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Raven is the Youngest Saiyan Child in Balie-Ore (So Far), Standing at an Age of Nine.

Shes not the Normal Race of Saiyan, Shes a Half-Frost Saiyan, The other half being Human, But not Regular Human.

What makes her Different is that the Fact she has an Aura and an Semblance, An Aura is Linked with the Semblance, However only People who are Half, Or Fully Human from The Planet ''Remnant'' Carry the Special trait of Having this.

What is a Semblance: ''A Semblance is the manifestation of one's innate and personal power as an ability unique to each individual, with the effects varying greatly from user to user. The nature of one's Semblance is noted as representing an aspect of their character. However, a person's Semblance can be similar to the Semblances of their parents or other family members.''

Raven has Cats Ears instead of the General Saiyan Monkey Tail, This is because of Genetics. Saiyans do not get the Tail from Birth sometimes, It is a Chance, However her Mother had the Trait of being an Faunus, Which is a Animal like Human.

Raven is a Gentle Soul, And is Childish and Kind, However when she is Provoked, She becomes Not so Nice, Tending to Sometimes Break into Fits of Rage. Since Half-Breed Saiyan children have More of a High Temper. However, This has not been Shown yet.

However She is Quoted as the Weakest one Apon Most of the Saiyan children. Despite being able to put up a good fight with Drew.

Raven being a Faunus does come with A Good Trait however, Two infact Which i will explain later.

She has A Ton of Determination in Fighting, Having her own Pride to keep as a Fighting Spirit, She won't back down from a Challenge, Even if the Enemy has the Larger Power.


(These Attacks have not been Shown yet, But she does INDEED Have them.)

Angry Rush: Similar to the Meteor Crash in Xenoverse, However, Angry Rush is preformed more Rage like, Bashing their Enemy with a Fury of Punches and Kicks, Ending it off with a Powerful Kick in the Chest.

Double Punch Frenzy: Using the Fury's Crash On her Fists (Weapons Name.) She can Activate 4 Types of Elemental Dust Crystals, Fire,Wind,Electricity and Ice, Adding to the Force of the Punch. Raven leaps Towards the Enemy Punching them Around the Torso Area, Leaping up and Ending it with a Double Punch to Head or the Chest.

Dashing Barrage: Using her Semblance, Raven confuses her Enemy by Dashing around them Constantly, Punching as she goes around Until they become somewhat Dizzy, She then Leaps away from them, Charging back at them, Forcing herself into the Enemy, Taking them down with her.


Ki/Aura Attacks:

Masenko: Raven puts her Hands in a ''X'' Motion ontop of her Head, Shooting down a Yellow Blast. Raven Is training to Master this.

Aura Push: Using her Aura, Raven can Push Enemys Slightly backwards, It can Also be used to Protect Allys. At the cost of the Users Energy And Stamina.

Full Power Charge: A Effective Ki-Charging Technique.

Finish Buster: Raven pours all of her Ki and Aura into this One Powerful attack, Raven charges a Light blue Ball that slowly Gets bigger with each ounce of Ki added in. Once fully Charged, It is about 5 Times bigger than Raven, And 4-3 Times bigger than The rest of the Saiyan Teens. Once tossed, It falls in a Straight Line, Once it hits a Person, or an Object, It explodes into a Massive force of Ki. Sending the Enemy Flying off with Intense Damage done. This Move is VERY Unstable for a Child her Age, This move can Indeed Backfire, and Damage Raven. It's only used as a Last Resort.


New raven ssj by tails doll curse-db5rmop

Raven in her Super Saiyan Form


(This has been Changed, Raven now has ACCESS To SSJ, Thanks to Viola)

SSJ - Raven:

50 x Stat boost in Everything. Semblance and Aura are not Effected.

Mystic - Teen Raven :

Raven's Entire Potential has been Unlocked by the Elder Kai. Thanks to Nagashi, Semblance is not Effected, Aura is Risen From the Unlock.

SSJ2, SSJ3, And other Forms will either Not be Unlocked, Or will Depend on how much Raven will Develop.

