRRREEE!!!". The cannon shoots a massive wave of pure energy across the sky slamming into the island. The pure sonic boom of the explosion flings the heroes off the ground. The Island is still there- but half the Destron Base has been blown to bits. Uri has spent this time saving the civilians caught in the crossfire, bringing them to a have in the Human Town or Ebonvile. "Cannons 250 through 750, take aim at that bar! I want our little pest problem handled!" commanded Eggman. He then turns with a growl, "Now, Destron, you little worms! You had your chance to Bend to me, but you refused! Now feel the wrath of the Eggman Empire!". The side missile bays open and the artillery cannons aim at the Destron HQ. Sting landed some time ago, and has gotten all of the combots and the recruits onto Destron Dropships.

"Sir, we've detected a shift. Chaos signatures moving." says Commander Pawn. Eggman replies, "Where is it?!". Pawn types. "Scanners show it's moving to a ship on the island." Eggman cackles. "Very well. For now, focus on the island!". The Huge frontal Cannon charges. Eggman stands dramatically, "Today, I show the power of the Eggman Empire! This is a symbol of my empires great strength and the Target... Destron!! Fire at will, commander! OHHHHOHOHOH!!!". The beam soars forward, barely vaporizing the shells and slinging towards the island, which is now abandoned. The shockwave slams into the heroes. The island appears to be slightly gone. All thats left is some sort of sinkhole being filled with the ocean's water and the Destron Forces escape. Sting flies in his ship sighing, "This is what happens when people don't listen to me! If I were the one in charge, these kind of-" a hand smashes him in the neck. He is instantly knocked out, falling to the floor. Quickly taking his place is a shadowed figure, sitting in the cockpit. The mysterious assailant aims the cannons. 2 laser beams slam into Destruction's ship from Sting's ship. Destruction's ship slams into the ocean, killing Destruction once and for all. It wasn't sting who killed Destruction. The Shadowed figure stands, turning on auto pilot for a nearby island. He stands on Sting's unconsious body. Sting gets up and evacuates to his ship and flies off into a different direction. As Destruction's ship sinks, a black figure reaches for his dead body.

Eggman chuckles, "OHOHOHHH... Treachery. And it seems he's left behind a going away present for us!". The Egg Carrier begins to move off towards the crash site and slowly down. A giant green laser suddenly shoots down from the Egg Carrier into the sea. "These Chaos Emeralds will make a find addition to my... Collections!" says Eggman. The emeralds are pulled up. Eggman looks at them in surprise, "Our job is complete! The emeralds secured... and Destron destroyed! Ohhohoh.... OHHHOHOHO!" The Egg Carrier finally flies off away from Cocoa Island. On a mountaintop, the mysterious Jester watches as the ship flies off. "Ah ha ha... what a twist!" says the man "The Drama... the Intruige... the Mystery! Oh it's so beautiful... like a midnight sonet. I hope our mutual friend enjoyes their new... position.". The shaded figure stands silent, "Oh you just want your pay. Ugh, no fun, are you?". Dimentio flicks the person a small datachip. "Now be on your way! I have preparations to make!".

After the battle the damage in the town was minimized with the help of Uri, the fires were mostly stopped and many lives were saved. Now DESTRON must pick a new leader due to Destruction's death.

End of Chapter.

Week of Destruction

The Week of Destruction (fan-name) is a finale mini-saga closing up The Grey Mirror. Currently one chapter from it has been done.

Part I: Despair Reigns, Hope Returns