Hurricane Perintal
I keep losing my battles-- but.. that doesn't mean I'll stop trying.
Human Years: 21
Energetic, Young, Handsome- if you ask the right people
7'2 (218.44 cm)
165.0 lb (74.8 kg)
Michikio Perintal (Mother)

Yukon Perintal (Father)

Ciel Perintal (Sibling)
Lawful Good
Hand-to-hand Combat



Mid ranged energy spheres
Ability type
Close - Mid ranged
'Heroism' Aura, 'Anger' Aura


Base (W/Prosthetic): 8-C: Building level

Base (W/O Prosthetic): 9-C: Street level

Anger Stage 1: 8-B: City Block level

Anger Stage 2 (Wolf): 8-A: Multi-City Block level

Anger Stage 3 (Golem): 7-C: Town level

"Purity": 7-C: Town level


Hurricane was of course born with the trademarked Perintal Hair™ as a natural hair colour. Quite often, he's teased for it, but that doesn't demean him. He has a variety of outfits, but prefers to wear his jacket on just about anything the most. The image you see of him is what he'd probably normally wear (minus the tank-top), with just the jacket removed. Recently, he had a suit made, more practical for combat, by Amyra. He also has a coat, which- for uniform of the Missionis, would be his new uniform, with the bodysuit underneath it, if he's not wearing the nun outfit.

He also possesses what he calls the "Retract-o-pole", which is a bo-staff that retracts inwards to a middle handle. It can extend one side and substitute for a baton, or it can extend both and be a bo-staff. It possesses a hidden comm, but requires inner tinkering before it can be set to a specific number/frequency (about the only mechanical knowledge Hurricane has). The holster on his belt holds the staff in its retracted form.


Hurricane tends to be a cheerful boy, despite what he's been through. He holds a moral, that he's not afraid to repeat; "Nobody deserves to die", and uses this phrase as his own motivation to continue being a hero. Should his friends be going through troubles, he more often than not will put aside his own to assist them in theirs, of course, like most people though, you'd have to open up to him before he can be of any help.


Hurricane longs for adventure, and to help those in need, he grew up bored of the normal Perintal topic of politics, and as much as he loves his family, he does not want to be a politician. He ended up on Earth by unspecific- yet convenient circumstances at a young- but not too young age. He was saved by the Alchemy user Amyra when he washed up ashore of Cocoa Island, holding on unconsciously to a log. Nowadays, he's a little bit of a mixed bag of unfinished tricks, still learning under Amyra.


In recent years, Hurricane has appeared to be developing odd abilities. He didn't have them as a kid- but one cannot assume he just got them as an adult. Upon recent studies, they appear to be linked to his emotions, with a 'Heroism' emotion being the only one he can use under any circumstance, it seems. Should he feel heavily enough in this emotion- an aura will shroud him- and the emotion will take over entirely.


'Heroism' Aura - The rootin' tootin' cowboy who enjoys a good ol' shootout against the baddies! Confident and prideful, always seekin' fer the endangered citizens before anythin' else! Yellow-Orange eyes.

'Anger' Aura - The beast within Hurricane that takes control once the aura takes a real shape around Hurricane. Increases strength and speed, can use mastered abilities.

Other 'Aura's - These 'aura's seem to all be linked heavily to his emotions. Should he feel a specific emotion enough, or should it take over suddenly enough, it takes over, that isn't Hurricane anymore- technically. In some cases, they could very much still be Hurricane- or are highly influenced by who he is. Heroism was a little bit of Hurricane, but a lot more of a cowboy at the start, and now, really all you recognize is the accent.


One of the rather important details to note about Hurricane is how deadly he is with that prosthetic arm of his. Beforehand- it was not suited for combat, but with the realisation that he was going into combat, the man who made it (and the Peridot that later refined it) made sure it was very suited for combat. In this new version, it possesses many abilities, a few made that shape Hurricane's 'aura' energy (which the arm also uses as a battery to function) in ways he normally couldn't shape them.

