Cephillic "Yes, that's Bill, but as a massive Dragon."
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Stormfire Rupture
FFBE - Rain - Full body render
Warrior of Flames
Mist Being
Short-to-medium-length blond hair, athletic build, blue eyes.
Black shirt, green vest, red cape/jacket, golden gauntlet on left arm, white pants, black boots.
6 foot 1 inch
184 lbs
Damien Rupture (adoptive father, deceased?)
Neutral Good
Swordsmanship, mech piloting, a little bit of mechanical repairing.
Ability type
Fire, can access Ice, Earth, Lightning, and Wind from Gauntlet.
Mist Phoenix (Hard to control, but powerful.)

"Ya see me, Dad?! I swear, I'll make th' Rupture line proud!!"
—Stormfire Rupture

A hot-headed warrior, Stormfire Rupture fights to make sure others don't have to. Always carries around his greatsword, Scaler.


Storm shares much of his appearance with Rain from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, his appearance is described here.


Storm is a very friendly individual, if a little hot-headed and passionate. He seems to follow the so-called 'Rupture Way' almost religiously, attempting to save as many lives as he can. Storm also has a habit of defiance against impossible odds. He'll keep fighting until the end, unless that path will take more innocent lives.

Storm has some self-doubt about what it means to be a Hero, though he promises himself to keep pushing on. Some sore spots that he doesn't like to have mentioned are the cases of his father, a man named Sterling Errol, and Baile Ore's entire case.


About 21/22 years ago, in a world distant from the AiM-verse, an avian being cloaked in flames devastated the world around him. Warriors lucky enough to try and fight the firebird and survive reported that a strange foglike substance seemed to swirl around the bird as they fought, powering up the avian. Over time, this bird came to be known as the Mist Phoenix, both due to the foglike substance and his resemblance to the mythical firebird.

After months of no results, a man named Damien Rupture caught wind of this Mist Phoenix, and decided to fight it himself to see if it really was as powerful as the people claimed. After a grueling battle that lasted hours, though it seemed like days, Damien finally emerged victorious. As he was getting ready to leave, however, he found a small child in the epicenter of the battle, Mist exiting the lad. Figuring that the now-human Mist Phoenix has a sense of rational thought now, Damien adopted the kid, promising to make the child a 'true Rupture'.

Over the years, the now-named Stormfire Rupture (an idea by Damien, as it 'sounded way too cool') was taught how to be a hero, as well as how to do various other cool things, like play a guitar and pilot a mech. It was also due to Damien's teachings that the young Stormfire became a swordsman and a hero-wannabe.

When Storm was 19, he left Damien, promising his adoptive father that he'd come back when he was a true hero. Before entering the city where his journey would start, however, his soul was merged with that of a young man named Orange Fields. This not only caused Storm to become amnesiac, it changed his personality drastically, making him more reserved and shy.

During the years when he was 'Storange', Storm met the God of Order, who bestowed him with the power to call upon many other heroes. Storm used his power to, eventually, defeat a Chaos Dragon named Corr. As he was leaving, he noticed a doorway, which, upon entering, deposited the warrior in a new world.

Storm met two other heroes, the cloaked 13 and the rather strange Uni-Verse, and teamed up with them to battle the evil overlord of the world. The trio fought a long battle, including multiple duels with a Sterling Errol and each of their final fights, including another Corr. In their final fight, the Gods of Order, Darkness, and Light told Storm's team to go ahead as they fought Sterling's team. From a window, Storm's teammates watched as the Gods brutally killed their rivals, before turning to Sterling.

In the final fight, it was revealed that the overlord was Damien Rupture, though Storm couldn't remember his adoptive father all that well. After an intense battle that shook the world, Storm's team emerged victorious, Damien nowhere to be found. It was assumed he died in the aftermath. Soon after, the three heroes were sent back to their homeworlds, but interference caused them to get mixed up. The resulting crash brought Storm's time as 'Storange' to an end.

In this new world Storm found himself in, he almost immediately joined the same organization one of his teammates, 13, was a member of. Taking on the alias '14', he traveled with a senior member to find 13, not knowing that the cloaked member was on a different world entirely.

In the middle of their search, another strange door was found. A strange power seemed to grip Storm's mind, as he left the organization to go through the door. While marching through a desert, Storm was set upon by three of the heroes, a dagger-wielder, a bow-user, and a scythe-user he had once used the power of as 'Storange'. This time, however, the warrior lost the battle, the power seeming to lose its grip. It was the scythe-user, Grey Fields, who explained the whole situation to him:

In Grey's world, becoming a God is as simple as defeating the current one in combat. The Gods of Order, Light, and Darkness are all under the control of the Mist Artisan, another being of the same species as Storm, though he didn't know it. The reason that the Artisan had been testing Storm was simply to get a few threats to his power out of the way. Grey also revealed that he, the dagger-wielder Aaron, and the bow-user Terry were the first three victims of the Artisan, dating over 600 years back, and that Grey is the current God of Chaos, with Corr being the previous one, who was alive and well. With the new knowledge, Storm decided to help Grey free the other Gods from the Artisan's control, becoming a commander of Grey's Chaos Army.

