Heeei It's Liimbsy

Limbs is a Smart but Child-like Seal, and try her hardest to support the others. When it comes to being serious in actual troublesome situations, she'll prove them by acting the way she's suppose to be.. No longer thinking that it's a game and do what she can.

Advantages: Limbs' short size causes her to not be physically hit by anyone that's bigger than her in Combat. Her ice powers give her an Advantage to turn her surrounding area into Ice[If given time to] making her opponents struggle in trying to move on the ice.[Unless they have an Ability that makes them Skate through the Slippery Ice..] She is able to freeze up her Opponents when it's Necessary[In Danger].

Disadvantages: While her Short size helps her not be Physically hit, She is Super Slow in Specific Areas[Unless she's on Ice or in the Water] thus making her Vulnerable to be trashed around, It doesn't help her either that her Range with her Ice Powers isn't great.. if the Opponent is able to avoid them easily without a sweat[She still is In-Training..]. One of her Huge Disadvantages is on being Distracted, She is still a Child and is Curious on her Surroundings and her Opponents.. She'll think of this as a Game at first as well.


Limbs was born on a Volcanic Island in One of Omi's oceans: It was called the Blutung Sea. The Volcanic Seals had called the Island " Arduus Nik ", It was called this because of the Island's Volcano having a High Ridge covered in massive amount of snow.. although the Lower Ridge of the Island being covered with Snow as well.

Limbs had lived in a small cave that was made out of Magma Rocks with the Snow keeping it Stable for her and her family to live in it. Her Mother and Father {at the time} provided everything for Limbs[Even if the Food was Scarce in Omi, It only managed to be just Omi's land and not Omi's waters]. They soon allowed her to Wander off with other volcanic seal pups, and During that time she was unable to express any emotion until she grew[Limbs being 1 years old and her Volcanic back being 2 years old].. and was always known to be that Seal who caused Mischief to the rest. Everything in the Island was in Peace and Harmony until an Angered Soul of a Dragon had awakened, This angered soul had re-awakened to get vengeance on the seals that caused It's very death. Out of Rage the Angered Soul began to create a genocide against the Volcanic Seals, While the Seals had fought back.. They were outmatched by the Angered Soul who was Immune to any attack that the seals had thrown at it, the Only ones that had survived this Genocide were the Seal Pups.. as the Adults had fought off the Soul and had Failed. Limbs had experienced seeing the People she knew being slaughtered and her Father being killed in front of her for trying to protect her, At the Time of this event her mother wasn't around and Limbs herself presumed her as 'Dead'. In a Final Attempt, She had tried to fight off the Angered Soul only to be Knocked back into a Hard Rock and become 'Numb'. It wasn't until a Lone Omi with an Odd Puppy we're Venturing the Island, That the Omi took notice.. She didn't fought back but she had lead the Vengeful Dragon off the Island while Calming it down as well. When this was over, she had taken Limbs in as her 'Own' and Began to depart off.. the Other Volcanic Seal Pups and Cubs[Grown] wanted to follow the Omi but had to stay.. They wouldn't want to leave this Island abandoned and Even with the Adults no longer alive, the Volcanic Cubs will try to manage the Place for the Pups to be safe and sound..

Limbs had grown a strong bond with this Omi named Mesti [Who had taken her in] seeing her as a 'Motherly' Figure and had grown a strong relation with the Odd Pup known as Azura [He had Protected her throughout the Harsh Conditions in Omi while they were with Mesti.], During this time she had stayed with Mesti for over 20 [In Omi Years] and 24[Volcanic Seal Years] (Unknown amount on how it'll be in Human Age) Eventually, Mesti had planned to leave Omi.. because of the Planet's Harsh condition making it hard to live there[She wanted to find a new home where she'll be comfortable in] and has been Out-casted by her own Specie. Limbs agreed with Mesti's plan and had since then traveled with her to find a new Home. [ Which they came across Earth. ]

Other Info:

[ Yet to be Shared ]

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