Cephillic "Yes, that's Bill, but as a massive Dragon."
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Doom Guy
Doom AiM final fight
Doom Guy's armor
Human/Argent Knight
Muscular build. A massive claw-like scar across his chest. Dirty blonde hair at jaw length. Caucasian. Dusty blue eyes
Full hunter-green armor suit named the 'Praetor Suit'
326 lbs
Lawful Evil
Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and perception
Ability type
Argent Plasma, Guns
Argent = Super Saiyan 2; A simple light blue aura

Hell fire = Super Saiyan 5; Medium red aura and Cyberdemon horns

Primal = Super Saiyan God; A pale yellow aura and enhanced armor

Bane of Hell = Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 3; Dark red aura and spikes plus the Hell Fire horns

Final Doom slayer = Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Rose; Three pairs of wings with his connection with the angel, Seraphim


He is most commonly found wearing a head-to-toe suit of hunter green armor claimed to be named 'The Praetor Suit'. His helmet is the same color with a blue visor. In private, he can be found wearing any assortment of heavy metal T shirts and cargo pants. His hair is a dirty blonde at jaw length. His eyes are a dusty blue.


Doom is essentially a gentle giant. Taking adoration in anything small and adorable that takes after his pet rabbit. He also surprisingly good with kids, being the only real father figure a small child named Ryu had. However, he has a murderous side to him. He kills indiscriminately, targeting anything who dares provoke him. He has helped the heroes on occasions when it involves scratching his itchy trigger finger or anything related to Hell.


After assaulting his commanding officer for ordering to fire on innocent civilians, he was sent to Mars to clean toilets and fix lighting for the rest of his military career. That was, until the UAC was experimenting on a base not too far, on the moon Deimos. Being the only battle-ready troops present, the head officer sent him and his crew out to the moon after a distress beacon went off. When they arrived, Hell had literally broken loose. Doom was ordered to stand by the door, armed with only a pistol. He found them later, Dead. Deciding to take upon the mission himself, Doom ripped and teared through the hordes of the damned and discovered a portal to the fiery chasms of Hell to take the fight to them. His rage was so untamed, the demons had only one solution: Entomb him in the highest tower. The plan worked, so it seemed, as 23 years later, The resurfaced UAC was back at it again. Redoing all of that hard work, Doom finally ended his journey facing off with the Icon of Sin, the symbol of the most unholy: A giant goat skull on a wall with its brains exposed. Pumping all he had into the glowing brains of the demon, he returned to Earth, to find his pet rabbit, Daisy had been killed in the invasion that had already begun. This just got personal.

Doom AiM Finalefight art

Doom in the midst of his rampage


Doom has no real powers by himself, but is able to use several serums or power ups to enhance his abilities.

  1. Quad-Damage
  2. Berserk
  3. Invincibilty
  4. Haste
  5. Supercharge

His suit has the capabilities to absorb Argent Plasma, found in high concentrations in demon blood, which then he is able to channel into Ki-like attacks

  1. Doom Wave, a basic Argent Plasma wave roughly the strength of Vegeta's Final Flash, except with a pale yellow color
  2. Argent Fist, A supercharged punch
  3. Argent Meteor, Similar to Krillin's Spread Kamehameha, instead, is a singular orb that is thrown up and forward like a shot-put. The explosion is similar to a meteor impact
  4. Final Doom Wave. A Final Kamehameha on steroids with a yellow and orange color
  5. Argent Annihilator. His finishing move that depletes all Argent Plasma within his suit's storage. A gargantuan scarlet beam with enough power to level all of Hell and then some.
  6. Wrath of the Doomslayer. A barrage of Argent Fists


He can read and speak Latin, generally considered the language of demons. He also has the strength to go toe to toe with Bowser with one arm after having it blown off by Neo Metal Sonic's Burst Shield, Fast enough to outrun his own rockets, and an unnatural perception to detect invisible enemies or hidden doors.


Doom has developed a keen perception, able to sense secret doors or detect nigh invisible enemies. He also can run up to 90 miles per hour, much faster than most cars driving down the highway. He has proficiency with all semi-automatic and automatic guns.

Gun List

  1. Pistol: UAC standard pistol, can be charged for a more powerful shot
  2. Combat Shotgun: Semi Automatic shotgun, preferred weapon against light enemies
  3. Super Shotgun: Break Action Sawed Off Double Barrel, barrels can be fired at the same time or individually
  4. Heavy Assault Rifle: Fully Automatic UAC assault rifle. Six micro missiles as an alternate firing mode
  5. Chaingun: Detachable turret. Main barrel splits into three for more damage at the cost of overheat time.
  6. Rocket Launcher: UAC rocket launcher. Homing burst of 3 missiles available
  7. Gauss Cannon: Long range plasma cannon capable of taking out Hell Barons in a single shot
  8. BFG 9000: Chargeable radiation cannon capable of Two-Shoting the Cyberdemon
  9. BFG 10000: Rapid fire BFG with lesser damage
  10. Flamethrower: UAC Flame Trooper standard
  11. Assault rifle: Standard UAC primary weapon
  12. Demon Tech Assault rifle: Argent plasma-firing assault rifle
  13. Demon Tech BFG 10k: Much more powerful than BFG 9000
  14. Demon Tech Devastator: Doom Guy's new Pride and Joy
  15. Freezer Ray: A Ray/Full Auto ice rifle
  16. Quad and Hexa barrel shotguns: Break action quadruple and hexa-barrel shotguns
  17. Frag grenades: UAC Fragmentation grenades
  18. Barbatos Cannon: Demonic rocket launcher


A glass cannon. His relative usefulness is directly related to the amount of ammo he has. He also has his rage. When that is unleashed, he may be the biggest threat to himself and allies. On top of that, he never has a plan for anything, preferring to employ a run and gun type of strategy, which has actually helped, more than harmed.