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This article is about a subject from outside JulianRobotnik's core AiM Canon. It might have some level of canonicity within the two continuities, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

Clearing things up

To be clear, this is what happened AFTER the New World Heroes had left the ZT Timeline back to Baile Ore. The ZT Saga however was retconned- but this story makes up for it! Enjoy this spicy aftermath, all written by Ultra11Omega12!


Zacharie stood there, looking at where the heroes had left, after they had helped save his timeline. He wiped his eyes the moment with his father still lingering with him. He was dragged from his thoughts, the memories of better times, by a voice.

" What now, Zach? " Rune said, walking up to Zacharie from behind.

" I'm going to finish this.... what I started, what Namida started. It's going to end today. " Zacharie said, with a tone of finality in his voice.

Protector looked up, and began to arise from sitting on the sand, in a attempt to get Zacharie's attention. Zacharie began to run full speed, surprising Rune and Protector. Allian looked over, with a mild interest and actual concern towards the commotion. Rune began to run after Zacharie, as Protector clambered up to follow them. Zacharie leapt forward, landing onto Salesman's teleportation pad, warping himself to the area outside of Cortis before the warp disappeared. Before Rune and Protector could follow the warp disappeared, due to the presence of Salesman leaving. Zacharie slammed out of the warp, faceplanting onto the ground from the force of the warp. He groaned in pain and stood up, before dusting himself off.

Zacharie began to walk forwards, towards the gate of Cortis. As he approached the water that sepperated the two sides, it began to freeze allowing him to walk across. The guardsmen at the gate looked up at Zacharie and began to shake in fear.

" Halt, Criminal! " The first guard shouted, as he began to raise his weapon.

" Out of my way. " Zacharie replied, quickly grabbing the guard's gun from his hands and throwing it away.

The Guard made a face of shock right before Zacharie slammed his fist in the Guard's face, knocking them out. The other guard had managed to load his weapon and aimed at Zacharie. The guard was too slow, however, as Zacharie slammed his foot into the guard's crotch. The guard collapsed to the ground in pain as Zacharie pushed open the gates to enter Cortis.

Zacharie looked around, as he walked through the large crowds of people. Salesman had kept his word, everyone that had been killed by the Unlimited was back- families were being united, friendships being reformed. Zacharie felt himself smile at the happy moment, but that soon faded as the crowds began parting around him. Soon enough Zacharie stood alone, the groups having backed away from him, forming a large circle around him. People stared at him in fear, as guards began to come through the crowd, raising their weapons at Zacharie.

" Lower your weapons, you idiots! " Armis ordered, as he walked through the crowd, " Zacharie, what the hell are you doing here? " He questioned.

" I've come to finish this- to end what I started. I've grown tired of running, of hiding, of watching people be abused and tricked. This world hasn't been saved yet, and there's only one way to truly start saving it: ending this. " Zacharie said, " We can't keep doing this. We need to work together, everyone here can help rebuild. But we can't keep living on life this! Just LOOK at us! Look at what we've become, what the heroes have become. We've become what we've strove so hard to go against! We've seen so many deaths- too many! It's time, it's finally time to change this! It's time end this despair, and rebuild! Villains will come back, but when they do, we need to prepared! We need to make heroes return!! " Zacharie shouted, not only Armis and his soldiers but also to everyone in Cortis.

People stared at Zacharie, thinking about his words. Protector, Rune, Alexandros and Shift- aka Chloe, moved through the crowd, to the front. The massive crowd began to whisper among themselves, slowy being to heed Zacharie's words. This was short lived, as everyone was silenced by one voice that rose above all else. Someone walked through the crowd- the man that had led the heroes, that had provoked them.. the man that led the heroes in killing Guardian.

