Cephillic "Yes, that's Bill, but as a massive Dragon."
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Redesigned Emula
Current "stage"
Presumably female
Grey slime with one yellow eye
Nothing, unless you count a scarf
Unknown creator
Neutral, good
low grade shape shift, climbing and adapting
Ability type
Shape shift
Nothing too different from what she already is


Emula's Appearance is highly simple, Grey slime like sludge that can change into multiple different form (the fact she can do it is better than quality). Her current appearance though has a Tail and ears, what always stayed the same is the One yellow eye she has and what is assumed to be hair slime covering her other eye hole (if she has one).


Being a Slime Emula's personality would normally be debatable, let alone the fact she was made to shape shift. BUT thanks to a kind Creature, She quickly learned to care, love, and look after anyone she considered friends or family, this also makes her a bit protective at times including the fact she has lived in ANOTHER TIMELINE, causing a bit of worry and stress for the safety and well being for some others (since where she's from they would be.........."Gone"). She is Also very knowledgeable of a lot of places and things, even before first meeting the "outsider". But that is not to say that she has other personalities too, She is Willing to protect others (Despite her lack of power and she's only slime), And also somewhat sympathize with others since She has been in her own world of Ell.


Emula's Origin is really in the dark. She was made by a currently unknown (or at least nobody remembers) creature as a Shape shifting partner. However the creator Died while she was in the early stages, A slime with an eyeball, By a murderous being referred to whoever was left of the Misfits "REWIND". 3 others Took care of her and tried to put her under their wings, a Bug Hybrid names Scrab, A Splink named Goreloing, And a Monster Hybrid Named Scup-bub. There was a 4th technically, a Mashed up monster made up of the remains of some fallen Misfits known as the Almagamation (Or just "Almagi" just to keep it simple). But Emula had a hard time learning or even developing at all despite the group's effort but then they were the only ones she had at that time (Remember Other people were "Gone" in this timeline, and picture it like an Apocalypse except no Zombies). It was like that that is until a group of so called "Heroes" came (what was weird is that looked like younger incarnations of people that died). After that she Tagged along with the mob being one of the few from that timeline to actually "jump" timelines (Apart from Something else).

Emula (salvaged save)

The Original "form" of Emula

Part of a Old new Family

When Emula "Jumped timelines" She found a home with a group of friendly Creatures and some Early Misfits (She sorta knew the face but never said anything since she knew so little about them when she was made). During this time she grew to know and care for these other beings, Even Developing herself physically and mentally. This mental development was almost a two sided sword, since due to a Incident She developed a bit of Stress worrying after some of her friends were "Offed" of who might she lose (since she might have lost some before when she was made). She also Developed her tail and ears during this period.

Operation "Gameverse"

One time Jolt had an Idea to "go away" for a bit and go under a different identity referred to as "Gameverse". Emula Assisted Jolt with this being his "powers" in terms (or at least with the tail). The Masked Entity was less than successful in terms that most either ignored or just didn't care (which granted at the time both were still shy ish and still are to this day). One being Overlooked when trying to go in for a tourney only to be tossed aside for a "free for all" along with 2 other misfits that tried to participate. The 2nd was during a rougher period where Emula actually found out something About Jolt, Antimat. She Dreaded this "2nd voice" to the point she didn't trust ANY TYPE OF CORRUPT......well until one proved otherwise. 

Emula adapt 2

"Adapt 2"

Emula Adapt 1

"Adapt 1"

Gameverse Duo

Emula With Jolt (Sans "Gameverse mask")


As Stated before Her only known Ability is to shape shift, However She can be slick and "stealthy" making her being able to easily follow and chase after some targets, She also knows how to use her surroundings (or what is nearby) to an advantage and Thanks to her developed ears can Sense certain things (depending if it's a threat or something unknown or known is nearby). And though she has no Strength She is able to use what she has as a quick "slap" though mostly it's with her tail. Since She's a slime, She can also fit into almost any nook and cranny (Almost) and climb various surfaces, walls and ceilings.

Emula's Forms

Emula does technically have forms for herself, Though they are not that powerful to begin with Emula takes the shape (or tries to) of Any species she knows or wants to try (powers not included).
Emula serpint

Emula's attempt of a serpent like creature

Forms include
  • A Candelavra
  • Humanoid
  • Mimikyu
  • Serpent like form
  • Verslit
  • Cat
  • and Frog
None of these forms have a lot of extra gain to them, just something that Emula mimics. Even if it has Claws they would still basically feel like Slime.
Emula Candelavra beta

Emula's Attempt of a Candelavra

Emula Mimikyu

Emula's Attempt of a Mimikyu

Emula unknown humanoid

Emula's Attempt of a Humanoid form

Frog Emula

Emula's Attempt at a Frog

Cat Emula

Emula's Attempt at a Cat

Emula Hybrid verslit

Emula's Attempt of a Verslit


One of Emula's technical weakness is likely weather since she can't adapt her temperature causing her to freeze over able to be broken (literally). But if people don't want to go through that trouble there is one spot that can KILL HER When hit, Her one Eye. A scratch or weak blast can blind her, anything stronger or just CRUSHING the Eyeball Will KILL the Slime.

A Freezing Slime

A Freezing Emula


  • Emula is one of the two characters that was part of the "Misfit side" of the ZT timeline (the other Being Rewind)
  • Emula is the only current "misfit" from another timeline that is freindly
  • Emula's Original design just had her Yellow eye in the darkness of her "tear eye" socket, while some of the newer Designs have a glow around the eye.
  • The only parts of Emula that seem to stay Consistent through her forms is the "tear eye" socket, and lashes
  • Saying this Emula's Frog and Cat forms are the only forms so far that Lack her usual "hair"
  • Another drawn version had her arms missing Entirely while her past phases lacked her ears and tail.
    Emula frightened

    Drawn "render" of Emula with the lack of arms

  • Emula is one of the few misfit characters that has drawn or planned versions for emotions (others being Jolt, Sneetie, Volkmar, Boingbitz, Bingy, Zipza, Ditz, Celio, Keywark, and Batum)
  • Emula's name is based off and is short for the word "Emulate"
    Emula concern

    A Concerned Emula