Hasimaru's latest design
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See Appearance
Tall (uncertain how tall he is)
Mega the Hedgehog
Neutral Good
Hand-to-Hand, Swordsmanship, Element Manipulation, other unknown abilities
Ability type
Fighter / Swordsman
None / Unknown

Hasimaru is a Character among the many heroes that have existed in the Old World, he unfortunately appears in the AiM series rarely or uncommonly due to all of his Adventuring or Training.

Roleplayed by Sonicmario9019


Hasimaru appears to be a Dog with Black and Light Blue Fur. He has Green Eyes and a Blue Hat he keeps on his head, along with a Red Scarf and Jacket with Pants. Blue Rings on his Wrist with his Elemental Blade on his back.


Hasimaru tends to be serious despite his appearances, he doesn't joke that much either, unlike in the past where he was more goofy-like, but he always wants to keep his friends safe no matter what. In battles he pressure's his opponents with his variety of Elements, his perception of time is also somewhat like a Dog, so he's able to react to most attacks. He also tries to end fights quickly which burns him up fast. Hasimaru is also seen as a Mobian due to nobody knowing his actual race, even so he's one of the "Mobian's" that have earned Streak's respect. Hasimaru's one tough cookie, and he's a cool guy once you get to know him.


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Hand-to-Hand Combat- As you've seen in the Martial Arts Tournament when he fought against Jet, he's skilled in Hand-to-Hand brawling, he's also quick on his feet, he doesn't give the opponent much time to react, he has an intent to end the battle as quick as possible which is why in the Tournament he won with a ring out.

Swordsmanship- Hasimaru's also skilled with swords, so he doesnt have to only rely on his Hands, he uses his Sword a lot in battles but switches between Hand-to-Hand and his Weapon quickly.

Element Manipulation- Hasimaru's capable of using 3 Elements at once, Fire, Lightning, and Wind, this gives him an advantage of Lightning Speed along with powerful blows with his Fire Element, he uses his Wind as a Defense so its rarely seen.

Element Absorption- A few times he's shown the ability to absorb his relative elements, He can absorb attacks that are that relate to his relative elements, there are some Fires he cant absorb completely, so he fires it back at the enemy or absorbs some of the element to reduce the damage, same with Lightning and Wind, there is a limit to his Absorption, as his Scarf and Hat are linked to his ability to use these Elements, absorbing to much of one element can lead to a backfire mechanism in the selected clothing items.


Element Blade- This Sword is a Weapon crafted with unknown material that Hasi uses, it also links to his Elements, he can change its Element Mode to either of his 3 Elements and he uses a variety of styles when he switches the Mode.

Red Scarf- This is connected to his ability to use his Flames, its unknown if he ever takes it off or not, this piece of clothing glows to varieties of red when he begins absorbing Flames.

Blue Hat- Just like his Scarf this is connected to his ability to use Lightning, it glows a varieties of Blue when absorbing Lightning.


Work in progress