Prosthetic Abilities

Vibration - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alchemy - A transmutation circle has been secretly carved in underneath one of the plates of the arm, allowing Hurricane to use the extra material he requested to be added that makes the arm so heavy, as anything he needs. Generally he uses said material to make a form of shield on his forearm.

Blade - You'd expect this to be something he transmutes, but it's not. It's a sharp blade made of incredibly durable materials found within deep underground mines, it's sharp, deadly, and probably not something Hurricane likes to use all that often.

"Gorilla arm" - Ah, the main use of all that extra material. Upon activating this mode-- Hurricane's prosthetic lets loose a multitude of armour to strengthen the arm, even covering up the rest of his flesh up to his shoulder. This is a deadly mode, but at the same time, causes him to be incredibly slow, as he cannot lift it very easily.

Basic sphere - Simply put; it's the aura's energy that Hurricane's prosthetic turns into a battery, transferred out of the palm. Cannot shape itself out of a sphere without the normal arm.

"Drill" sphere - A custom move, rather than made from the original shapes or motion controls of the prosthetic, Hurricane can create a spinning sphere that drills through objects upon hitting them, he does this by using his flesh hand to control the energy produced from the prosthetic. shaping it to spin and then blasting it forward- causing the sphere to have a drill effect if it hits its target dead on.

Implosive bomb - After a few minutes of focusing on generating the energy in a compressed form, Hurricane can create a miniature bomb that then shrinks itself more before expanding out into the full size of the energy stored. It is incredibly destructive and probably the reason Hurricane thinks he's a walking time bomb right now. It has no motion control activation. The charging and generation of this energy, plus the compression causes Hurricane to tire himself out entirely after using it, perhaps only ever having been able to run after it because of adrenaline rushes.


Hand-to-hand - About as basic as you get, disarm Hurricane and he isn't useless. A good swing from him could probably knock out the wrong person, due to his height, and overall weight. I would like to point out here that Hurri is light in the info box because that does not factor in the prosthetic.

Baton - The retract-o-pole with just one end extended out. Hurricane is deadly at close range with this specifically, a blow to the head is probably more deadly than his punches, due to the precise shape.

Bo-Staff - The retract-o-pole with both ends extended. This is the style Hurricane is most practiced in, bringing in deadly mid-ranged swings, or jabbing you away from him when you get too close. He also can use it to vault.

Heroism Spheres - So long as he has an empty hand, he can summon these and throw them. They burst on impact, and don't leave any particular burns, a little stronger than his punches, depending on how hard he throws them, and more precise.

Alchemy - Hurricane has knowledge of drawing alchemy circles, taught to him by Amyra, and before the battle of Baile Ore, invented a sneaky tactic to create functioning alchemy circles instantly. He calls them 'Alchemy Stickers', you slap one on and they'll work just like the real circle. Of course, they aren't as effective as a real circle when you get to gigantic objects, but they're good for deconstructing incoming rubble or for moving something out of the way- maybe even throw it back.

Propulsion - Hurricane can attain a form of "flight", more specifically high-speed gliding, but fast enough to glide over incredibly long distances.


Selfless Attitude - Hurricane's personality could potentially.. be used against him. Be it using citizens to your advantage- or other dastardly methods, he can fall victim to his own personality should someone else be in danger.

Emotional Override - What can only be described as the 'Emotional Auras' that Hurricane possesses, while they can be quite useful at the right moments, they can be a burden- too. Anger, Sadness, Fear and many more, these emotions can cause Hurricane to spiral out of control- and in many cases, cause him to lose a fight.

DICK 'EM KICK 'EM - Every man's true weakness.

Friends/Family - In shorter terms, there's very little chance he'd be willing to really hurt many of his friends, or ever his family. Just ask Michikio, he'll take shit ("take shit" as in being their punching bag when they need one) from his friends and family if it means keeping them as said friends and family.