This article is about the planet known as Mars. You may be looking for the stardroid of the same name.

The red planet.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System. It was terraformed in the 21st century and was populated by citizens from around the galaxy shortly afterwards. Despite never making an appearance in AiM, many events that effect Earth/Mobius itself have occurred on the red planet.

Physical Description

Despite being fully terraformed, Mars is still rather similar to its former state: Due to prevalent iron oxide on its surface, the planet has been nicknamed the "Red Planet". It sports enormous mountain ranges, rocky canyons, and long stretches of red sand. However, many cities and towns have sprung up on the planet, specifically inside its craters. Artificial atmospheres sustain these cities, allowing both flora and fauna to prosper within them with a controlled climate similar to Earth's. In addition to this, all cities are connected by a network of highways and cables, allowing travel between them.


The idea of terraforming Mars was formed in the 20th century, with multiple nations from Earth/Mobius desiring to stake a claim on the planet. In the 21st century, the project began as a group effort, and by the year 2030, Tharsis (The current capital) was completed. However, differing claims to the planet caused a cold war that eventually lead to the official recognition of Mars as an independent nation of its own. The government known as the "Martian Administration" was formed in 2054. The planet was populated over time alongside the development of more and more cities.

Life on Mars

Many citizens of Mars share the same sentiment: Mars is a good planet to live on if you're rich. Many cities have the same system of a rich inner city and a poor outer city. In the outer cities, crime and illegal activity is a way of life due to the neglect of the Martian Administration. In the inner cities, glowing and glorious cities have skylines of lightshows for the richer folk. Due to this extreme imbalance between social classes, plenty of anger has built up against the lazy Martian Administration. Many efforts have been put into social reform, but all of them have failed due to a simple refusal to act by the government. It's no surprise, then, that a civil war has emerged.

Civil War

In recent history, different factions have begun to spring up on Mars in an effort to compete for power against the Martian Administration, both native and foreign to the planet. The competing factions are:

  • Ein Sof Organization (E.S.O.): A massive corporate conglomerate in favor of the government, supplying it with all sorts of military gear. They also control a vast majority of the planet's supplies, from food to technology.
  • The Missionaries: A large group of alchemists who intend to fight the laws discriminating against alchemy, as well as obtaining their own Zion.
  • Mano di Carto: A criminal mafia lead by the mysterious Valadeire.
  • Bloodstain Bandits: A criminal gang lead by Marx Veraisiuss with power in the poorer suburbs of Martian cities. They fight for revolution, using the poor's hatred of the wealthy as fuel.
  • The UAC (United Aerospace Corporation): A military science and electricity-based corporation supporting the government due to the government allowing them to use Mars as one of many headquarters scattered across the solar system to produce Argent Energy, which powers the cities by violating ancient Martian ruins and creating (rather poorly) contained portals to Hell to obtain said energy. Complete with its own private military force.
  • The SRN (Space Ruler Numbers): A intergalactic space army that was originally a eight-robot faction under the Eggman Empire known as the 'Stardroids' and is still somewhat referred to as such. This conquering army has come to Mars to 'cleanse' it of organic life and implement machine in their place along with placing Mars as the commander of the planet after it has been 'cleansed'. They have conquered many planets in the Solar System and Mars, along with Earth, are the final two on their list.

Notable Areas

  • Tharsis: Capital of Mars and the most populated city on the planet. Home of the Martian Administration's parliament. While the inner city is extremely wealthy, the outer city is filled with crime.
  • Alba City: The second most populated city on the planet. It's essentially the New York of Mars.
  • St. Louis 2 Electric Boogaloo: A city under the control of the Bugaughtiichi family. The government usually ignores the latter part of the name, calling it New St. Louis.
  • Olympus Mons: An extremely large shield volcano on Mars. The summit's calderas serve as the E.S.O.'s headquarters, as well as a major geothermal plant providing power to the rest of the planet.