"First week as a hero, I was taught a lesson By Artic. A good hero knows there's only one thing they can rely on when the chips are down. Not their cutting-edge intel. Not their state-of-the-art-equipment. Not their top-of-the-line-weapon. Just themselves. Took me a long time to remember that."
A mythical Mobian who possibly came from the future.
Kitsune (Fox) Mobian
Black, dark blue and light blue fur, with stripy trousers and jewellery from her mother to remember her.
Casual clothes.
Viola (Mom) -Dead

Azure (Dad) -Dead

Joseph (Older Brother) -Dead
Martial Arts.

Ki User.

Aura manipulator.

Self defence.
Ability type
All-rounder fighter. Ki and Aura user.
None yet.


A Mobian unlike any other who has Aura, and even Ki to some extent.

Sapphire is a 13 year old girl who'd be more than happy to be friends with just about anyone she'll meet. She believes in herself that she can be just as heroic as any other hero can.

This character is roleplayed by KorrentheReaper. A 5 year notable non-admin roleplayer on AiM.

As of right now no one knows the true power that Sapphire holds. Another reason why she's classed as a mythical Mobian. Not even Sapphire herself knows her full power. When she unlocks it the power relies on her actions crucially, so one small mistake can make everything take a wrong turn for the Kitsune girl.

Appearance Edit

Sapphire is a Kitsune (Fox) Mobian with dark blue hair. She wears a white top along with Light blue, white and dark blue stripe trousers. The jewellery she's wearing actually belongs to her mothers. She took and wear it as something to remember her by. Deep blue eyes like her father and older brother, and her tail is mostly black, which stops to dark blue, then stops with the rest of her tail at light blue. Her ears also have this pattern.

She looks quite physically fit for someone her age, after all the training she put herself into since her 8th birthday. She may not look all that scary and threatening, but she uses that as a advantage as well. She seems to have been around for centuries though.

Personality Edit

Sapphire is one of if not the nicest person you could find. Whenever she sees someone down she'll do within her abilities to make that person happy regardless whether it'll be a hero or villain. She's a girl with a heart of gold. She'd even make friends with the wildlife. She admires the strong heroes because they give her a glimpse of what she could withhold if she tries hard enough. She especially looks up to Saiyans such as Ceelis, Darkness and whatnot, Note, Darasa, Drum and most of all her mentor, Artic.

She's a huge lover of adventuring high and low and obviously kind-hearted. But even the most kindly people have their downsides. Whenever someone tells Sapphire she can't do much because she's just a Mobian and not like a PROPER hero like Saiyans are, it sends her over the edge. She won't stand being called weak because of what she went through as a child, considering she had to survive on eating any type of berries until she hit 8. Thus rendering her being poisoned time after time, but never once backed down. She's already a expert survivor after all the emotions she went through, all the pain she lived with whilst surviving, and all the hostiles that chased after her. Until she finally got sick of it all and began to fight back on instinct.

She ain't just a Mobian. As a matter of fact she's classed as mythical, considering she can wield aura AND Ki. She was born with aura which her family was famous for. Her great great grandmother had it in order to win a 12 year war for the sake of all Mobians let alone her family. This however was the reason why Sapphire's family was hunted and killed by Viz, because they produced aura. Viz would've killed Sapphire as well but considering how much younger she was he told her to run, before she ends up just like they did. She learnt Ki at the age of 8 by a Saiyan called Artic, who saw how much she was struggling and how weak she was. He let her stay at his for a few years and taught her how to use Ki to help her survive, as well as help others that can't defend themselves. At the age of 11 Sapphire told him that she was leaving and said she'll visit him again when she has the chance.

As of today Sapphire always watches and admires Saiyans whenever they're being themselves, sparring with others, or saving the world. Even Darkness for this matter. She became friends with Ceelis, Darkness, and Ran by helping Ran who was reviving Darkness. After she revived him Sapphire helped her out by healing him to full strength. Ceelis was thankful towards the two and hoped that they could spend time together. These three people were Sapphires first ever friends after Artic, and she swore on her families behalf to do her best within her abilities to protect them.

When it comes to Heroism Sapphire takes it quite seriously. When it comes to being a hero it's not about winning or losing a fight, but whether or not she's doing the right thing. That's why she stands for truth, justice, and freedom. That's why she doesn't wear a mask. THAT's why she calls herself a hero. Even when it comes to villains like Dr Eggman or Dr Wily, she'd try her best to reason them. When it comes to killing it's a no to Sapphire, just even thinking about it makes her want to puke. She'd think she'll be a burden and hated by everyone if she ever does kill let alone breaking her promise to her deceased family.

History Edit

Sapphire was enjoying life to it's uttermost moments at her childhood when her family was still around, until at the age of 3, Viz came by and took it all away from her. Yes he let her live but he expected her to die from a wild animal if not starvation, boy was he wrong. If Sapphire ever meets Viz again she'll be ready for him. This proved a difficult childhood for the young Kitsune since she had no one to talk to or teach her. She wasn't that smart until she met Artic, all those years he let her stay in helped her grow up, she read books everyday as well as training so that she could learn and become smarter. Even today Sapphire may not know THAT much but she improves everyday.

She ran as hard as she could no matter how much her legs told her to stop. Even if they made weird clicking noises and cause her to fell every few minutes or so she still kept running for her life. She cried and had nightmares which repeated the event each and every day. She doesn't dream of those as much nowadays but when she does she wakes up screaming and is completely covered in cold sweat. She begins to talk to herself as if she had a vision of her family within her reach, only to get pulled back by the deep dark depths of despair. Her nightmares eventually got worse, it always ends up with Viz killing all her friends, then her.

