Early Life

Dreng København Riber was born in Ribe, Denmark in 1340. A young lad that had to grow up fast after his parents succumbed to Influenza in 1346. To survive he became a thief and was known in his town for his petty robberies. 1350 is when The Black Death strucked in many local towns and villages. He witnesses bodies being carried around in wagons every morning.

The Viborg Castle Raid

1353, a group of other young thieves offered Dwake to tag along this raid they planned and travelled to Viborg where they raided Viborg Castle where King Valdemar was located during a royal banquet. They broke through via the tall stain glassed windows in the Great hall, stealing all sorts from silk cloths to silver goblets. Then they proceed upstairs to raid the king’s daughter bedroom. The thieves trashed the bedroom and taunt the princess, they then climbed out of the bedroom window. Dwake was still in the bedroom at the time and thought how the thieves went too far of destroying the bedroom and tried and help the princess tidy and sorted as many items that were still in one piece before the King’s guards stormed in. The princess rejoiced and thanked him for his deed before shortly kissing him on the cheek, he eventually climbed out of the castle moments the King's guards barge through. He evaded the guards and even a unit of cavalry and headed back to Ribe. Although he had a 5,000 Silver bounty on his head.

The Worm Hole Incident & Entrance to Baile Ore

After 2 years laying low Dwake went and raid the weekly market in the town centre because as he was shortage of food. Unfortunately, while stealing bread and fruits the guards caught him and notices he matched the wanted poster that was placed all around town. He made a dash as fast as he can to evade the pursuing guards pursuit him. He hid inside an abandon house that nobody lived in for years. He waited until he heard the guards went past and searched for him further down the streets. The rush of adrenaline exhausted him as well got almost no sleep last night, he took a nap, praying for the guards to not find him. Once opening his eyes again, he instantly knew he weren't in Ribe anymore.</p>