During their battles, Grey caught wind of an individual who could hold off the Artisan, sending Aaron to confront him. This event introduced the Chaos Army to the AiM-verse, though Storm's stint as '14' introduced him earlier. The individual, a robot named Pawn Ruby, helped out during a battle, but couldn't anymore due to troubles in Baile Ore.

After pushing the Gods back to their main base, the Temple of Order, Grey launched a final assault. The Commanders, plus Grey himself, pushed through the Gods' forces, entering the Temple. Inside, they split up, Aaron heading for the God of Light, Terry for Darkness, and Grey for Order. Storm was to stand guard and regroup with Aaron and Terry when they returned.Unfortunately, a masked champion decided to duel with Storm, easily besting and killing the warrior...

At least, that would be the case if he weren't the Mist Phoenix. A voice called out to Storm, asking if he wanted power. Storm replied affirmatively, and the voice awakened Storm to his heritage. As Aaron and Terry, victorious in their battles, returned, Storm revived, remembering everything in his life, including when he was the Mist Phoenix. The trio, two holding the freed Gods, advanced to Grey, finding that he, too, emerged victorious against the God of Order. With no sign of the Artisan, everything seemed fine...

A door in the innermost chamber of the Order part of the Temple opened. With a nod to the others, Storm, alongside his friends and the newly-awoken Gods, advanced. Instead of regular soldier, the team found strange amalgamations of animals in a lablike setting. Fighting through them, they made their way to a large room, a strange reactor in the center.

It was here that the Artisan revealed himself. He fought the team, doing surprisingly well for a seven-on-one battle. Once he had taken enough damage, he pressed a button near the reactor, employing all the energy to turn into Mist to empower him. The resulting product was a disgusting amalgamation of a lion, a wolf, a dove, and a dragon. He could only be called a Mist Chimera.

The Chimera, filled with power, named himself the God of Alignment, daring the team to challenge his sheer power. With a nod, Storm, Orange, Grey, and Corr complied, as the other four stayed behind to combat the enemies surrounding the Chimera. It was a long battle, the Chimera making good his name of 'God', forcing the team to use every power at their disposal, but in the end, they brought down the Mist Chimera. As he disappeared, he was astonished at the team's power.

At last, it was over. Grey and Orange Fields were finally able to reunite, the Artisan was gone, and all seemed good. Seeing as much of the world was brought into ruin due to the Artisan, there was lots of paperwork and rebuilding to do. Storm took the time to explain, that due to his being a Mist Being, as was the Artisan, people might not take to him kindly. He decided to vacation at that 'cool city where they found that robot guy' until Grey is able to build trust in Mist Beings. Thus, Storm entered the AiM-verse...

In the middle of Reckoning Day.


Storm can call upon his Mist Being heritage to enter his Mist Phoenix form, the same form Damien Rupture had fought years ago. Though hard to control, Storm is devastating in this form, due to the heat he produces and his damage resistance.


Storm has the ability to nullify fire damage, a useful skill when enemies don't expect it. His greatsword, Scaler, can absorb the energies of Order, Light, Darkness, and Chaos, allowing it to discharge those energies at will. Currently, it has Order and Light.

Storm's Gauntlet, the Gauntlet of Elemental Fury, can switch between five different elements, Fire, Wind, Ice, Earth, and Electricity. Storm can separate the five gauntlets, or turn the Gauntlet into a sword, the Blade of Elemental Fury, or just Fury. Fury can let loose elemental spellblade attacks, as well as send waves of elemental energy.


As of June 7, 2018, Stormfire Rupture has displayed swordsmanship, skill at playing the guitar, piloting a mech, and he knows how to dual-wield weapons effectively.


Despite his battle tactics, Storm isn't smart outside of battle. This can be shown by him pressing buttons he probably shouldn't, and misunderstanding a few concepts. He's also naive and idealistic, due to his vehement belief in the 'Rupture Way'.

Storm also has a bout of self-doubt on what a 'hero' really is. This started after Ceelis' death, and was furthered a little by the so-called 'Observer'. Though he seems to push past it with his signature grin, the doubt still exists, though he hides it.

Another of Storm's oversights is his willingness to protect everyone. If someone gets too hurt on the battlefield, Storm will make sure that they're safe. He can also go into a berzerker's rage if pushed too far, devastating when aimed at the opponent, but viciously draining on his energy.