Rewind Error
Current Appearance
Fleshy, bears a Blue Bow Tie, Screen, Pieces of Metal, Bronze Pipe
Bow Tie
"Neutral Defiantly not B A D"
"Rift" summon
Ability type

"It's TIME For the Show! The CROWD Is Waiting For YOU, Come on OUT!"


Rewinds Current Appearance Is Flesh covered in the "New world" while at the "Old world" His Appearance was more Machine like. His Current Appearance Besides his Flesh and Organs covered base, He still has bits of Metal and other materials in him. There is a Glass screen that functions like one you would see on a TV or electronic device, 2 three clawed hands with orange eyes in the palms, two metallic feet with claws poking out, a muscle "tail", a old busted bronze pipe with smoke coming out of it, and what remains of a metallic limb with wires hanging off emitting electricity. He has a almost Permanent Grin on his face and a tan skinned mouth with eye sockets stretched up and supporting his Own eyes (of which has Yellow Ooze leaking from it). He also sports a Blue Bow tie, and one could barely see what seems like part of a spinal rip cage below the screen and bow tie.


"Old World" Appearance Of Rewind, Note that he is Mostly Metal here as apposed to his current appearance


Rewind Himself is LITERALLY Insane. He wants nothing less than the destruction of the bizarre and unusual creations (and then Offing Himself), Due to what Is assumed to be his Delusional "bosses" "The Crowd". However he can be talked to and reasoned with if there is a good argument, of which he still shows a bit of a aggressive lisp but not as clear. He Does actually have moments of Clarity, But they are not too often and often times done in private (Aka again he's insane, he talks to himself)


Nobody knows where Rewind Came from, Not even in his own timeline. But It is possible Something MADE him, or perhaps a Figment (the Figment part was later Debunked). He Claims that he "Killed" his Targets before a "pest group" showed him that there are still targets OUTSIDE his own Timeline, So he snuck through to the "Pest Group's" Timeline and Tried to Attack his Targets from there. Unfortunately He was Always Talked out of his Job, By the SAME PERSON TOO! He soon tried to get some help or assistance with his Goals (he has used other Creatures and Glitched beings before but those weren't compromises) But First time he did it it Backfired, But he Is currently going to try again, this time he will make sure he doesn't get back stabbed. As Far as his Goals, They've Remained the same "Kill Every last bizarre creature" He Could care LESS about the natural creature OR CREATURES THE CROWD LIKES (Which for some reason is things like Mobians, Sayians, Anime, etc. etc.), Only the weird things that "don't belong and shouldn't exist". He still Sticks to that "mission" To this day.


Redesigned Sligsaw 1 (Glitched)

Example of a Glitched Creature Pull from it's world

Rewind's Ability Involves making some small tears to drag one thing from one world to another (It does have Consequences but is sorta blown over since it IS a Crossover game we are talking about). He can also Literally shoot blasts from his 2 "eye" hands, and as mentioned can summon about anything at will. The only difference with the Summoning is that If it's bizarre creatures they get a weird "Glitched" appearance to them being pulled from their own worlds, habitats, and timelines. The Crossover Creatures he summons or pulls does not have this effect but do still have some type of awareness too them. He Also Tends to Experiment to see HOW, and WHAT can KILL Any Species.


Rewind's Mental Weakness is that he can Easily be talked out of what he's doing, Though he's currently working on Fixing that........... As for Physically any other mortal weakness, or basically just a Strike in the screen to disable his ability or just cut him in half to literally make him fall apart. He Can die about any of the same normal deaths as anyone else, nothing to special about this "totally innocent and justified showman" except for his seemingly yellow blood.


  • Trailed with gunshots

    UNFINISHED Design for a Experimented Mobian Fc, Her name is Still unknown

    It IS Possible that every time he Refereed to the "Crowd" in game, could actually MEAN SOMETHING, Referencing to a group of people
  • One of Rewinds Original Concepts was that he would have had creatures He had Experimented on (Granted that these would have been undead, and withered version of Fc Species that Commonly appear on the game) However NONE of the Designed for them were Actually Finished.
  • Rewind HAD a Steam punk Design Planned for him when the game was to go to a Steampunk esc Era, but the Plans fell through despite the Art being finished
    R.e.w.i.n.d Mark -1

    Rewind's Steam punk Design (Mk -1)