The Earth Saga has Been Wholly Retconned with the Exception of the Battle with Izanagi and the Other Forces at the end of the Saga.

Crimsonblood, Zach Saga, and Sparradh are all Retconned as of Now and will return for a Redo at a later Date for the sake of Quality. The Heroes all happened to simply be in the right place at the right time, and as the Heirarchy Loomed overhead, they United to fight back, thus Beginning their Fellowship.

If you wish to Have Certain Characters Keep their Development from any of the Sagas ( Such as Uri and Kelson ), You can keep that, Just have them have met before the Heirarchy Invasion.

Teslons Uncertain Fate

The Heirarchy

The World of Teslon Rolls with turmoil as the Planet steps into uncertainty. 

The Government of Teslon, the Heirarchy, is in a scramble as their major forces have been slammed with a crushing defeat by the Earth Federation and its Allies.

With Zetsubo Missing, their superweapon shortly destroyed after and many Dead Senators, quite the mess was left for Imperator Shi. Calling upon her advisors,

Roles were filled, intructions were set, and the Heirarchy Proceeded to Regroup and reform. Teslon was given a Black Eye, Taken down a Notch, and had their

Pride squelched, but the Autocratic Heirarchy wasn't prepared to fall Just yet.

The Heriarchy Citizens and Soldiers have been Striken with a Miasma of Mixed Emotions and feelings depending on each person and their Personality. With

the Rebel Groups and VORBIS, Morale has Skyrocketed. The Heirarchy has been Shown to not be Invincible as the Rebels Predicted in Horror. The Heirarchy

Soldiers are filled with Terror at this Revelation. Many Soldiers are beginning to awake from their Warped State of minds and questioning the Chain of Command.

Many Generals and other higher up Figures are also beginning to Gulp in a sweating, Creeping fear as their Trust in the Ability of this Governments capibility

to Ensure order and Control Dwindles. The Heirarchy is Strong- But it's footing is Shaky.

The Heroes

The Heroes, After together fighting off the Terrifying horde of the Heirarchy, Together, With the help of VORBIS, Attacked their Secret Moonbase Superweapon.

Unintentionally, The Facility was Destroyed, Killing many ( But not all ) Senators and Soldiers, Sending further Shock and Fear into the Heirarchy. Some of the

More Strict in their Moral Code of the Heroes will feel Regretful and Bad over the Deaths of this Event, But the More Serious in tone will be Stalwart to explain

it was Nessicary.

The Heroes together Decided to go their Sepperate Ways and their Farewells, But many have Decided to go to Teslon and Finish this Problem once and For all.

( You can Choose who all you want to go Here, Wether that be all of your Earth OCs / Characters or Even none, If you wish to Focus on New OCs. )


The VORBIS Team are the Only Amoung the World at the Moment who kept their Old World Memories. They have not shared this with Anyone Outside of their Group, and

Use this knowledge to Serve further Bonds between Each other. The VORBIS Group has allied with the Heroes to Begin the Gathering of Various Smaller Rebel Groups

to Organize a Full " VORBIS " Military. This has become the Primary force that is fighting the Heirarchy.


1 Week Prior to the First Chapter of this New Era, Imperator Shi will have been Moving large Amounts of Forces to the East, Towards the Fault Line and the Dark

Territories. Noticed by the now Large VORBIS Militant Group, Isa will have had Scouts intercepting Info and Watching the Scene Progress. They'll soon Notice that

The Entire force moving East is excavating for a Specific Item, an Item Known as " The Amaranth. " What it is, Its function, Or even what It looks like is

A Mystery to the Heroes and VORBIS, But Isa Expects that Judging off the Movements of the Heirarchy and the Massive amount of their Limited Resources being

Dedicated to Locating this Item, it must Serve Immense Value. Isa's Preliminary Ideas suggest this " Amaranth " could be used as a Weapon to Power a New Superweapon,

Or even Worse, Used as an Item of Revival. Whatever it's Use is, Isa intends to Locate it first, before the Heirarchy Does, Setting the Stage of the new Map:

A Race to find this Amaranth has Begun. What is this Mysterious Item? What is its Function? What is So important about it the Entire Heirarchy is Razing Entire

Jungles to Find it? VORBIS Intends to Find out- And Secure the Item BEFORE The Heirarchy.