" Are you all seriously contemplating on listening to him?! This criminal- outlaw- murderer?! Get real. We all know this entire thing is his fault. The Unlimited, the deaths. All of it. If it hadn't been for Zacharie's idealogy, Namida wouldn't have done this. He's the true cause you all died! All those deaths, every single one ofthem is on his hands! " Cried Totepo, " You're just going to stand around here and listen to him? He's the son of a liar, he's not even a REAL person. He's artifical, and you're willing to just stand here and listen? Get real. Guards! Heroes! This is our time, you hear me? We'll end this nightmare right NOW! We can kill him right now. He's surrounded! " Totepo said, looking around at the crowd.

The crowd stood motionless, mumbling amongst eachother. The crowd had been seized by indecision, the sense of fear from not knowing who to side with. Some feared not siding with Totepo, due to not wanting to be labeled as a villain. Others simply were too afraid to do anything due to both sides being led by someone with crazy powers. Others feared Zacharie, and did not want to side with him due to it. Totepo looked around at the crowd, and then sneered in partial digust.

" Fine, if you're all too scared to help me, I'll end this myself. " Totepo said, walking into the large, clear circular space which Zacharie stood.

Totepo drew his greatsword from his back, and pointed it at Zacharie. Zacharie summoned his scythe, shifting his stance slightly. The tension caused the crowd to shift uncomfortably. Rune and Chloe both began to move, to help Zacharie. Someone grabbed their shoulders, however, holding them. They turned, seeing the now resurrected Alexandros holding onto them, his expression one that both understood. Protector had already been held back by Alexandros, as the other living heroes chose to simply stand down. Zacharie looked around at the crowd, and then his scythe. A realization came upon him, and he desummoned his scythe.

" These people.. everyone here, they need to see that you don't have to have super powers or abilities to be a hero. They need to see that you have to be determined, compassionate.. they need to see that normal people can do something too... like Uri. " Zacharie thought to himself.

Zacharie looked up at Totepo, who had a mildly confused expression, as Zacharie had abandoned his weapon.

" If we're going to finish this, Totepo. We're going to finish it the right way. No weapons. No Powers. Just man to man. Like any other person. " Zacharie said, looking at Totepo.

" Hm.. if that's what you want, sure. " Totepo replied, smirking. He slammed his sword to the ground, as he had lots of hand to hand combat experience as his time as a namekian.

Other heroes, and former heroes began to move through the crowd slightly, just to get a view of the battle. Heroes such as Volt, Ryan, Stripe, Daichi, Emeriel and many more began to gather to see. Mere moments later, the two fighters ran at eachother, Totepo first slamming his fist into Zacharie's gut. Zacharie lurched over, but recovered slamming his fist into Totepo's side. Totepo tanked the hit, grabbing Zacharie by the arm, attempting to break it. Zacharie brought his foot up, and slammed the steel toe of his boot against kneecap, forcing him to release Zacharie. Zacharie brought up his fist, in a uppercut, launching Totepo into the air. Totepo recovered midair, and landed with perfect grace. Zacharie threw a punch at Totepo, whom ducked, and rammed into Zacharie- knocking Zacharie down. Totepo pinned Zacharie to the ground, driving his knee into Zacharie's gut.

Zacharie looked up at Totepo, and that's when he finally saw it. The hollow look in Totepo's eyes, the emptiness that dwelt within. This wasn't Totepo, just a husk- a hollow shell. Zacharie kicked Totepo off of him and followed up the attack with a series of fast blows to his chest. Totepo attempted to recover, before being kicked in the gut by Zacharie, knocking the wind out of him. Zacharie ran at Totepo, attempting to follow up the blows- until Totepo grabbed his hand from a punch. Totepo yanked Zacharie forward, slamming his knee into Zacharie's gut. Soon after, he grabbed Zacharie by the head, headbutting him. Totepo continued the grapple, now throwing him across the ground. Totepo cracked his knuckles, smirking as he walked towards Zacharie.

Zacharie's hand balls into his fists, he refused to give up. He was going to let this cycle of the heroes turning good people into monsters continue any longer. Zacharie yelled, suprising Totepo, and slammed into him full force. He slammed his head into Totepo's, following that attack up with a punch to the side. Totepo barely had time to recover, as Zacharie grabbed Totepo into a choke hold, allowing him to gain control over Totepo. He shifted his grasp, grabbing Totepo by the head and slamming his face onto his knee. Totepo managed to pry away from Zacharie, his nose bleeding and his face cut. He barely mananged to get away before Zacharie slammed his elbow into the side of Totepo's head, following that up with a kick into Totepo's chest.

