Redesigned Mixsiky
Current appearance
grey skinned head with pink checks that have tusk like spikes poking out, a round red nose, blue hair with pigtails one purple eye and one black eye with a glowing white iris, boney neck, teal tentical arm, claw arm, a boney leg, grey furred leg, blue dragon-like tail, Orange furred tail, grey feathered wing and a violet (what is assumed to be reptilian) wing.
Green dress with a lighter green for the rims and collar and bandages covering it, and blue pants
No know relatives at the moment
Neutral, good
Unintentional shape shift
Ability type
shape shift
Not likely if she can't Handle them


Current physical Appearance of Mixsiky bears one white pin pricked pupil and one purple eye (both with violent eye makeup), Blue hair sporting pigtails, a round red nose, horns on the cheek, Long bony neck, One claw arm, and one tentical arm, a Skeletal leg, a regular leg, two tails (one of a dragon, one orange furred), and two wings (one grey feathered, and one violet skinned with a spike). She wears blue pants of which one leg is torn up, a Green dress with lighter color of Green for the collar, lower sleeve and lower part of the dress, She also currently has bandages on each limb.


Mixsiky has a Outgoing and for the most part Positive personality Always curious of the things around here, picking up this trait from being around Jolt. She is also gentle to about anything that gives her wonder or is "friendly", Though like most Misfits she can't work up much nerves to socialize. She's not much of a fighter but will try and defend herself and others if there is a really dangerous situation. She cares a lot for those she knows and spends time with, often getting a bit carried away worrying if they are alright after not seeing them for long periods of time. She Can also go a bit loony, If her mind isn't right she is capable of going mad, But CAN be easily calmed down by a familiar face or one that shows no "Ill will" against her.


Not much is known of Mixsiky's past except rumors of a lab experiment due to her "corrupted" DNA.

When Mixsiky started traveling looking for a place where folks might except her for herself She easily noticed that NOBODY was like her at all. All Muscle men and women, Anthropomorphic Animals, Robots, and humanoids. Not at all like her or what she seen from her Home. despite this She did enjoy the wildlife on these worlds as each one seems to be different (Even if the Leafs were just plain Green). She Often tried to introduce herself or others would pass by when She was marveling over a flower, Both Times People Ignored her, Some were APPALLED By her "Horrendous" Appearance. She has Already picked up the appearance part up but She couldn't do anything about it herself, she was stuck like that, and honestly was happy with her look.

When She Finally came to a Earth At first it was like the other worlds, Until she found creatures like her, Maybe not as weird looking but things She could recognize easier. She soon met with a few Friendly folks and became a part-time "member" of the "Misfits". During her time She'd sometimes hear One of the misfits(Sneetie) Gripe about the "Heroes" which seemed to be a group of species she seen often but never understood, She also didn't understand the Title either so She tried to "Defend" the justice between titles, often losing her End before the others tried backing her up. She soon semi understood why That one member loathed the "Heroes" but still tried to reassure Her as well as 2 others of which has been with her Longer (Volkmar and Keywark). After their "Lead" went missing (Jolt) Mixsiky went to Help Sneetie look for Him. During this Period Mixsiky would often try to calm Sneetie down, trying to Reassure her that He was OK, sometimes succeeding. She often Checked back with Volkmar (who was left to watch over the youngest members) to see if there was anything, and say any progress She and Sneet had. Soon She theorized attempting to recall any past experiences with Jolt that perhaps he was in another world or location (Since at that point They search the whole forest). However Sneetie Disagreed with this, But Mixsiky was determined to test her "Theory". So She went off to Find Jolt, Later finding him with the Help of some Friendly Creatures. Later Jolt Disappeared again along with the friendly creatures, Leaving her and a few others stranded worried. However When She was looking around with A Slime friend of Jolt's (Emula) A odd rift appeared and brought them to another world of which the friendly creatures were there surprisingly enough.


Mixsiky Being a Mixate has a mutation that allows her to shape shift at Random, but over time she has learned to control this power despite not being able to holding up any form at all except for when she breaks down. Meaning she can Control any form on any of her limbs that can help her if she gets in a tight spot. She can also fly due to her wings and Shoot multi colored blasts/ Acid from her mouth. She Isn't that strong though, or at least she doesn't want to harm anything on purpose.

However There are points in time she looses this control and goes crazy (refereed to as a "Insanity form"), But as mentioned earlier it can easily be "defused".

The F R E A K (Shadowed)

Insanity Form


Emotion would Easily be a downfall for Mixsiky since  certain thoughts can Drive her to the point of Insanity. But that's also not to say a person can off her almost the same way as any other mortal if they can predict her random changes.

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