Lifill Marls Lunafreja
"What's up big boy?"
White Haired Nekavarian
44 lbs
Kelson Aldo(Father(Adoptive)), Frigidus Lunafreja(Father(Biological)), Nur Putri Entakasari(Mother(Biological))
Mana Drive, Lost-Canvas(Formerly)
Ability type

This article contains information that needs to be updated with the current AiM and AoS Canon.

Lifill Marls Lunafreja is the adoptive daughter of Kelson Aldo

Face claim from Mito Nagishiro Sensei's work


Lifill is seen as a hyper-active girl who loves pranks and tricks. Lifill is a Fox-Variant of the Nekavarian race and has a long silver white hair that she ties in a ponytail with a black ribbon, on hear ears and tail are black highlights that are a really distinguishing feature for this girl. She usually dress in a white T-Shirt with a small cyan blue ribbon-tie and a blue cloak outter wear, She uses shorts most of the time, but she does use skirts from time to time, she also wears brown leather boots and black thigh high socks.


Lifill is a Trickster that has fun with all of her tricks, a cheeky little thing when it comes to a battle, she mocks her opponent to try and get them taunted. Lifill is a cunning girl who can decieve people to a false sense of security with relevant ease.

Lifill has suffered through a lot of pain that shattered her soul making it broken and unusable, yet by a small spark of hope the girl's soul was fixed, but with a price.. She has to live with another person being inside of her who keeps tormenting her in her sleep, this girl is known as Lune, Lifill's otherself who has merged souls with her. Living with Lune was hell for Lifill yet she was able to make Lune into a more understanding and caring soul even though her otherself wouldn't show it.


Lifill holds an ability called Mana Drive which lets her control Elements, and another ability called Connection: Blades which lets her to summon blades (of her own creation) onto her hands.

Mana Drive

Lifill can control an element in the world using Mana, an aura of magic that can be formed into any element in the world, but since Lifill's mana capacity is low she can only use basic element magic for a short amount of time. If she pushes her mana pool to it's depletion she'll pass out.

Connection: Swords

Lifill can summon blades onto her hands if the blade she summoned is that of her own creation. Connection is an ability every Nekavarian has, yet each nekavarian has different connections yet some may overlap.



Lifill is a Nekavarian born on earth on December the 15th, 1998. Born as a underweight child she got her mother freaked out because of it, Lifill's growth is also strange.. Well, in human standards it is, yet it's totaly normal in Nekavarian terms. Lifill lived a happy life in a small house far away town. Her father is a Blacksmith while her mother was a Witch. Since Frigidus was Half-Fox the towns people didn't accept him with open arms, rather with pitchforks in hand, which is why Lifill lives so far away from civilization.

When she was just 4 years old both of her biological parents died due to the villagers knows the location of their home and killed Frigidus and Nur. Lifill hid under the bed as all of this was happening. This event made her soul shatter into two, she hides under the bed whimpering in fear, one of the villagers heard her whimper and dragged her out of the underside of the bed, she was going to be raped and sold into slavery, until.. Lune came.

Lune joined souls with the Nekavarian and promised salvation if she just let her take control of her body, and she did. Lune slaughtered everyone in the room, making Lifill's body do the dirty work, this scarred her for life. At night Lune would torment her about letting her take control of her body, over and over again. She nearly lost her sanity and let her take control for a few hours, making her go on a killing spree.

She went into a school named Kiritsu, a school for beings like her she begs to help in her situation, and so they did, they taught her how to fight against her otherself.

A few years after... She came into Baile-Ore.

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