" Please, the name 'Saiyan Apparition' doesn't suit me anymore, young Saiyan. Call me Magnar. "
—Magnar, the Saiyan Apparition
Magnar, more commonly known as The Saiyan Apparition, appeared Pre-Cocoa Island and has existed since as Togi's first Main Antagonist.
Magnar / The Saiyan Apparition
Saiyan Apparition (Apparition State)
"-=[ Yes, YES! This power is ABSOLUTELY incredible. So why don't I test it out.. on you? ]=-" ~Saiyan Apparition
Presumably Male
Spirit / Apparition
Full of Himself, Sadistic, Cocky | Serious and Firm, Knowledgeable, Somewhat Humble
Varies from a Cloud of Evil Energy to different Mimicked Saiyans
Chaotic Evil | Chaotic Neutral
Chaotic Hand to Hand Combat

Time-Space Manipulation

Ki Manipulation | Supreme Ki Mastery

Apparitional Abilities
Ability type
Close - Medium Range Melee
Medium Density

Saiyan Mimicry


Tier List

  • Apparition State : 7-C: Town Level
  • Mimicked Raven / Volt: 5-B: Planet Level
  • Medium Density : 5-B+: Planet Level+
  • Malice Oozaru : 5-A+: Large Planet Level+


Magnar appears commonly as a cloud of raw evil energy with two glowing red eyes around the area that a head would be. In combat, at least two arms but as many as ten arms can sprout from any part of the cloud. He can also completely mimic a Saiyan that he has struck with his blade of Ki. For example, he can completely mimic every visible aspect of Raven or Volt. When mimicking someone, he takes their shape with an added dark aura and darkened purple eyes and pupils. When Magnar transforms into a Malice Oozaru, he become a whopping 68 ft. tall Great Ape completely shrouded in darkness.


From his awakening, the Saiyan Apparition enjoyed killing innocent civilians to feast on their negative energy, which is what he requires to survive. He also took sight on the Saiyans when they were children. Over the course of 3 years, he tortured, stalked, and attacked them simply to survive. Eventually, Raven put him in his place when his torturing and annoying assaults awoke a slumbering power within' her - The Omen to a very special Saiyan transformation known as Smoldering Rebel, but more commonly known as Flame Form. It was afterword revealed that Volt made an unknown bet with the Apparition that sparked the confrontation with Raven, one that Volt proudly won.

From then on, the Apparition changed, becoming somewhat more humble, serious, and firm with himself and others. He also took Volt as his student. Whether it was out of pity or not, nobody knows. His immense combat knowledge has allowed him to defeat incredibly powerful foes that others stood no chance against, and has assisted him as a teacher. The Saiyan Apparition will always take the chance to prove himself as the superior fighter and demonstrate his ability to be one hell of a crowd pleaser.
"You're far too kind in battle. Since your enemies wont give you the same mercy that I will, it'd be best if you changed that."
—Magnar, the Saiyan Apparition


Nothing much was known about the Apparition's origins or why he existed until the awakening of God of Destruction, Beerus. Upon his arrival, the Apparition's memories of a life he once lost countless millennia ago began to flood back into his mind.
"I understand it all now. You were my replacement, Lord Beerus. You are the second God of Destruction of Universe 7, and I was the first.. before all the Eighteen turned against me. It's all coming back to me.. and I utterly despise it."
Even still, Magnar regains his memories as he fights, and his power grows along with it. Whether he will re-achieve the power of a destroyer is unclear.


Magnar's instincts have taught him how to properly fight in combat. Originally, he copied other Saiyan fighting styles until he finally developed his own Chaotic Fighting Style, which focuses on several cheap attacks and blade slashes. Once The Apparition lands a slice on the opponent, a microscopic but special amount of Ki is released into the target. From then on, the following things can occur, in which the scar will begin to glow as a symbol of this. Magnar can imbue the target with dark magic, allowing them to mix it into their regular attacks - physical, energy, emotional, magical, ect. (Example: Mimic Raven's Shadeice attacks.) Magnar can also see through the eyes of a target, experience their emotions, read their minds and gain knowledge, or even completely control their body at will. It is possible to break free of this control, unlike Towa's magic. Once a target is marked, they are constantly able to be tracked. Magnar also gains a copy of their physical form if they are of a species of Saiyan. For reasons unknown, Magnar holds the ability to control Space-Time, making him an immensely dangerous foe on its own.

