The Amuzents
Some of the Amuzent Players (icon may be subject to change)
Meta rot
The Muzent four, Twont, Urronk, Lanicatze, The O'Riley bunch, Vocali, The Flier sisters, Monla & Terrence
'Muzent' Theater
Faction Type
Anyone who's friendly
Neutral, good but non hero
Peace via music or non violent approach
Military Power


The Amuzents are FAR from Heroes or fighters, but are just as Diverse (if you count all of them being weird species that is)

The Muzent four Edit

Meta rot Revamp

Meta rot with Pic (the bird in his hat)

  • Meta Rot Plays lead in what the Amuzents do, He is a stitched up country Roted doming a Metal arm, busted open top hat, and Raggedy clothes, He Plays a Broken Mandolin with a Rib bone bow.
Xim the Amuzent
  • Xim was the Only female member of the Amuzents before She and the others decided to make a bigger group. Xim herself is a pin furred monster like creature with slight Electrical powers, semi "future" attire, and a nack to musical tech.
P.A.T the Amuzent


  • Pat is a mostly Cybernetic being with a international sense of music (only organic parts are his eyes and innards). Pat isn't known for speaking and just lets the music does it for him aka Electrical synth.
Batum Revamp

Batum Tisk

  • Batum Tisk Is a non speaking animal hybrid with a dog like face, furry turtle like body, hooves and a salamander's tail. Like Pat he doesn't talk, only bark but can express himself with the sounds he makes. however this Amuzent does tend to be a hazard for himself (we don't know if he has a brain or not)
Mally Flier

Mally Flier

Aqil Flier

Aqil Flier

Flier Sisters Edit

  • The Flier Sisters are a "twin pair" of butterfly hybrids, and resident Insects of the Amuzents. Mally (Pictured to the Right) Is a cheerful country gal with instruments ranging from acoustic Guitar, Spoons and a tambourine rattle. Aqil (Pictured to the Left) However is polar opposite as far as mood goes, always a bit unsure about a lot of things, her instrument a dulcimer like instrument.
Echo O'Riley

Echo O'Riley

Notzre O'Riley

Nortze O'Riley

The O'Riley Bunch Edit

  • The O'Riley Bunch are a group of Performers of a lot of weird creatures using different times of music from Country, to Rock, to Disco, etc.
Glatisp O'Riley

Glatisp O'Riley

  • Members include a Bat like Hybrid named Echo on the electric Guitar, A Glass Skeleton named Glatisp on percussion, A odd Accordion mixate like being Gizkin, A Seahorse named Siliy on blow jugs/bottles, a Raccoon on harmonica, a Goat on a wash board, and Notrze on Violin.
Gizkin O' Riley

Gizkin O'Riley

Silily O'Riley

Siliy O'Riley



Other Edit

There are also Muzent players that are not part of any sub group in the Amuzent groups.

  • Urronk is a Green furred, one eyed, 3 horns (the musical type not the beast type), metallic legs and a one eyed goggle. He rarely speaks fluently due to his horn snout but is capable of speaking.
Twont the Amuzent


  • Twont is a mainly Purple furred creature with no bottom half. He plays a 2 stringed base and can also fill in for a horn or cymbal clash, however he does smart off a lot, making Snarky comments about how some things are, not exactly meaning to be a pessimistic, but to his colleges his remarks sometimes sound like insults to other people.
Searah revamp


  • Searah is a Kind hearted sea person, often being the more shy, yet level headed of the Amuzent bunch. She has 2 coral flutes and is often trying to figure out ways to get to others (since despite playing music they aren't to heavily noticed, go figure)
Vocali the Amuzent


  • Vocali is a Singer for this group of Musicians, her voice ranges from various pitches and often serves as a chorus line. Though she can get into the mood of any song.


  • Lanicazte is a Roted Cat like creatures with a Long bony neck, long bony tail, bony legs and long arms, She is one of the 2 roteds out of the group that knew how she died, Accident with a Xylophone, now that's a part of her. But in a more serious manner She serves as a bit of an extra help with the Amuzent performers, though she does get her chances to perform.
    Mons&Ter the Amuzent

    Monla and Terrance

  • Monla and Terrance (Mons&Ter) Are a two headed, beat tapping, banjo playing monster rabbit thing. Terrance being the furry Cyclops head that focuses on the banjo and Monla being the Bunny that keeps the beat.


Though the Amuzent Players are not Heroes their Policy is still as good, wishing to help out (except they don't want violence to be involved). Each of them should be nice to one another and to those around no matter what rumor, story or news headline happens. (though one or 2 of them tend to take this lightly


The Amuzent's "habitat" is EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE they can get too, They are Traveling musicians, peaceful, just wanting to spread peace with their work.


There is no uniform, the Amuzents have their own clothing and sometimes changes it throughout the seasons

"Summer attire" Edit

Summer Vacate Meta rot (ReFUR)
Summer Vacate Twont (ReFUR)
Summer Vacate Searah
Summer Vacate Xim (ReFUR)
Summer Vacate Urronk (ReFUR)
Summer Vacate Vocali
Summer Vacate Monla & Terrence (ReFUR)


The Amuzents are a Group of wandering misfit Musicians. Each one a different species (mostly) and different Instruments, or "parts" They are non-violent, only wishing to establish a type of "Peace" apart from the "Battle sounds" that "plague" Every area (Though it's really Enviable since Everywhere they go there is a "Ill will" feeling around, But they try anyways). They Take Inspiration often times from Other locations Far from their homes, Examples being a Group of Cave Musicians bringing music to their homes, Country Bears and Critters, and Musical gizmos. Despite their will to help and bring peace with their music they have a TERRIBLE tendency to avoid violence like it's the plague, Not to say they tried once, But a Being Mistook One of them as a Hostile version of his Species (aka Roted mistaken for a Zombie) and sorta twisted trust, though some members are quick to forgive and forget........while some have a bit more wit. Regardless these Creatures all seem to get along with one another and sometimes make music out of their own conversations or to get a point across *Despite likely hood of anyone actually listening to what they are saying is very and incredibly slim in chance, though they don't seem to know if the point got across themselves*. They are also Concerned of other issues, but know most of their places in those topics.

Gallery extras Edit

Twont Amuzent Pic

Alternate Picture of Twont

Searah Amuzent pic

Alternate Image of Searah

Urronk Amuzent Pic

Alternate Image of Urronk

Muzent four Amuzent Pic

Picture of the Muzent four

The Amuzent Band

Some of the Amuzent members performing