Totepo flung across the floor, skidding to a stop. He was bruised all over, he was tired, and bleeding. Zacharie walked over to Totepo, and put his foot onto his chest.

" It's over. " Zacharie said.

A sheer look of anger crossed Totepo's face, and he yelled in rage. The symboite, Diminte began to manifest across Totepo, Diminite covering his arm making a huge, clawed arm- something similar to the Chaos Claw, or the Unlimited claw. He slammed his hand up, grabbing Zacharie and slammed him onto the ground, denting the ground beneath Zacharie.

" Don't.. you understand..? You can't BEAT ME! I'm the HERO here. I'M the law. I'M stronger. What I say is the law, and I SAY you're the villain. And that you don't DESERVE to live. Just like your Father! " Totepo cried, as he SLAMMED his foot onto Zacharie's chest.

He slammed his foot onto Zacharie's head, pushing it down into the ground. Zacharie looked up, and then saw Totepo's eyes, and then realized his mistake at what he first saw. Totepo's eyes, they weren't their normal blue colors- they were yellow. His pupils had turned into slits, like a snake's. What Zacharie had mistaken as emptiness, hollowness inside Totepo was actually despair. Zacharie realizes this wasn't just a husk of a man he was facing... he was facing a vessel.. a vessel of despair. Totepo slammed his foot against Zacharie's head again, headstomping him.

Chloe gritted her teeth from the crowd, she couldn't stand it any longer. She refused to watch her brother's head be stomped in. She broke from Alexandros's grasp, to his surprise, and ran forward art Totepo and Zacharie.

" NO one is going to kill my brother! " She cried, and drew her sword.

Totepo turned, but it was too late, as Chloe slashed with her blade at him. With the one strike of her blade, Totepo's arm was cut off from his body. He screamed in pain, and fell onto one knee. She ran over to Zacharie, and grabbed onto him, helping him stand up.

" Y-you.. YOU BITCH!! " Totepo cried, holding his hand over where his arm once was, " I'll.. I'll kill you both!! " He said, his voice full of hate and malice.

Out of the wound, slammed out a new arm- a arm that was completely made of the diminite symboite. The Diminite symboite began to crawl over Totepo, covering half of his face.

" Totepo, STOP! THis is OVER! " Armis cried, drawing Lux from it's sheath.

" So.. that's.. how it is, huh? You're siding with them!? So his speech GOT to you? If it got to you.... it's probably gotten to everyone else... all those idiotic fools. It doesn't matter, I'll kill everyone here... I can start it over, make some REAL heroes..! " Totepo said.

" EVERYONE! EVACUATE! GET TO A SAFE PLACE NOW! " Armis cried, causing the massive crowd to begin to disperse, running to safety. The only ones that remained from the crowd were the heroes that had resided in it. Armis got infront of Zacharie and Chloe, to defend them. Behind them, all the heroes began walking together, and stood with Armis, Zacharie and Chloe. All the heroes shifted their stances, readying for battle.

" So, that's how it is? I always knew you all were weak, feeble minded fools.. I should've had you all killed with Guardian. " Totepo said, " It won't matter in the end, I'll kill you all.. You're all traitors. It's people like you who only cause this death. " Totepo said, grabbing his sword out from the ground.

Totepo screamed, as the Diminite symboite began to completely cover him- allowing Diminite to assume partial control. In mere moments, before the heroes stood the gigantic, monstrous Diminite. Something changed however, and Diminite shook in pain.. as the orange coloration of Diminite changed into a glowing green. Diminite roared, and swung it's massive sword, flinging the heroes back.

" Heroes... Charge!! " Zacharie cried, summoning his scythe.

