Raven Tomura (Kolra)
Raven Tomura
If ya think you can get rid of me THAT easily.. Think again.
19 ( After Manus Saga Timeskip )
Frost Saiyan ( Saiyan/Acrosian )
Punk-like, Determined, Strong Willed, Little Clumsy ( Some may say )
168.5 cm ( 5'52 )
68.4 kg ( 150.7 lbs )
Sarada ( Father ) ( Deceased )

Parslee ( Mother ) ( Deceased )

Okarrot (Sibling/Brother )
Lawful Good

Ice Magic

Ability type
Mid - Close range ( In Fights )
Flame Form -Sign-


You may notice on Raven she has a couple of scars, some of which are more visible than others. (Left eye and Shoulder are always visible) Raven used to wear a Pliot Suit for getting around the battlefield easier but as of now she wears a tank-top, long black pants (With a side-pouch), White boots and topping it off with a red bandana. She prefers to wear skin-tight or clothing that shouldn't hinder speed in a fight, and that it's just a personal preference. Her boots are weighted on the soles making them quite a powerful hitting source. Her belt-pouch may contain certain items such as money or food, hunting equipment or anything she can squeeze in there, Her clothing (as of post-Manus Saga) is a tribute to an older outfit which involved the same pouch but a purple bandana. Her scars were obtained over the years, such as the one under her eye being created by the Saiyan Apparation in an attempt to save Volt's life. She prefers to keep her hair untied as, mentioned by her childhood friend, Felix. Makes her look more beautiful, She may not look like the type to care about fashion, but she does want to look her best.


Raven used to be very quiet in her early days arriving on Earth, Quiet and would keep herself locked away from interactions even with Felix, She keeps a thief-like nature, taking stuff from peoples eyes while they aren't looking, in the end she doesn't mean harm from this it's just a way to poke fun at people. Nowadays shes a lot more vibrant while also being easily scared, rough (In a Punk-ish sort of manner), snappy. She also gains a bit of a Party-girl attitude, aside from that in fights she rarely backs down despite being far from most she looks up too, a strong, independent woman is what she sees herself as. Past experiences lead her to believe to try and fight for whats right, Putting others before herself to give them a chance for a better life.


Raven, back on the Frost Saiyans homeworld, Alchor, Raven was a lot more childish, negative and a brat as she stole multiple items from other Saiyans for herself. She was also looked down upon for being a little emotional when she couldn't get her way and would try to start fights, Eventually her acts got to the king, Krodege, and as a lesson he had ordered for her parents to be assassinated right infront of her, Raven was not only a brat, but a usual chew toy for even elites due to her a child and classified as weak, The assassination of her parents left a devastating mark on her emotional state of mind as she was only 7 at the time, Children do not take the death of parents lightly usually.

Her parents were the only people (Beside Okarrot) who she really cared about, This was a warning to her that if she didn't behave this would happen to her as well, She eventually ran and met an older Saiyan, Velocity whose whereabouts today aren't exactly known, He took her to the Pods and they both escaped (It's not known why Velocity left, as he had no real reason). Days later she ends up on Earth in a forest, smashed into a tree trunk. Velocity nowhere in sight, A young blonde boy, Felix had come along and took her in. Sparking a little special relationship between the two that may not be public... Yet.

''Raven Tomura'' isn't her real name, It was a nickname given to herself as to say Ravens are a sign of bad luck and she feels a heavy load of guilt, Her birth-name.. Is Kolra.


Over the years, Raven has gone through many mentors and has learned multiple things, It's stated that Dust, One of her many mentors has detected an abnormal amount of hidden power welling inside her, locked. She doesn't know about it herself but it may prove useful. Maximum Breaker was a technique created by herself, which would use her own ki to amplify her hits slightly, Her most interesting taught power, was the ability to create Ice from within, a technique passed down by a book and was given to her by Zero. Though she hasn't got a good grip on it unlike Zero or even Xero has.


Ice Magic - The ability to create ice even at your fingertips, This ability has become one of her most useful as it can be used in a variety, Defense or Offense, Raven is skilled enough to use it on the battlefield to give her more speed and constantly change her attacks in a fight.

Relative Fusion - A Technique created by her mentors, Zero and Xero, this is a technique that if you are a blood-related set, you can fuse into a being that has no time limit, but can be forced out of fusion, Raven fused with her Brother long ago to form Rarott

Combustion Blast - Raven's signature blast, This is a beam of heavily surpressed ki, making it super hot and able to char surfaces, The heat expands out to a 4.1 meter radius. She is able to fire it with one hand.

Epsilon Shot - This move acts like a bomb, set it down and the radius can be potentially huge, It's made of ki and you should beware.

Epsilon Dome - A purple barrier made of entirely her own Ki AND stamina, keeping it up for too long eventually can drain her completely, it is easily moved as Raven can push it outwards for attacks

Flame Form -Sign- - This is a Transfomation Raven is actually close to obtaining, Her beliefs that drive her to protect others and what she couldn't do before ends up unlocking this powerful transfomation, a 75X from base, this form is only obtainable by those who are considered Heroes of any kind


Hand-to-Hand / Close Range Combat - Something a lot of fighters know, Simple as it can be, her flexibility can prove useful in some situations.

Frozen Adapter - This is one of Ravens two fighting styles where she uses her ice magic to form weaponry to combat with, she can follow up in many ways such as having a blade snap in two and use one half to freeze the ground partly, A big drawback is she needs to keep wary of how much ice she uses or this style is useless

Just Leg It - After being trained by Note, Raven picked up a bit of how Note fights using her legs and created a new style that only involves using her legs and or feet for damaging blows, Not as experienced as her other style but she can use her weight to keep spinning, she may potentially be able to use her own Ki in this style. As of now shes training her legs to be able to use this style effectively.


''W-Wuah! D-Don't touch there, Jackass!'' - Ravens most sensitive part is her tail, even grazing it makes her stop in her tracks and completely open to attacks. Her tail also puffs up when touched by another

Emotional Trauma - As stated before, Raven is easily emotional sometimes and pushing her the wrong way can get her to break down, this is her most biggest weakness until she gets over it, Though you'd need to be specific on what you'd say to get her to break.

Stepping Over It - Raven may get a little too excited if shes in a fight and begins enjoying it, She can get caught up and potentially lose herself and get knocked out easily.

Over-Protective - Raven, only having her Brother around anymore is usually lonely and wants to be admired, shes very protective over a lot of people and throws herself before others, usually ending up in a scar or worse damage to herself. People turning against her also either ticks her off, or pushes her into a depressive state.