"This building's had little children slaughtered in it, you throw in a little extra n' I'll have it cleaned up before you even come in."
—The Broker
The Broker
Little cards bearing the Broker's name as seen on top of a blueprint for what could possibly be a building being constructed by his company. As of today, there is no official photograph of the Broker in person.
Expert Retailing
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"Berke Roth", also known as The Broker, is an anonymous experienced realtor who provides hideouts for criminals.


The appearance of The Broker is currently unknown at this time.


The Broker is a very professional and well-spoken man who usually associates himself with less then savory clients and retains a calm and collected atmosphere around himself for dealing with his associates. Despite this, He is also shown to be somewhat confident in his work due to his successful record.


It is unknown where the man came from or his true name but shortly after the Mogul incident on Paradise Island during the Death Professor Era, He suddenly appeared in the Criminal Underworld and began making a name for himself first under the name "Berke Roth" (or 'Mr. B' for short) by supplying hideouts for many gangs at the time attempting to take advantage of the power vacuum. After his profession in life became clear, He renamed himself "The Broker" and he continued doing this for ten more years.

Before Chaos Maw ReturnsEdit

Near the end of the ten year time gap, The Broker was soon contacted by Dr. Wily, who had mysteriously gone missing after the Chaos Maw Incident, and proceeded to get the Doctor a good spot for him to situate his troops in preparation for the Empire's next move. At the same time, He was also contacted by Destruction and he was able to get Destruction some land for him to build the DESTRON Base on in Revelations Isle.

After Chaos Maw ReturnsEdit

Due to the destruction of the DESTRON Base and the land it was situated on, Destruction later paid double to repay the fact the land The Broker got for him was destroyed. Shortly after, Destruction thanked The Broker for his services and left for Cocoa Isles.

Battle Bird Armada SagaEdit

During the events of Cocoa Isles, The Broker attempted to obtain some land on the Isles for a anonymous client for unknown reasons but due to it's inhabitable radiated state later on, He was unable to do so and therefor his business concluded there.

Reckoning Day SagaEdit

The Broker was one of the many people who watched the proceedings of the Winter Tournament and proceeded to consider the requests of numerous clients that wished to invest there but he deemed it'd be a lost cause due to the superpowers at play. He was right in the end of course and business relating to Baile 'Ore swiftly ended.

Chris SagaEdit

The Broker once again found himself doing business on another hot spot area in the form of the Emerald Isles as Wily once again established contact with The Broker to help him with making sure the authorities wouldn't go near the Empire's snowbase. The Broker obliged and was later displeased to hear the Brotherhood had taken the base. Much later after that, He was one of the many people who watched the live showing of the Summer Tournament and it's grand climax. Shortly after, He ceased doing business on the Isles after he predicted that this one wouldn't be any different from the others. Once again, He was right in the end and The Broker's currently dealing elsewhere.


As far as anyone is aware of, The Broker has no powers to speak of although he does possess the average physical strength and stamina of a adult male.


The Broker has no real inherent abilities to speak of as far as anyone knows.


The Broker possesses excellent skills in retailing and business as he has managed to gain numerous clients over the years in the business.


Despite his talents, He is unfortunately unable to hold his own against people of other races and people with superpowers. Though fortunately for him, He doesn't encounter much of those in his business.