After her battle with Salesman, Sapphire became giddy about heading to Advent Island. She heard word from Artic as well which made her even more excited, knowing that her mentor is alive. She's hoping that he too would be heading to Advent Island so that she can resume her training with Ki and learn new moves/abilities, along with improving her defence. She missed sparring with him, and she'll be more than happy to introduce him to the others, telling him that there's nothing to fear about them since they'll be sure to accept him as a friend, let alone a hero.

Sapphire could literally explode with the excitement inside her right now. She does love adventuring new places and Advent Island sounds like a place she could enjoy completely. She's really looking forward to visit there, seeing her energetic side has kicked in.

She went fishing with Darasa, Ceelis, and Darkness. Sapphire really enjoyed herself when hanging out with her friends. She wishes she could do it more often with them, because spending time with friends always puts a smile on her face.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities Edit

Her Aura is at the stage of manipulating so she can physically use it as if it was telekinesis and many other uses. The fact that Sapphire can't control Ki completely isn't surprising. But she improves everyday and her Ki may match that of a Saiyans. If it does she won't stop. She'll make sure that she continues to develop it so that she can protect her friends unlike she could've done with her family. She has quite the punching power to shock anyone but her biggest key piece is her speed. She can reach insane speeds of up to Mach 32 but it drains her IMMENSIVELY quick. She can only use this speed for 8 seconds so she uses this whenever someone important to her is about to get killed. Her average speed is around the speed of sound.

Sapphire is a all-rounder type fighter, she can go hand to hand combat no problem and she can use aura to summon a bow if she pleases. She can also shoot Ki balls out of her hands and she learned a move called "Dragon Crusher", which is the move Artic created, he was also kind enough to teach her the complex technique. Sapphire can even fuse her Aura and Ki together and uses them in various ways. All in all She prefers hand to hand more because it makes her blood rush with adrenaline. She knew this whenever she spars with Artic, he told her that it's normal for Saiyans because fighting always makes their blood boil with excitement. Slowly over time Sapphire's starting to develop said feelings and became determined with it.

Sapphire is able to skid across water. She can fly but she's not much of a flying type of person herself unless it is necessary. She's able to stand on any water's surface and ski on it. She already got the gist of things and does it to travel places and save others if they can't swim. She also does it because it's really fun and it's probably one of her favourite things to do. If only her family could see her now, after how much she has improved over the years.

Moves Edit

Telekinesis (She can even use this on the environment and throw massive boulders at the opponent if she wanted to).

Solar Flare (She temporarily blinds her opponents and anyone else nearby when using this technique. Sapphire uses this for team attacks, special moves, or for getaways when necessarily needed).

Aura Shape Shifter (She can change her aura into some things like a bow, a shield to deflect projectiles. a spear and many other things).

Dual Aura/Ki Blades (Sapphire creates one blade out of Aura and another out of Ki, She's basically a Black Goku Wolverine when using these. She's very skilled when wielding them).

Super Moves. Edit

Dragon Crusher (Picture Dragon Fist, but instead of launching one from your fist it's power stays inside said fist and the energy compacts itself. When fully charged, it explodes on contact when it hits it's target).

Light Grenade (Shoots a massive yellow like projectile which explodes on impact).

First Aider (Uses her aura to heal wounded allies, she can only heal a minor amount as of now but she's developing this continuously).

Stellar Uppercut (Sapphire charges a beam but instead of shooting it her hands engulf the energy. She then swings a devastating uppercut, sending her opponent either flying upwards, or blows them back meters away so that she get's a comfortable distance).

Weaknesses Edit

"Don't grab the ears!" - Although Sapphire doesn't have many weaknesses when they happen they take a HUGE toll on her. Her ears are very delicate and hate being grabbed on. When this happens Sapphire forgets everything and the very first thing she'll do is to get it to stop.

Sensitive hearing - This is a plus but more of a badness. She can hear quiet things better than usual but her hearing can not stand high pitched noises. Any that happen will hurt her ears and cause her confusion making the whole world go spinning around her, making her feel sick let alone walk in a straight line. This will effect her from as short as 30 seconds to 2 full hours.

Golden Heart - Sometimes when your always kind to everyone it can turn back on you. Thanks to Sapphire's kind-hearted side she'd NEVER kill. She's afraid of getting her hands dirty which is why she'd let them go. Because she'll hate herself for it, and her friends might turn against her if she did. When Sapphire does this she always leaves herself open so she could be knocked out in one good shot as if she was a normal civilian, if this does happen Sapphire has nothing but her friends to rely on, making sure she stays away from danger.

"Leave my friends alone!" - This is her biggest flaw. Sapphire is overprotective about her friends, whether they're stronger than her or not, because she doesn't want any more important people in her life to disappear from her. Whenever she sees her friends hurt she'll either get enraged and go in a tantrum, which may increase her strength a lot but she'll have barely any focus. Try to aid them when they're unable to fight back, leaving herself exposed and defenceless. Or pelts it at full speed and gets whoever's in danger out of harms way. Doing this will drain all her energy, rendering herself valuable and unable to do much. Sapphire uses her max speed as her Last Resort.

Trivia Edit

  1. Her colour scheme is black, dark blue, light blue and white. She always cherishes herself when having these colours since they remind her of her family.
  2. Sapphire is very mature for her age but when starting conversations she panics. So she usually lets others start the conversation for her, or jumps into one.
  3. Her hobbies are reading, hanging out or sparring with friends, and water skiing.
  4. Whenever her friends are sparring one another her first instinct is to watch them, other times she'd ask if it's ok to join in. She always looks up to others and wants to be just like them.
  5. Sapphire is afraid of thunder and lightning (Astraphobia). Whenever it happens she screams and loses focus of her surroundings, causing her to shake and hold herself in fear.