Redesigned TOX (reFURbed)
Current Appearance of TOX
Unknown, but dead
Purple fur with dark blue eyelids, four skeletal arms, one working eyes and one blind eye, long ears, spiked tail and spinal and parts of the rib cage area lack fur, guts, or organs, and has Acid leaking from his mouth
2 brown sashes
Neutral (but hates what represents a "Hero")
Ability type
Poison/ Toxic


TOX is a Four armed, long eared, purple furred creature with a tail bearing a TOXIC SPIKE at the end. However, his body has gone into decay over the years losing his Internal organs and muscle. All of his arms are bare bones as well as part of his tail and what is either a literal Rip of fur from his chest downward or just rotted/ melted away revealing a rib cage and spine. He Lacks organic eyes but has one Glowing Violet Eye and the other still glows, but it's blind. He also has dark blue ish eyelids pointed teeth and Acid leaking from the mouth.


Tox is a Strick, Ill witted, and Overall Grouchy. His views are not easily shifted and can be Easily locked on one side without seeing the other side. Though he does have a softer's just nobody but a select few have actually seen it, let alone gained his trust. Tox is also VERY STUBBORN in his goals and actions as well, like his view, not easy to be swayed...unless linked to his opinion......which leaves him easy to take advantage of.


Not much is known about TOX when he was alive, But he has gotten to know/ gotten used to/ somehow wind up with a band of misfits composing of A Flying Skuloid named Skalb (or Skull for those of a simple mind), A Human Sorceress name Tricksi, and a TALL Semi Stitched semi Dead creature Referred to as Rikias. These rag tag group of species work together (mostly) and traveled away from 'Ell Noxate and went off to try and find a better place. However Tricksi's powers were still a work in progress and when practicing She, Tox and the others were sucked up and brought to a strange "new" world full of different species and creatures, Of course, their first instinct was to Hide Assuming they don't like the Undead and Tricksi not wanting to leave Skalb and Rikias with TOX. Over their time there TOX has gotten some...very strong opinions about a GROUP of people, most of which are Constantly in a Mob formation, And often Fight before "even thinking". Tricksi Highly disagreed with TOX's view, even proving it Herself that some of them were friendly. But The Stubborn Roted didn't listen.....until He found exceptions.

Error Betrayal: TOX Often gets his news from elsewhere, one of which was from an unknown source with a disoriented voice. But He Soon regretted it once he saw who it was, And was almost forced to not tell anyone....that was until Skalb found out and then the Creature TOOK TOX by Force, and Glitched creatures. Taking him where ever IT went, the Creature's current Location is still UNKNOWN till this day.


Tox is skilled with the 4 arms he has. He can use blades and flintlocks or both at once and is able to deal out damage, not strong damage but not weak either. He can also Spit Acid (a bit obvious due to his appearance but it's unknown if he had this ability when he was alive), and Climb and crawl on almost every surface (Tail can prove to be a good anchor).


Though TOX is technically undead he can be killed by Simply crushing his skull or rib cage. A blast with enough power can also off this Roted.

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