Regional Officer Dez
Regional Officer Dez
Regional Officer Dez
Vest, Sunglasses, Helmet with goggles
Running the Cocoa Island GUN Outpost
Ability type

Regional Officer Dez was the man who runs the GUN Outpost at Cocoa Island during GUN's Cocoa Island occupation. He is presumed dead as the outpost was destroyed by the Eggman Empire's second attack on Cocoa Island.


Dez wears a simular outfit like the other GUN soldiers. This time, he wears a yellow vest with red markings, dark yellow shirt and jeans, iron combat boots, a Green helmet with goggles, and sunglasses.


Before Conversation

*The man explodes with an Earfull, not even looking but acting on instinct* "PRIVATE! YOU ARE OUT OF THE LINE!! WHERE IS YOUR UNIFORM?! GET IT ON THIS MINUTE OR SO HELP ME GOD, YOU WILL RUN ACROSS THE ENTIRE DAMN PLANET 300 TIMES UNTIL... Wait a minute! You're not one of my Private!! What the HELL are you doing on Military Property, kid!? You have exactly 3 seconds to answer before this boot goes so far up your rear, you'll be crapping dirt off the bottom of my shoe for WEEKS!"

Asking "I uh..."

"What's the matter?! Are you on the devil's lettuce or something?! I don't have TIME to sit here and listen to you stutter! Answer my questions or you're getting a knuckle sandwich, on the house!"

Asking "Scary Introduction. You are?"

*He double takes.* "Who am I?! WHO AM I?! I'm the guy who RUNS this outpost, and I'M the guy nozy little locals piss themselves in the night over! Now I'll say it again, you have 3 seconds to answer why you are here, Fruitcake!!!"

Asking "W-Woah there, pal! Easy! I just want to ask questions." (Brings you to a new set of questions)

"Alright, Ogre-breath! I'll answer your little questions, and make em' snappy, before I make YOU snappy!"

Asking "Why are you yelling so much?"

"Because we need SOLDIERS, onion head! We aren't running a social club here like these Mobians do! We're a military, and we have to harden these boys for combat. We make training hell so fighting Overlanders and Mobians isn't! Anymore stupid questions, Numbskull, or are we done here?!"

Asking "What's GUN's goal here?"

"Our 'Job' here is to bring some order to Isle-de-Gobbledgook here! If what I've heard from my Higher ups is true, it's over some sort of valuable power on the island! I don't give a crap about the Brass Beurocracy, I'm just here to protect my Country, my family, and my people, but most of all, to make sure these whiny welps go from Snivelling Privates to Class A Soldiers, ready to die for their country and their freedom!!"

Asking "Who's in charge of GUN?"

"You're gonna want to head to Alpha base, to the north of here, if you want to talk to my Higher ups! There's a pipe north of the base here, near one of our Satillite Towers! That's a Underwater Sewer System that leads to home base! And mind yourself if you go to the Alpha Base, kid- if you think I'm rough, don't even Bother talkin' to the Commander!"

Ending the conversation with "Alright, that's enough."

"Pftt! Yeah, I'd say thats enough, Mushmouth! Now you're done flappin' that massive jaw of yours, I can finally get back to whipping these privates into shape! PRIVATE HARTMAN! DON'TCH YOU THINK I DIDN'T HEAR YOU SLACKING WHILE TALKIN TO GUMDROP OVER THERE! YOU'RE ABOUT OT ENTER A WORLD OF SUCH REPUTATION EXTENSION IT'LL MAKE TRACK CLUB LOOK LIKE A LEISURELY WALK IN THE PARK!!" *His ear busting ranting goes on and you take you leave*

Ending the conversation with "Goodby-"

"That's what I thought, Onion-Head! Now get the hell our of my outpost!"