"Betrayed. Battered. Taken. That's me. And you know what's FUNNY?!...Like some sick joke, I'm still here....Oh well. While I'm still here I might as well RIP YOU TO SHREDS!"
—Destruction the Hedgehog
Destruction Returns!
Destruction, Supreme Leader of DESTRON.
Hedgehog / NEO
Light-skinned hedgehog with grey eyes and spines going up.
Currently using combat gloves, A blue scarf, and black longcoat with brown boots. As well as blue gauntlets.
Neutral Evil
Excellent intelligence

"Unknown energy" (NEO)

Intermediate Swordsmanship

Intermediate Marksman
Ability type
"Pre-NEO", NEO

Reverence "Destruction" Jonathan Varen is the leader of DESTRON and the false main antagonist of the Isle Revelations saga as well as a deuteragonist in the current ongoing Grey Mirror saga. He is the brother of Bill Varen.


5-B at Base Level, 5-A in NEO Form, 4-C in Nebula NEO Form, 4-B in True NEO Form, 4-A in True NEO Reaper.


Destruction is a young anthropomorphic hedgehog of the NEO and Mobian species. with spines that stick up with black stripes and grey seemingly....empty eyes. With little droops of hair coming from head and strange "antennas" pointing up infront of his ears.


Destruction is hard to properly read. His personality is a wobbling pandora's box with no clear answers. Destruction has been seen acting very malicious and confident in his own abilties as well as extremely boastful. He seems to look down on others who aren't as strong as he is. Noticeably on Cocoa Isles, while Destruction's conscending attiude remains. He has noticeably tuned down the boasting and acts more calm around situations. Too calm at points. Destruction's personality became joking where even in serious situations, He'd often play it up as a joke. Only time will tell why Destruction does this.


Early life

Much of Destruction's early life is a mystery with no one knowing of his past. Destruction has apparently gone through extreme lengths to erase any evidence of his past off the face of the earth.

Dirty Deals

Sometime before the events of Isle Revelations, Destruction's organization was contacted by a unknown benefactor that wished to do business. Destruction and the benefactor diccussed terms and went into doing business with each other. The benefactor had stories. Rumors throughout the underworld of a power under Isle Revelations that he wanted. If Destruction and Co. succeeded in digging it up. The reward would be trendmous. Destruction agreed with glee to this plan and thus, Their grand scheme was put into motion.


Isle Revelations. A peaceful abandoned island home to a group of people who hail from different species visiting to check it out. In the mist of all of this, A new organization gallantly appears to take over the island for their own goals. The mercenaries known as "DESTRON"! DESTRON rather suddenly setup shop off coast of the isles on a uninhabited island and soon made their first appearance. Destruction revealed his intentions to the people that he planned to vacate the island to build his own nation and essentially turn it into a giant base of operations. However as time went on and DESTRON launched several invasions and attacks, The group of people became a hero group and built the Eagle's Nest. A base of operations to fight against the DESTRON threat. 

Final Stand

After several skirmishes and short attacks, The Heroes took the fight to DESTRON for one final assault as DESTRON's island base took flight. After battling their way through the island and into a underground area in the base, The Heroes challenged Destruction to a fight. Having his strength challenged, Destruction came down to face his foes in one final battle to end all battles and nearly defeated his adversaries. Thanks to a vote of confidence from a friend, The Heroes overcame Destruction and he was finally defeated. However, Chaos Maw , which had been aquired by DESTRON after attacking Eggman's Egg Carrier, possessed Destruction breaking open the fortress transforming him into "Chaotic Destruction". A powered up monstrocity that attempted to seek revenge but was ultimately defeated by Sonic. After this turn of events, Destruction soon apologized to the Heroes and promised to make amends for his mistakes. Destruction and the rest of his team then helped Heroes fight Chaos Maw in the final hours of the saga.


At the Cocoa Isles, Destruction got his second chance at business. Destruction switched focuses a bit on how to build his nation. He planned uniting all of the towns in Cocoa Isles and turning the Isles into his ideal mercenary nation. However his means of doing so were mostly soft and he didn't upgrade his tech as he focused more on propaganda. Eventually this would come back to bite him in the end.

The Presumed Death of Destruction

It was during the Eggman Empire's 1st invasion on Cocoa Island. Eggman soon came knocking on DESTRON's doorstep and was met by Judge, current leader of the R&D Division, and proceeded to negotiate with him. Ultimately Eggman was set on his goals to arrive with the Egg Fleet in 24 hours to destroy DESTRON's base. The Shepherds and DESTRON both worked together to try and avert the possible crisis Eggman could cause and ultimately their plans failed causing DESTRON Island to be destroyed and innocent lives put in danger. In a frantic escape, Destruction's Escape Ship was suddenly shot down by Sting's ship and Destruction was presumed to be dead for quite some time.

Current Whereabouts

Currently within the saga, Sting, who was hiding in the cave that all the heroes and some Cocoa Islanders hid during the Eggman Empires 2nd invasion on Cocoa Island, has been revealed to not be a traitor and revealed that Destruction faked his "death" and is with someone who Sting preceives as "a very powerful individual". The "Powerful individual" has never been identified, but it might be The Salesman, a major antagonist in the AiM trilogy.

Comeback in the Tournament

Destruction, including his brother, Bill, who was thought to have been killed by Therius, were found alive in Summer Tournament III. The entire crowd alongside with the participants and the announcer were all shocked to see the 2 alive. The announcer announced that the next match will be between Bill and Destruction. However, Destruction would have ultimately lost to Bill after the match.


Work in progress!

Work in progress!


Work in progress!.


Work in progress!


Destruction -Longcoat-

Destruction -Original Look-

His original attire has him wearing a gray coat with a small flap, brown shoes, red pants, a brown belt, a blue scarf, a black and blue ring and a brown half-fingerless glove on his left hand and a golden ring and a red glove on his right hand.

His Longcoat attire has a simular appearance to his original attire, but he now wears a gray longcoat similar to the original attire's gray coat. He wears the same black and blue ring and brown half-fingerless glove now on both hands rather than only on the left hand, a blue bandana rather than a blue scarf, and his belly button is revealed. His brown shoes also increase in size.