The Batter is a character from a game called OFF, released by Mortis Ghost and Unproductive Fun Time in 2008. His main goal is to purify the entire world, a goal that he aims to do in Mobius, since he oddly one day ended up on Cocoa Isle (don't question it.) and noticed that it wasn't purifed like the other areas he had visited and purified.

The Beginning Edit

There isn't much to explain on how the Batter had ended up on Mobius. Maybe it was somewhere in The Nothingness or a transport to a new zone gone wrong. (Even Bubba02368 never explains, because he has no idea either.)

LISAOFFTALE: The Prologue Edit

[LISAOFFTALE was a crossover roleplay of LISA: The Painful RPG, OFF, and Undertale]

Before the ark began, The Player wanted to re-power The Batter into a merciless purification machine. This is was when some heroes (mostly Ness or The Human) had one day met The Judge, who asked them a favor of finding where The Batter was, as he probably knew of the purification that was happening at a nearby Eggman base. Once The Batter was defeated, The Player decided to attack at full force. Alas, he was defeated too.

With them both defeated, The Player sought revenge. And after a rematch, something with a mistake with The Player's powers cause The Batter to split into two of himself, but with different goals. One being The Pure Batter, The Player's own controllable puppet of purification, and The Passive Batter, having a mind of his own and is a Pacifist.

LISAOFFTALE: The Chapters Edit

Will be updated soon, since it is the longest part.

Baile Ore Edit

Not long after, The heroes of AiM returned to Baile Ore. Where The Batter wasn't seen often, unless you knew where to look or you were Zacharie. Soon when Reckoning Day began, The Batter and Zacharie went to Baile Ore to help the heroes save the world, which they failed from a huge beam to the ground.

Zacharie was alive, but the damage made him return to being his usual 4th-wall-breaking-merchant self.

As for The Batter, he wasn't seen on Baile Ore again, though there was said to be sightings of him returning at Cocoa Isle.