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Sky the Hedgehog is a character in the AiM series. This character is roleplayed by owen313 (Not to be confused with OwenHK47).


Sky the hedgehog is a blue hedgehog with yellow eyes and gray stripes on his quills, simular to how there's red stripes on Shadow's quills. Just like every other hedgehog in the Sonic series, Sky has a tan colored muzzle. He also wears a gray suit, which gives him a great amount of protection, a pair of gray shoes, and a gray cape. Sky has a Russian accent.


Sky has the ability to use magic. The types of magic elements that he can cast are Fire, Energy, Rock, and even Psychokinesis. He is also a master at using physical fighting techniques that an average man can't perform, such as light speed punch. He also has the ability to use his super transformation.

Sky is also known for reviving after he gets killed. He, however, prefers not to answer why he constantly revives,

In Chapters

Sky was a top professional dueler at a city on Earth. He was hired by a group of heroes to hunt down the Celestials that were infecting the city. The heroes quickly realized that the city's surface was collapsing. He started witnessing the many people screaming in agony in the city. Just when the heroes thought that they will also die, a ship approached the heroes and saved them including Sky. As of today, Sky still has nightmares about witnessing that horrible event.

Sky was one of the many heroes that created what could possibly be a giant Kamehameha to destroy Silver Sonic and his 2 clones of himself.

Sky was also one if the many heroes to help destroy Dr. Eggman's Egg Drill.

During the saga finale, Morrowgoth grabbed Sky's head and turned his head 180 degrees around, "killing" him but due to Sky's mysterious ability to revive after dying once, he revived. Later on in the saga finale, when Morrowgoth went ultimate, some of the Heroes did revenge attacks and one of them being Sky doing a revenge blast on Morrowgoth. Sky also helped out during the beam struggle against Morrowgoth. Morrowgoth died after his lost on the beam struggle.

Sky is also a member of the Turtle-Chog All-Stars, a team created to participate in the Omniversal Tournament. They however lost the tournament unfortunately.

Sky became the announcer for a duel between Volt the Wolf and Mega Man. They were battling near the Mayo Mer inn in southern Oakenstock. A mysterious masked man name "Grey" came up to them and told them to battle somewhere else, which was near the small entrance to Therix. Mega Man knocked out Volt and was about to defeat him, until grey told Mega Man to murder Volt in order to win the duel. Instead, Mega Man helped Volt get up. Sky told Grey "Your mind says that violence is the answer! You shall regret this!". Sky then healed Volt and transformed into his hyper form. Grey, however, ran away like a coward. Sky then turned back to normal and realized that Mega Man disappeared. "Where's Mega Man?" says Sky. "I don't know." replies Volt. Volt told him goodbye and Sky walked back to Oakenstock.

Note: Most of these facts were added in into this section because JulianRobotnik mentioned Sky in these chapters.


Speedy the Hedgehog

Sky the Hedgehog asked Speedy the Hedgehog if he could join his OT team. Speedy accepted his request and now Sky is part of the OT team, "Turtle-Chog All Stars".

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

All of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Donnie, Mikey, and Ralphael) were members of the Turtle-Chog All-Stars.

Gonic the Hedgehog

As Gonic is one of the many Members of the Turtle-Chog All-Stars, Gonic told Sky if he could battle him during training. Sky accepted the request and they started battling.

Sky VS. Gonic

The battle started in Redwood Town in an arena simular to the Cell Games Arena from Dragon Ball Z. The Battle started and Sky first threw a disk of light at Gonic, but Gonic simply dodged and did a roundhouse kick at Sky. After being hit, Sky landed in the bushes. As Gonic thought that he won the training, Sky teleported behind Gonic and kicked him in the back, launching him far but then teleported back to the arena. Sky attempted to punch Gonic in the stomach, but it failed and Gonic grabbed Sky and threw him upwards. Sky landed onto the arena and then goes into his Hyper form and while Gonic goes into his Super form, Sky punches Gonic at light speed, but Gonic immediatley dodge and is finally in his super form. Sky says "Hyper is better than Super!". After hearing him, Gonic attempted to do a final blow on Sky by doing a Kamehameha. Gonic did do the Kamehameha but Sky immediately reflected the kamehameha and it goes straight back to Gonic and Gonic gets launched into the bushes. Sky then says "Surrender?". Then, Sky tells Speedy that he won. But after saying that, he heard a simular voice from the bushes, which was "I'M NOT DONE YET!" and Gonic goes at light speed and punches Sky and Sky gets launched into a building. Sky then teleports back to Gonic and then surrenders. Gonic had thus, won the battle.

Dash Flash

Dash Flash was one of the many members of the Turtle-Chog All Stars.

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