Destron Information Bots are robots that help promote DESTRON in many places on Mobius. They are actually Protectrons from the famous post-apocalyptic RPG Video Game franchise, Fallout.


These robots are industrialized robots that have a rusty gray texture and a cone-like head. The top of their heads is painted yellow.


Before ConversationEdit

[ BZZT! Systems Online. All Functions Ready. Welcome, Citizen. I am a Designated Representative of DESTRON. DESTRON gives you a hearty welcome. ]

Asking "Whats the Goal of Destron?"Edit

[ DESTRON's core goal is to protect and serve the people of Planet Mobius. Many of their funds go towards Charities around the Planet. DESTRON discriminates against none; and they welcome all. Join Today. ]

Asking "What is this Place?"Edit

[ This is a Recruitment Center for those who wish to join the honorable and strong DESTRON. Here, you can take the Sponsored-Official-DESTRON-Aptituide Test. This test well decide your Ability to join DESTRON. People of all Race, Gender and Species may join the honorable DESTRON for battle of Glory and Peacekeeping. Sign up today. ]

Asking "Who leads Destron?"Edit

[ Since the death of the venerable Destruction Varen, the venerable Judge is now the Leader of DESTRON. Under his wonderous guidance, DESTRON will be lead to further glory. Hail Destron. ]

Ending the conversation with "Goodbye."Edit

[ God Bless DESTRON- Join Today! ]