Redesigned Furfsting
Current Appearance
light tan ish fur with a green belly, one cyan and one purple eye, Long ears with brown fluff sprouting from them, Fur and skin torn off on his left eye as well as his left arm, missing all the flesh on his left hand, and a green and brown tail with a spike tip on the end
Meeksu (Sister), Un named parents (as of yet)
none (unless navigating a desert counts)
Ability type


Furfsting is a Slightly withered Furdester with light tan fur with a green belly. He has two different eyes, one cyan and one purple. He has long ears that has brown fluff sprouting from them and has a green and brown tail with a spiked tip. He is missing all the fur and skin on his right hand, and only missing fur on his left arm and a area under his left eye; He also has one bandages one for each arm


Furfsting, Unlike his Shy Sister, is more out going and constantly curious of the world around him. He also wanders off often to explore or help his Sister (Meeksu) get outside of her comfort zone, despite the risk on consqences


Not a lot of details are known about Furfsting's childhood, But He was the youngest of his family and lived with out much of a care. He often got himself into trouble by wandering off. One time he wandered so far off the village, he came close to Kurpt Cove, A place that was a nest full of Corrupts and was not to be trespassed by any means. His sister of course went after him, warning him not to go further. Unfortunately The Corrupts found them both before She could actually convince Him and the two Fled with a hoard of Corrupts on their tails before being distracted by a different Furdester. 

Another time The two came across a Odd Verslit traveler, not too far from his sister's age, named Jolt. Furfsting offered him to stay with them for the night but His sister was a bit unsure about it. When it became Dusk the 3 situated themselves in a room of a hut, along with a bird He managed to pick up from the wild. Jolt had a odd book with him, showing stories and tales from creatures from other worlds, he even read it out to the two siblings. Both Meeksu and Furfsting was Fascinated, Furfsting being a bit more obvious physically. After the verslit left, Furfsting became more motivated to explore what is around him.

A few years later while Furfsting was being dragged back home (Again). He and his sister came across a disastrous site, Their Village in Flames and the Corrupts wrecking havoc. Furfsting Barreled in to try to stop the mess and his sister went after him, But unfortunately for them some of the Corrupts REMEMBERED the two, One of which Personally lead the Attack and tried to kill them before. In the matter of seconds it was all over................ The Village was decimated and burned to the ground......killing of almost all of the Population........except four............................. Furfsting only had a few scratches, torn fur, and a exposed skeletal hand. His "pet" Fintwich also had considerably minor injures (if being plucked by the wings and having nothing but bones left on them minor). Another Furdester lost an Eye, the whole fur and flesh of his left arm All the way to his Shoulder, Same applying to his right arm elbow down, left leg knee down and Tail, as well as a lot of scratches. Meeksu got the Bunt of the whole thing, Losing BOTH EYES, her Lower jaw, Both fur and flesh on both legs knees down, her left arm is missing except for a small bit  still connected to her shoulder, a bit of her tail missing it's fur and flesh, and her right arm missing fur and flesh, from the elbow down. The four only had each other and that was about it, So they did the only thing they could do, travel to a safer location or find a better place to live. This eventually led to a Split somewhere down the line due to some complications.

Child furfsting

Furfsting as a Child (old drawing)

Furfsting unwithered

A Unwithered Furfsting

Meeksu & Furfsting (withered)

Furfsting with his Sister, Meeksu


Furfsting doesn't have any super natural abilities but He is able to maneuver around his environment. He is also highly Durable (in a sense that is how she's alive today in such a Withered condition), A trait shared mostly from Furdesters and their Forest counterparts Verslits.


Like any other being Furfsting can not last forever, Any tactic and Easily end this Furdester's tail. From Shooting, impaling, Ripping apart, Etc, anything could work against his. Only side not to that is a Purgatory state.........of which can be destroyed too if the killer is really dedicated to wanting creatures like this one DEAD.


  • Furfsting is one of the few (yet many) Misfit characters that has two colored eyes (others being Jolt, Zipza, Mixsiky, Scamp, Antimat, Tickery, and TOX)
  • Fursting Also had a different Attires planned but was never used one being a old Halloween costume, and the other is a "winter" attire in 2016
    Winter furfsting