Hurricane is one of the bravest, energetic 4 year olds you'll ever see, right now, you're seeing him in his current state of appearance, however, he originally did not have this mobian outlook. He was found after he had recently turned 3, by Bill. Bill allowed him onto his shoulder and they had a walk together, due to Hurricane's childish vision, this immediately put Bill in mind as one of his idols, someone he would look up to greatly. Since then, Hurricane has showed multiple times where he will be the bravest, and multiple times where he will hide behind everyone, which is normal. The times he rushed at Salesman, and while he did survive, was basically knocked out each time. He also stood in front of HMS when HMS was about ready to kill Salesman. Hurricane does not kill, and if he shows any signs of wanting to kill, he's not being himself.


Haiyano Kick - A special dropkick very few know how to use, it does not require special energy, just a high jump and a good kick, it includes backflipping once the dropkick has landed, then kicking the defending enemy in the face, great for sneak attacks.

Drunken Fist - A fighting style dedicated to the art of unpredictability, this includes pretending to suddenly change moods and coward out, only to rush in unexpectedly.

Tornado Barrage - A barrage of punches and kicks in the style of spinning like a tornado, ending with making the enemy dizzy by spinning on their head and giving them a headache.

Energy/ Ki attacks:

DIE DIE MISSILE BARRAGE! - A spam-attack of destructive ki blasts.

Void Cannon - Not as strong as it sounds, a basic dark purple ki wave Hurricane named the 'Void Cannon'.

Basic Ki - Kamehameha esque attacks, barrages, explosive shots, etc.

Hurricane (Saiyan)


Frost Saiyan - Original Appearance.

Mobian - Current Appearance.

Pure Super - Light blue, triggered by intense hope and happiness, 1.5x stronger than regular Super Saiyan, can't be maintained when the feeling of anger is forced upon the user.

Super Hurricane
Raging Demon Hurricane

Raging Demon - Dark Purple, pure red eyes, triggered by the feeling of loss and anger, strength of LSSJ3's power-up stats by default, stronger if mastered.


Father: Zero Silver / Shugar [No Last Name].

Mother: ???.

Idol(s): Bill Varen, Ryan.

Brother: Kazuo Silver (Dead).

Mother-figure, I guess?: Michikio Perintal.

Friends (Too many to count, here's a select few): Frisk, Blue (Swap Sans), Helene, Swingtime (Sometimes), Shade (Shadowbro).


Beings that gain power from sadness - Hurricane 90% of the time is purely happiness, which makes this hard for these types of enemies to fight Hurricane with an advantage.

Slow Beings - Hurricane will have the upper advantage in speed unless it's beings such as Sonic the hedgehog, and people of those kinds of speed.

Unpredictability - First off, who expects a 4 year old to be good at fighting? Not many.

Giant Enemies - Hurricane's small size, which will give Hurricane a slight advantage.


Enemies that know how to trigger - Smart people that know how to trigger Hurricane's emotions can easily cause him to lose focus and sadden, or anger, having Hurricane lose an advantage.

Fire - Due to Hurricane's fur, he's easily flammable.

Water - Hurricane can't swim.

People that have an emotional connection to Hurricane - Quite obvious, but Hurricane couldn't bring himself to hurt someone he's gotten attached to, for example: Michikio, if something were to turn her evil, he wouldn't bring himself to fight her, he'd be weak.

The "Floof" Species - Hurricane can't hurt cute things, this includes what is called the "floof" species, usually when he sees one, he'll immediately ask if he can pet them.