Aifssj raven by tails doll curse-db5rmel


AIFSSJ: (New form.) AIFSSJ, Also known as ''Aura Infused Super Saiyan'' Is obtainable when Raven Multiplys her Aura onto her Super Saiyan Transfomation, Giving a Boost in Defence and Attack. Not a large leap, A Small boost.

Say a SSJ Raises by 50X , AIFSSJ ranges from 55X to 60X, However it drains a Little

quicker than the Kaioken, It really depends on how much Aura the user has.

But in Ravens case, It only lasts about.. 10 Minutes, Tops. After that, She can be

knocked out easily.


Green Mayhem: (OUT OF ACTION, NOT A FORM.)

Green Mayhem is a Parasite that can invade a Users body, And learn their Personality, Traits, and Other things, Can take a Day to process, Green Mayhem can be Passed on to others, By letting some of the User's Parasite into the Others body, Turning them into A Green Mayhem like State, This Parasite is Violent, And can lock entire Bodys up after being Effected. This does not Change or Boost anything.

You can Knock someone out of Green Mayhem by Simply Knocking them in the Head as the Parasite is Processing The user, Or you can Bring them to the Verge of Death, The Parasite will Escape when you are Close to death.

Raven does not have Access to this Anymore, It was Knocked out of her.


Now, You must be Wondering about Some things i have not Explained about Raven yet, Well let me Explain them now.

Raven, Being a Faunus, Is an Advantage, As it can Preform as another way to Locate someone, Or sense them.

Faunus can See Perfectly through the Night sky, Meaning Battles in the Dark won't be much Trouble for Raven.

Along with Very good Hearing, Meaning Raven can possibly Hear someone from A Farther distance than Normal. Using that to Locate them instead of Using Ki-Sensing.



Father: Velocity Strike

Mother: Kate Caustic

Half-Brothers: James Caustic, Tyler Caustic (Deceased)

Half Sisters: Ryou Caustic

Cousins: Summer Caustic, Autumn Caustic, Spring Caustic, Winter Caustic

Uncle: Flynt Caustic

Idols: Nagashi, Note, Beat, Volt

Friends: Most of the Saiyan Teens.



Raven's Pride and Determination keeps her trying to Fight, Even when Almost knocked to the Point of death, She doesn't Give up, Some people Expect a Young child to go down with One hit. Unless it's Children that were Trained.

Aura - Raven's Aura can protect her From some Deadly blows, But this can come at a Cost in Weaknesses.



Aura - If Raven is Damaged to a point, Red Signs of Electricity sparks around her Body, This symbolizes Her Aura is down, Meaning her Semblance is Disabled, And is more prone to Death from Blows. Meaning she'll have to Run, Or get someone to Cover for her.


- Raven can be Overpowered by People who are Stronger than her, example: Nagashi

Nagashi would Mop the floor with Raven, Because Nagashi is Naturally Stronger.

Distracted - Raven can be Easily Distracted, If you scream out something a Child normally Likes, Example: ice cream truck. Kids love Ice Cream, So Saying something like that, Will leave her COMPLETELY Open.

Dust - Raven has no Control over Dust yet, Meaning Backfires or Counters can happen.

- Raven can be Predicted, By her Fighting Style, Which is mainly based off Speed and Quick hits.

- Larger Enemys Can take more Damage than what Raven can Dish out, Meaning by the time Raven stops, She'll be Hit back into Something, Dealing massive Damage

- Low Defense: Raven has A Standard Defense for a 9 Year old, Only thing protecting her is the Aura she contains. Break that, And the Enemy is in the Clear.

- Pride: Raven's Pride can also be a Downfall, She can Loose Pride in herself if she Fails to do something that can Save, Or Benefit someone, Thinking she would be Weak.


Trigger Points:

(Just something i would like to Add here.)

Friends - If a Friend, Or someone she Idolizes, is Hurt, Raven would Launch into the Fight, Trying to protect her friend from even the possible chance of Death.

Weapon Breaks - This has happened before, This can lead to a Intense Fit of Anger, Seeing how long it takes to Make a Weapon like that, Not to mention weapons are like an Extension of ourselves. Well, In her Eyes.

Family members Being Hurt - Like Friends, She'll rush in and Help.


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