Skills and Abilities

Reality Phase - Completely ignore physical attacks. Magnar's attack strength is lowered by 90%. This buff/debuff does not carry over to Mimic forms.

Time-Space Manipulation (Object) - Able to manipulate Space-Time to warp an object or person from the present, past, or future to any spot in the present.

Time-Space Manipulation (Blast) - Within' the Apparition's realm of power, warp in a blast attack from any point in history to attack the target(s).

Masterful Ki Manipulation - Able to effortlessly control Ki energy into blasts, beams, weapons, ect.

Crushing Blow - A solid punch to an opponents stomach, demolishing their focus and stamina.

Wall of Malice - A solid mass of manipulative raw anger and energy. Can be used to crush the enemy, causing fatal damage if the target is not strong enough to resist or break through.

Energy Blade Manipulation - Conjure a blade of Ki to attack. This blade can become nearly any kind of weapon within' Magnar's realm of power (Ex: Mimic Raven wielding a rapier). The blade can extend with added Ki or fire raw slices of Ki.

Proud Conclave - Nullify any energy attack or technique, regaining energy equivalent to the power of the blast.

Destroyer Verdict Mode - Should Magnar become enraged himself, his own anger will fuel him and transform him into a bulkier apparition which CAN be damaged by any attack. In return, his attack strength multiplies and Energy Blades become a raw weapon of torture, absorbing life essence with every slice.

Saiyan Mimicry - Magnar's signature transformation. Able to completely duplicate another Saiyan's body as long as a scar with special ki is etched or slashed onto another Saiyan. The expansion of moves to his roster depends on the Saiyan Mimicked.

Mimic Raven -

Shade-Ice Manipulation - Able to create ice imbued with negative energy. This near-doubles the attack strength of ice-based attacks, and rival Raven's to a certain degree. Attacks range from waves of impaling ice to lethal absolute-zero snowstorms.

Obsidice Impact - Magnar's ultimate Mimic Raven technique. By mixing Ice and the fire of Flame Form -Omen- together, Magnar creates an odd spherical combination of Obsidian and Shade-Ice. The impact of the attack is followed by a harsh punch at the apex of the sphere, causing it to erupt in a massive explosion.

Mimic Volt -

Purple Lightning Manipulation - Able to combine electricity with negative energy, producing an even more powerful and faster variation of lightning. Techniques created by this far surpass Volt's control over electricity, and range from instant strike of lightning bolts to blades of raw electricity floating around Magnar.

Supercore Overload - Magnar's ultimate Mimic Volt technique. Magnar errupts into a living embodiment of electricity, shocking the ground around him and the air above him. It's almost impossible to avoid lightning strikes in this state, and even harder to escape the barrage afterword once a target has done so.

Malice Oozaru - Magnar's most intimidating transformation. This Great Ape isn't as powerful as a regular Great Ape, but the transformation cannot be reversed by cutting the tail of the ape off. Several Chou Makohou styled attacks, the forms sheer massiveness, and the complementary of each other make this a terrifying visual to behold, let alone do battle with. Magnar's ultimate attack in this state consists of a massive mouth-sphere attack that he can detonate at any time should the target attempt to stop its decent to the ground.


"You May As Well Bow Down And Call Me Your God!" - Magnar has a tendency to speak a lot during battles. Most of his self gloating leaves him wide open for an assault.

Average Ki Pool - Magnar's maximum Ki energy is lacking in comparison to other Saiyans especially.

"Shall I make this a more interesting show?" - Magnar will occasionally sacrifice a victory in order to make a worthless opponent feel confident in a return battle, and will always end a battle in a blaze of glory.