"Almagi", The Amalgamation
ALMAGAMATION (Slavaged save)
Resulted appearance
Verslit, Souterm, Corrupt, Ornite, Ireling, Roted, Mixate and
Mashed up freak with different colored fur, different bones, exposed flesh, two heads, and multiple limbs
Neutral with a Distaste for "Heroes"
Removable head, Climbing, able to shoot projectiles with an arm
Ability type

This Character is a now Scrapped character In AiM/AoS, Due to timeline issues and the overall "retcon"of the ZT storyline


Almagi is a Ugly amalgamation of different species mixed, stitched and mashed together to the point that none of the parts or of it's own expect for it's main head with green fur except now ruined with multiple eye holes and horns. Other parts include:

~A Roteds Arm

~A Irelings Arm (Beartrap included)

~A Furdester's head with half of it's fur, skin and muscle missing.

~A Ornite's Arm

~A Orange and Pink furred "Tail"

~Bone tentical

~Souterm Horn


Since Almagi is in terms multiple beings making their personality a mixed personality same with it's voice to the point one wouldn't know who is speaking. However all of these do share a memory trait from which in their timeline more or less believable or one sided, The Grudge against False "Heroes".


The Amalgamation is a sight you wouldn't want to see unless you would like to see what types of slaughter happened in the background while Others could as some say "Could really care less about the well being of creatures that are not them or that they do not know". They are have been scared perminatly from the lives they once had and has Ill pinons of some people with Titles as They suffered the BUNT END of their "deeds". However They do sympathize with certain others effected or has a bit of sense (in their opinion). Rumors are The Amalgamation USED to be Various Members of the Misfits, A mostly neutral group that has fallen in that timeline due to a Delusional Being known as Error Mk Rewind. Members Theorized were









The Base of the Amalgamation was also Rumored to be Based off a living Machine known as Freakzein, a one eyed being that can summon a few things via portal. Rumor goes the Creator Reused this creature Striping it of most of it's features and adding a few more to make a artificial body. {No matter what happens This thing WILL EXIST SOMEWHERE)


Multiple traits from multiple species, They can see from all sides due to their multiple eyes, can be killed despite this happening to them about 8 times.

~Can Shoot Projectils from one arm

~discount hovering

~can Climb almost anything (many limbs are helpful like that)

~Removable head


As mentioned The Amalgamation can be killed, bashed and beaten. But it's highly durable unless one crushes both heads, blind them, or completely Destroyed the body


  • The Amalgamation was and is the only "stitched up" Misfit character with multiple Known parts of other characters
  • Despite being Scrapped in Rp, It has been slightly mentioned by Emula (the only character besides Rewind that came from that Timeline that is still around and exists currently)

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