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Frackle, but if you would want to be Technical Muppet Monster
"masters of Disguise"
Ability type
They are Puppets pretty much, they have none

Note: THESE FRACKLES ARE NON CANNON VARIATIONS OF THEIR REAL WORLD COUNTERPARTS. They Do not act like the characters shown here, and shouldn't be taken into account for any real life cannon.

If you want to see REAL information on these characters use this Link


Frackles as a Species have NUMEROUS Different appearances from a technical stand point. Their Basic Appearance is a Beaked Monster with Fur and feathers covering part of it's body, of which may or may not have ears, teeth, claws, etc. There are about 15 Different Types of Frackles overall. Their Attire would Also Vary in terms of their Environment. (NOTE: What Is seen below is PURE ARTWORK, Not to be taken with actual Accuracy, since some of the Real life puppets "don't exist" below their wastes)

Snake Frackle Refurb

A Snake Frackle Art Used to Represent It's Real Life Counterpart

Purple Frackle 1

Example of A Purple Frackle art, Representing it's Real life counter part (legs not accurate)

Blue Birb Frackle

A Blue Bird Frackle Art Used to Represent it's Real life counterpart

Green Birb Frackle

A Green Bird Frackle Art Used to Represent it's Real Life Counterpart

Rankin Frackle

A Scabby Frackle Art Used to Represent it's Real Life Counterpart (legs not Accurate)


The ACTUAL Frackles Don't have much of a Personality, due to them being used mostly as utility monsters in real life. Personality for their OFFICIAL REAL LIFE VERSIONS could vary.

In AiM However these characters Do have a type of Personality based on some references found on these creatures in the past. Often times mean and stubborn, suggesting the often fight among themselves. But they could get along with other creatures sorta (theoretically)


The Frackles used in AiM Don't exactly have a story yet, serving as "discount goons" (since most goons and such are robots) Similar to how their REAL LIFE Counterparts are just in the background. However one differing factor is likely in a Non Canonical Sense These creatures were Pulled from their home by a Unknown source. Away from their homes the Frackles try to find things to salvage and were willing to do work (Again this all is NON CANNON Compared to their actual Counterpart so PLEASE don't get mislead by this Description)


If the Frackles would to have any Skills on AiM or Abilities in General it would probably be "disguises" so they could blend into the crowd at the least. Plus with these frackles being more "actor like" they do tend to get into their Roles SERIOUSLY sometimes.


These Creatures DO have Weaknesses in AiM, But its almost general weaknesses With a slightly better durability similar to their real life counterparts (or just the Muppet characters in general). Meaning they could still sorta be going after being Blown up, Beaten, Banged on the head, etc.

Image/Art Gallery (fan made of course)

Green Eared Frackle 1

A Green eared Frackle In a Pirate's Attire

Blue Frackle 1

A Blue Frackle as what the user assumed to be a Chimney Sweep (Muppet's Christmas Carol)

Green Frackle 1

A Green Frackle as a Prisoner (Attire reference Muppets Most Wanted Gulag)

J.G Frackle 2

A Jade Green Frackle as a Pirate

Grey(Elderly) frackle 1

A "grey" Frackle as a Pirate *1* (Muppets Treasure Island)

J.G Frackle 1

A Jade Green Frackle as a Prisoner (Muppets Most Wanted)

Pink Frackle 2

A Pink Frackle as a Pirate

Snake frackle 2

A Snake Frackle in a Western Attire

Pink Frackle 1

A Pink Frackle as a Prisoner (Muppets Most Wanted)

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