The heroes charged forward, unleashing a barrage of attacks at Diminite. Volt appeared behind Diminite, slamming a punch into his back which launched him forward. Diminite was flung into Vegeta Jr, who slammed a kick into his head. Diminite recovered in time, to block the incoming slashes from Armis and Protector. Diminite flung a ball of fire at the two, causing them to jump back. Rune ran forward, unleashing all the runes upoin her sword- and slammed it into Diminite's leg, causing him to scream in pain. Diminite slammed his fist into Rune, launching her into the air and causing her to crash onto the ground. Ryan fired a PSI blast, distracting Diminite, and ran over to Rune to help her. Diminite stomped his foot, unleashing a shockwave that sent the heroes back. Jolt jumped up, from behind Diminite, and clawed one of his eyes. Diminite grabbed at Jolt, and threw him down, attempting to stomp him. Jolt moved quickly, and clawed Diminite's wounded knee. Diminite finally grasped onto Jolt, lifting him up. He began to squeeze Jolt, until a sword slammed into Diminite's arm, stabbing through it. Diminite let go of Jolt, and looked at the sword- The Soul Sword. Diminite screamed in outrage, as a man in a cloak ripped it out from the arm. Alexandros fired a bolt of magic at Diminite's head, causing him to stumble back. The man in the cloak raised the soul sword and thre off his cloak- Alpha.

" What are you guys waiting for? Come on! " Alpha yelled.

Stripe, Vegeta Jr, and Trunks powered up into Super Saiyan. Vegeta Jr and Stripe firing Ki blasts at Diminite. Diminite's body began to harden, rendering the Ki blasts useless. Emeriel fired a bullet at Diminite, causing Diminite to grow annoyed. Zacharie made the ground under Diminite rise, trapping his feet. Alexandros and Sertisa created magical chains, holding Diminite's arms back. Alpha, Rune, Chloe, Trunks, Armis and Protector all launched forward, and slashed with their swords in one consecutive attack- cutting through Diminite's armor, unveiling a weakpoint. Diminite swatted them back, breaking a few of their bones in the process. Diminite slammed his sword around, hitting multiple heroes. Allian breathed fired at Diminite, who simply absorbed it and threw it back at her. Pen spindashed into the weakpoint, fling Diminite back, as Jolt fired a blast that temporarily dazed Diminite. Rem launched one of his blades, it stabbed into Diminite's side.

Diminite grew tired of the games, and broke his bindings that prevented him from moving, and charged forward. He grabbed Alpha by the head and slammed his face into the ground. Zacharie attempted to slash him, but he parried the blow and kicked him away. Seritsa fired a barrage of magical attacks, which Diminite tanked. He grabbed Seritsa, and raised her up. Tritos leapt forward with his daggers, and threw one into Diminite's eye, forcing him to drop her. The saiyans launched forward, unleashing multiple meteor attack combos upon Diminite at the same time. Diminite formed spikes across his body, making them flee back.

Diminite had been weakened, but the heroes were extremely beaten up. Armis leapt forward, and snapped- using a type of magic to fling Diminite back. From behind, someone slammed their knee into Diminite, launching them back.

" Keep going heroes, Justice can still prevail! " Cried Daichi, telling the heroes to not give up.

Alpha slammed his hand onto his restraint, and shouted " BOOST!! ", activating the boost gear. He launched forward, and slammed his hand into Diminite, as he slammed THREW Diminite. In his hand, he had grabbed Totepo, and pried him out. Totepo was unconcious, but Diminite was furious. It screamed in a violent rage, and slammed it's fist into Alpha's head, giving him a partial concusion.

Diminite helds both it's hands together, generating a large orb of green energy. It was charging up a blast, as it's anger had become to immense for even it to handle. The heroes all grouped together, tired, but knowing this was their last stand. They all charged up their own attacks, and fired a beam with a equal intenisty to Diminite's beam, at his beam! The two beams clashed together with a thunderous sound, causing the ground to shake slightly. Diminite screamed in frustration, anger, and even desperation. The beams shook, as Diminite's beam began to overwhelm the heroes's beam! Diminite laughed partially, and continued to launch his beam forward.

