The Hard-Boiled Heavies
Heavies 2 -Render-
Hi-Spec Robo Go!
Unknown Timeframe
Heavy King (leader)

Heavy Rider

Heavy Magician

Heavy Shinobi

Heavy Gunner

Heavy Brawler
Cocoa Isles Outpost (Currently)
Faction Type
Eggman Empire Division



The Eggman Empire

Metal Sonic

Unbelievably good Motobug-riding skills

Mace-swinging talent

Expert in magic



Arms specialist
World Domination under the name of Dr. Eggman.
Military Power

The Hard-Boiled Heavies are elite Eggrobos that serve as the top enforcers of the Eggman Empire. They were employed on various unspecified missions before being assigned to guard the Cocoa Isles outpost. They became the way they are today after they were altered by the Phantom Ruby


The members of the Hard-Boiled Heavies each have their own quirks and personalites that make them easier to identify. Each of them are listed in order of their appearances in Sonic Mania from last to first. (Brawler is a exception due to not being from said game)

  • Heavy Brawler - Powerful. Strong. A juggernaut. These words describe the Heavy Brawler. He was created by Heavy King as a companion to replace his fallen comrades. This fist-fighting creation has no known personality. It's questionable if even Doctor Eggman knows of his existance.
  • Heavy King - the Heavy King is the leader of the Hard-Boiled Heavies and is a well-spoken indiviual who is extremely powerful. He can be considered the most casual of the heavies and is often able to talk his way out of situations due to his gentleman-like nature. His powerful scepter allows him to harness electrokinesis.
  • Heavy Rider (& Jimmy) - A daredevil if there ever was one. She is the most daring of the group and is armed with a deadly mace along with her motobug partner, Jimmy, to assist her.
  • Heavy Magician - The star of the show. Magician is a mystic performer who specializes in shapeshifting. She is also highly capable in teleporting. She is snarky yet incredibly good at impersonating personalties. Truly a magicial performance! Bravo, Magician! Bravo!
  • Heavy Shinobi -  A brave,serious, and skilled heavy that specializes in ninjutsu along with the art of stealth. He utilizes Asterons as shurikens and has a ice-blade as a secondary weapon. He is very loyal to the King and carries out missions without fail.
  • Heavy Gunner - Oh boy. This one's a doozy! This unpredictable troublemaker is armed with a rocket launcher along with a squad of Eggrobo policemen at his side complete with a police chopper. King often rides with Gunner as a quick method of transportation. Gunner is quite silly and often ends up pulling pranks despite his serious profession as the strong arms specialist of the group. King lets him slide for it but King often wishes Gunner would take his job more seriously.

Base of Operations

The Heavies don't have a permanent base of operations as they switch from mission to mission. Their current base of operations is the Cocoa Isles Outpost. The outpost is a big factory within the darker parts of the island. The factory has Eggman's signature face on the front. What's inside is currently unknown at this point in time. Although from a recent theft, A reactor is something that is inside the base.


Heavy King

Heavy King is decorated as a mixture between a king and a knight, the Heavy King has a red cape, signifying his rank among the other Hard-Boiled Heavies as the leader. His appearance seems to be based of both the "Classic" and "Modern" incarnations of Dr. Eggman (having a cape similar to Classic, but having a chestplate resembling the jacket of Modern), the Heavy King has spiked knee joints and triangular shoulder pads along with red boots with golden forefeet. He also has bronze-colored armor-plating on his chest with a white crown symbol. He also has gray appendages and red eyes.

Heavy Rider

Heavy Rider is decorated as a knight, the Heavy Rider's design reflects that of a purple knight with a gray-colored helmet. She also has a black lower torso, red eyes, and gray appendages. She possesses as well three spikes on her chest and has purple forefeet.

Heavy Magician

Heavy Magician is decorated as a magician, the Heavy Magician's design reflects that of a yellow-colored jacket with a standard black and white tuxedo underneath her chest. She also possesses a yellow top hat with a red band, a red bowtie, red eyes, gray appendages, and a black lower torso. Her forefront is yellow. She also possesses a pair of bumpers on her belt line.

Heavy Shinobi

Heavy Shinobi is decorated as a ninja, the Heavy Shinobi's design reflects that of a green haori with a yellow-triangular cross-pattern chest piece. This yellow cross pattern also appears on his hand and feet cuffs. He has a black bottom torso, red eyes, gray appendages, and green zōri-like forefeet. He also possesses a dark green scarf, keeping with the ninja aesthetic.

Heavy Gunner

Heavy Gunner is decorated as a police officer, the Heavy Gunner's design reflects that of a blue and black uniform and a white motorcycle helmet with a red siren on top. The Heavy Gunner has two yellow straps crossing over on his chest in an "X"-shape, with a star-shaped badge in the middle. He also possesses a microphone communicator on his helmet, red eyes, white gloves, gray-colored appendages, and blue fore feet.


Pre-Battle Bird Attack

At some point, The Heavies were created as normal stock Eggrobos sent out on a special mission to excavate something on Angel Island and end up unearthing the Phantom Ruby. The ruby altered them drastically giving them new designs while still being Eggrobos. The effects also gave them actual personalities which they cherished. The Heavies were sent out on numerous missions and became Eggman's top enforcers. During one of their missions, They arrived at the Cocoa Isles Outpost to guard it and the reactor inside. The Heroes arrived at the outpost and were confronted by King,Gunner, and Shinobi. Gunner attempted to fight the Heroes while King and Shinobi fled back into the base and failed in defeating them. An unspecified amount of time later, DESTRON attacks the outpost and two of it's members steal a reactor from the outpost. In Retaliation, The Heavies head to the DESTRON Mobile Base in order to steal back the reactor, after being threatened to be scrapped by the newly arrived Protometal, and run into Dimentio, who forces them into a deal, and return with the reactor. Metal Sonic, however, caught them on film and attempted to broadcast the footage to the Outpost only to be stopped by King, who denied the broadcast from inside the base, and tried again later with the rest of the commanders when Dr. Eggman, himself, arrived to ask for a status report. Thanks to Dimentio's trickery, The Heavies managed to evade being found out and prepare for the Doctor's fleet along with the Armada to arrive. Later on, The Heavies encountered Metal at the outpost talking with Dimentio and King interjected in their conversation. After multiple deals and threats, Metal fought the Heavies and nearly was destroyed. Metal ended up leaving the empire and the Heavies continued their assignment. A fake Heavy King attempted to confront the Heroes and kill them before they had the chance to confront the Armada and failed.

Mid-Battle Bird Attack

The whereabouts of the Heavies were unknown during the entirety of the Battle Bird Armada's attack. Though it is possible they were at the outpost the whole time.

Post-Battle Bird Attack

Afterwards, the Heavies casually continued their assignments without delay and attempted another plot to get rid of the Heroes via shapeshifting and the Mean Bean Machine. Ultimately it failed and they were sent back to the drawing board. Heavy Gunner was attacked at some point by Metal Sonic (along with Shinobi, who was attacked eariler trying to protect gunner) and both were forced to undergo repairs. During this, RMS entered the picture and killed the two heavies. Leaving a angered Heavy King to leave him in a wreck. After a long battle, A powered up Heavy King (with the assistance of the Phantom Heavies) ultimately was unable to defeat the Metal Commanders. But through the bizzare intervention of the Phantom Ruby, The commanders were ultimately defeated and all of the heavies were later repaired. But not before a new heavy was created in the meantime. The Heavy Brawler.