Redesigned Sneetie (reFURbed)
Adventure Attire
Unknown (Guessed around 25-30)
Pink Furred, yellow eyes, white claws, pink tail, grey horns, fleshy yellow snout and exoskeletal arms and legs
light brown hat with one side ripped up and a violet ish band, and a brown bag
No knowledge of any Genetic Relatives
Blade combat, hand to hand combat, long range elements
Ability type
Fire (Blitz), "Life" (Leafthorn), Corrupted, Ice (Freezeshard), Water (Aquafinn)


Sneetie is a Pink furred Souterm with Yellow eyes, Horns, long furred tail, claws and "bone exposed" limbs and joints. She often Wears a hat with one side of it roughly ripped, and a shoulder bag full of Daggers and knifes. Her nozzle snout bears 6 teeth and her eyes have a bit of violet "makeup".


Sneetie is often serious and very per cautious of what goes on ever since events happened when she was little. She Guards anyone she considers "Family" or a "friend" with the best of her ability. However that doesn't mean She's stern 100%, She cares deeply of those she knows really well and is willing to do anything to protect them from trouble. However She often doesn't TRUST other people due to her seeing actions speak louder than words, Thus making her "Over protective" in terms as apposed to "understanding". But Her trust can be gained if she knows the being/beast/creature doesn't mean any harm, or rather actually has a reason to be trusted.


Sneetie was Born in a Village in Myslwick woods. There She lived a happy first few years, making friends, exploring parts of the forest, training under an instructor. But that was almost short lived, A wave of Corrupts Raided and RAVAGED the Village, killing almost anything they can find. Sneetie Was one of the few who should up to the beasts, But Her powers were still uncontrollable at the time, having the Corrupts Completely over power her. When She woke up, There as almost little to nothing except rubble, mangled corpses, and what's left of some weapons and environmental damage. Having lost her Friends and Family, She set out to find survivors but as she went she noticed a few other places were Torn up as badly as her Village. Almost knowing there may not be anything to salvage she headed out to the other locations.

Myswick Misfits

Along her way She found some survivors, 2 Little Ireling Twins (Clawring and Snaptrap), Both injured badly. She Picked the 2 up and carried them looking around for any help or more survivors. However it was a while till she found another person so she started trying to treat to Twins Herself, only thing is she didn't know how. Soon She met a  small long Necked verslit (Volkmar), Looking around for people like She was, When She went Carrying the injured Irelings and asked for help, The Verslit surprisingly knew Exactly what to do, Taking Vines and leafs for bandages and looking around for certain things to use for treatment, With Sneetie Assisting. When the twins recovered Sneetie and Volkmar tried to figure out if there was anymore survivors, But until then They would need to look out of each other....sorta like a family, So Sneetie carried the 2 Irelings and Followed along with Volkmar, in search of any survivors. Eventually they did Find one more Survivor, His Village was completely Decimated it seems and He was wondering around the rubble trying to find someone that was missing (Jolt). The 2 took up the Orphaned Verslit and went for a Place to take refuge, A simple tree house. When Sneetie and Volkmar tried to Explain what "might have happened" He didn't fully believe them, though he said he doesn't know himself who his parents were. So the 5 Orphans decided to live together, as a Family of Orphans looking out for one another.....since at that point they didn't have anything left. As they grew up, They started to Explore again, The Yellow Orphaned Verslit taking lead due to his sense of Curiosity, Since then Sneetie has been protective of the Twins and the 2 Verslits, always tagging along to make sure nothing happens to them. When Jolt and Volkmar found a Old book with stories of outlandish creatures, She semi supported exploring that, However she still feared something might happen to them. Once Jolt left to "explore the Universe", Sneetie was left with Volkmar and the Ireling twins. Volkmar Actually noticed that Sneetie was worried and said that they could go after Jolt as a group. And so they did for years.

Meet up

After a few Years the 4 Finally met up with Jolt on a Earth and the group was together once again, As they stayed in the forest, more Misfits joined them, all technical outcasts of the social and physical norms there. Everyone was pretty happy except for Sneetie, who took notice to a group known as the "Heroes", Of which to her translation was a Mob of people that started trouble and fights (that or a Magnet for trouble). When, Jolt wanted to try to help out, Sneetie was Completely Against it, and to her Defense for good reason. But Jolt didn't listen to her and always went of with the group, Always coming back until one day he didn't. At the time some of the other Misfits at the time Were as skeptical as Sneetie and started to Worry about Jolt as well. After being weeks since Jolt disappeared, The Misfits started to look for Him, Sneetie went on her Own. . . . And Mixsiky (A Mixate) That the Group met while on earth) followed her anyways. Neither of them had any luck in finding Jolt, and Sneetie refused to return until she can Find Jolt. This Started to Concern Mixsiky and she tried to reassure Her that He's OK but Sneetie tended to not believe her, often times getting frustrated. Mixsiky then suggested going after Jolt themselves instead of searching the Entire forest, But Sneetie wouldn't have anything to do with that...So Mixsiky left Sneetie alone so she can look for Jolt her way, and She looks her own way. Later Sneetie ended up bumping into Tickery, Who offered to help but She refused the first few times before giving up and letting Tickery help her out, even though by then she Didn't Trust him.

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As a Souterm, Sneetie Can change fur color to different elements almost at will (EX: Blue for water, Green for Grass/life, Dark purple for Dark). Her Emotions also Heavily Impact this causing her to stay in the form longer (Though sometimes that can be a bad thing). Elements that are known So far for her forms are Ice, Water, Fire, Life, and Dark (Aka Corrupted). This Also changes her Abilities in long range (mostly obvious) from Fireballs to Controlling Vine to using Bubbles to trap few foes.

Aquafinn Sneetie

Aquafinn Sneetie (Water)

Courrupted Sneetie

Corrupted Sneetie (Dark......ish)

Freezeshard Sneetie

FreezeBlade Sneetie (Ice)

Redesigned Blitz Sneetie

Blitz Sneetie (Fire)

Redesigned Leafthorn Sneetie

LeafThorn Sneetie (Life/ Posion)


She is VERY Skilled with knifes and Daggers and can do a little hand to hand combat. She is also skilled in certain environments, adapting to them and figuring out what she can use to her advantage. She also has Knowledge of how to deal with certain creatures from a certain book. She can Track and hunt certain creatures down as well, She Has Keen Focus and nothing much can shake her too badly off a trail.


Though Sneetie is Hard headed, She can be DRIVEN to the point of madness, Fear or Insanity of losing those she care about can EASILY Bring the Huntress down. Physically is easy too just by Type match up correlating to her element (Fire weak against Water, Life and Ice weak against Fire, etc.), Though there is not element weakness for her normal form, but that doesn't mean she can't be impaled or ripped apart like any other mortal species

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