Redesigned Jolt (ReFURbed)
Normal/ current appearance
Unknown (Guessed around 20 - 30)
Male and Male
Yellow Furred, Long ears, One Green and One Red Eye, Green exoskeleton neck
(Current) grey-ish Cloak, "X" Emblem with a green ribbon hanging of it, brown shoes, blue pants, green shirt and Gloves
No Knowledge of any actual Genetic Relatives
Neutral, "good"
Shape shifting, inventing, close and long range weapon combat
Ability type
Virtually nothing
Shape shift (Flygon, Pango, Mobian, Biospark, Floatsam, Seal, Yoshi, Heartless, Mole, and Unknown Dog creature)


Jolt is a Yellow furred Verslit with 2 different colored eyes (One green and one Red, occasionally purple), a Green "exoskeleton" neck, and long ears. His taste in Clothing varies at times and places of location, Typically for normal attire a green shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes. Also carrying a backpack like bag. In his "Adventure" attire He wears a Grey Cloak with a hood and a red "X" emblem on the chest with a green ribbon hanging off it. His Old world and the beginning of the new world Design Consisted of a Similar attire except instead of a Cloak he had armor with green rims on the shoulder and knee pads.

A (new) start (Jolt)

Old world Design of Jolt


Jolt is for the most part cheerful and outgoing, Willing to help anyone that is in need of assistance or help. He also has a HUGE Sense of Curiosity, making him Explore the "unknown", Researching and gathering data on the things around him though often getting into trouble due to him being a bit too curious on his Adventures. However Jolt's Personality can be flipped or changed due to certain "Triggers" that cause him to change his mood briefly either of regret, insanity, and madness. But He Does try to Control those personalities as well . .. If he can help it that is. He often wishes to help anyone out in any way possible, sometimes making new things to help them out.



Only thing known about Jolt's Early life is that He was a "Orphan" After a Raid of Corrupts Plagued his home as well as many others. There he was found by Sneetie, Volkmar, and the Ireling twins, Creatures that were Also Orphaned like he was. The Other Verslit and Souterm took him in and tried to explain to Him what might have happened, due to Jolt at the time Not REMEMBERING If he had any parents or Siblings AT ALL. After a few days, the five decided to work and live together as a "Family", Jolt often going off with Volkmar and/or Sneetie to Explore parts of the forest. After a Few Months, He and Volkmar stumbled upon a old Book, when the two verslits opened it Jolt was Completely in Awe of the Creatures and stories that were in the book. Volkmar Seemed to agree on it as well, So the 2 took the book Home to Read and Study it. Jolt Looked over the Book Just as Much as Volkmar did, and each story he read, he started to think of Exploring OUTSIDE His own world to meet these creatures and places in person. When Jolt Suggested this the others semi supported it, but Sneetie thought It would be abit Dangerous, considering there is more Deadlier things than Corrupts out there. But this Didn't exactly Stop Jolt, a few months after reading over the book a few times he Packed up and headed off, Exploring the "Universe" and greeting whatever comes his way.

Child Jolt (Salvage saved)

(Old) Child version of Jolt

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After a few Years, Jolt finally Met up with His old friends on a Earth and met plenty of new people as well, But The Welcoming Reunion was short lived as Jolt almost Immediately took interest in a group called the "Heros". His "Misfit" Friends Highly suggested Against His Notions to join that group of people, But Jolt Went to try to help them Anyways, often ending up with slight mental trauma or not coming back for several days. This worried His Friends a lot and some started to try and look for him to bring him back. However Jolt wouldn't exactly listen to their warnings, So he continued to try to help the "Heros" Even ending up traveling to other worlds. There he was able to use Forms he learned to Help others out and even assist with certain things, But He constantly left almost ALL of his "Misfit" Friends Apart from a New companion that He met named Emula. Emula herself wanted to protect Jolt and help him as much as his Friends did, Even to go as far as going along with his "Gameverse" Disguise with here as the Tail and "Power". After the Disguise fell apart (literally and mentally) He primary stayed with a friendly group of Creatures. However when he Left to go to a Mobius he Only had his new friends to lean on as far as support, He Even started a Project Due to one of them having missing bits of Skin, muscle fur, and Entire Bones.

Codename Gameverse

Jolt disguised as "Gameverse" (Emula acting as the tail)

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Jolt's Ability Is Shape shifting, He Currently has 10 forms of different species (Flygon, Seal, Mole, Mobian, Pango, Biospark, Heartless, Floatsam, Yoshi, and a weird dog like creature). HOWEVER, His Power and strength are consistent Through out his form NOT GAINING a lot of new strength With the Exceptions of the Heartless and Flygon forms (But then It would be still on average compared to most). How he Got the Shape shifting ability is still unknown since Verslits are not commonly known for literally changing species to adapt.

He Also has a Alternate form: Corrupted, That is when he briefly goes "insane" and wrecks havoc, gaining wings, a snout, spikes and sharp claws. often times he is not in control of this Particular form, but rather another source (with Purple eyes) know as Antimat.

Redesigned Flygon Jolt


Redesigned Biospark Jolt


Redesigned Mole Jolt


Redesigned Mobian Jolt


Redesigned Pango Jolt


Redesigned heartless Jolt


Redesigned Seal Jolt (Refured)


Corrupted Jolt 2

Corrupted Jolt (Note the Complete change in eye color)

Redesigned Yoshi Jolt



Jolt's only Known Skills are Inventing and Adapting to his surroundings. Jolt as a Verslit can adapt (mostly) from the things around them. Learning their surroundings and what ever Predators might be lurking around. Jolt has a nack for wanting to learn things outside of his own world (That is why he Travels so often).

He Also Invents various different things and "creatures" Inventions include

-a Fuser (Resulting in a Octonana, Dragleon, and Plant Hybrid)

-a Fix up bot (Kink)

-a Training Prototype (Turr)

-Fossil revive prototype (has yet to actually be tested)


Jolt's Weakness as stated previously is likely His Sanity if one would want to go for a mental approach. However ALL of his forms have Weaknesses, The Flygon form has the same weakness as the Flygon Species. The Heartless form can easily go into a rampage and "Tire" itself out. Each of the other forms share their defenses with their actual Counterpart, making it almost easy to Impale, Stab, Blow up, or Straight up Rip apart. His Curiosity Also leads him to very Dangerous situations.


  • At Some point in Time Jolt's Design Included a Metal arm, but this was later scrapped but still exists in a alternate version
  • Before Antimat was a thing, Jolt had a "Anti" Identified as a Recolored Animatronic rabbit (now Referred to by "SJ" *short for Springjolt*). However after this instance Springjolt was never mentioned by name again in "cannon" stories/ chapters. (It was also part of the Old world where after that there was a period of people mistaking Jolt as a Robot)
  • "SJ" itself is still part of Jolt's storyline in some way, but now as a recurring nightmare as well as a few other Characters from Gameverse Arcade, which was a Fnaf Based location inspired by "SJ's Anti" Appearance.
  • Before the species name "Verslit" came up, Jolt was simply referred to as a "Game Traveler" due to his curiosity of exploring worlds and his knowledge of those worlds. This also included "power ups" from other worlds too, but those were scrapped along with alot of things that involved Jolt using his bag.
  • Only things that Remains of his "Crossover" side is his forms, Use of other creatures such as Pokemon and Dream eaters, and his knowledge of these worlds. (Nightmares stayed Consistent as well)