" Guys, come on..! This is it! This is OUR time, the time to bring back... Real heroes!! Don't give up now! " Zacharie cried, movtivating the heroes to put everything they got into it, but it seemed it wouldn't be enough.

" Zacharie's right, it is time to end this! " Said Daichi, as he prepared something, " Heroes, be ready to put everything you got into this attack!! " Daichi said, as he grabbed the Nail off of his back.

" This time of misery, of death, shall end- Right here and NOW! " Daichi called, and threw the nail in the air- he changed stances as everything seemed to slow down for him as he ligned up his punch, " It's time, for justice to prevail once more. GET NAILED, CRIMINAL SCUM!! " Daichi cried as he SLAMMED his fist into the nail, launching it forward into the heroes's beam.

The Nail went through the beam, and was soon propelled forward by the heroes's beam. The Nail and the Beam overwhelmed Diminite's and pushed it forward. The Nail SLAMMED into Diminite, impaling him. Diminite screamed in pain, as the beam came forward, and decimated him in a blinding flash of light. Mere moments later, only the Godkiller Nail remained... Diminite had been destroyed, obliterated. The heroes began to cheer, but not for very long. Zacharie looked around for his sister, only to Chloe near Totepo. Out of Totepo, emitted a green aura- and someone had Chloe in their grasp tightly... the Izanagi Visage. The heroes quickly grew silent.

" Well..WELL! Wasn't THAT the show? You all finally managed to rejoin together, and kill Diminite! Yay, yippee! You stopped the Bad guy, huh? " The Visage taunted, laughing, " I got to admit, Xemos.. you're life was FUN fuckin' up! I didn't realize you'd go this far. But see... this is the part where you still lose. " The Visage taunted.

" No, Salesman. Right now.. these days of despair are over. You're just a ghost. " Alpha said, raising up the Soulsword.

" PftthahahahahahHAHAHAHAHHHAHA!!! You're right.. I AM just a ghost. But for how long, Hm, Alpha? Xemos? " Heroes" !? How long until I simply get a new body? You all can't STOP me. I created this timeline, and this place shall always BATHE in despair no matter if I appear to be here or not. " The Visage said, and generated a Darkheart in it's hand, raising it to Chloe's throat.

" Don't worry, Alph. I'll continue making your life hell. I just need to finish what I started with Xemos here. Any last words to your sister, Xemos? " The Visage taunted, laughing loudly- the same laugh that sent chills, fear, and anger down the heroes spine from battles fought long ago.

" Yeah.... Just one. Duck. " Zacharie said, and threw the Dyasun Weapon- The Tainted Harvest at Salesman like a spear.

The Blade of the Scythe roated, to act like a actual spear head, as Chloe managed to duck. The Scythe slammed into the Visage's chest, impaling it. Chloe quickly got up and ran to the heroes. The Visage laughed loudly, the laugh echoing throughout the entire city of Cortis.

" IT doesn't matter.... hhehahahhahehaha... No matter what you do... I'll always.. come back. It doesn't MATTER... hahehehahahhehwhahhHAHEHH00AHHEHEHAHAHH!!! Just wait... wait and see... It'll be JUST like old times, SOON! We won't have to worry about Alpha's Bastard and the Unlimited, oh NO! It'll be JUST like OLD TIMES, HEROES. You all will be able to die sssssssssssssssslowwwwwwwwwwllllllllllyyyyyyy, in despair. Just like old times... just wait, wait and SEE!! HEHEHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!! " The Visage laughed and laughed.

The heroes, however, didn't seem that phased than they would have.

" Good. We'll be ready by then. We've been through hell and back... We're ready. And we'll be waiting, Salesman. " Zacharie said, the first part, however all the heroes joined in at the very end- all of them saying it in unison.

The Visage stopped laughing, and began to fade into the Void- into darkness, " We'll see. "

Once the Visage left, Alpha turned to the heroes... and that was when it began.

The Reformation of a World, the saving of it's people.. but also- The Return of it's Heroes.

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