Kelson Aldo comes from a galaxy far far away.. In the year approximately 3978 BBY, or 3978 years before the battle of Yavin IV, Kelson Aldo was born on a moon called Nar Shaddaa, which orbits the planet of Nal Hutta. Nar Shaddaa is covered by a city spanning the entire moon, with buildings so tall that it would take hours before you hit the ground if you fell off of one. Despite this, it is not a very pleasent place to live, because it is crawling with gangs and the Exchange, a major crime organization that has many influances across the galaxy. He wasn't born to a very rich family, infact, his parents were living in poverty, and unable to take care of him. This was made worse after the Mandalorian Wars began, flooding the world with refugees and making life even harder for them. At the age of 4, when he first began to show signs of being a force sensitive, his parents gave him to the Jedi, in hopes that he could live a better life there than what they could provide for him.

The Alternate versions listed below are those of Kelson Aldo. All other versions are detailed in the Others section.

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Alternate Reality Versions


Alternate Reality Versions


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