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Darkness saiyan black
Average Saiyan body, lightly tanned with black hair and dark red eyes, small battle scars covering most of his entire body except his face
Black pants, grey boots, black belt, grey Gi top, black shirt
6' 8"
176 LBs
Mother: Ruby, Older Sister: Star, Father: Aaron
Death Psycho Bomb, Infinity Explosion, Sudden Storm, Rage Saucer, Bloody Sauce, Marbling Drop, peeler Storm, Serious Bomb, Energy Jet, Death ball, Minus energy Power Ball
Ability type
Dark Ki
Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3

"I have learned to not feel emotion anymore after what I have done in my past."


Average Saiyan body, lightly tanned, black hair and dark red eyes. Small battle scars cover most of his body, excluding his face.


Does not care about most people, self centered, tries to start a fight to get stronger. However, he is willing to die to protect a lot of people if it is the only option left.


Darkness was born under the goddess of light Ruby and his sister Star. Up until he was 15, he spent his life with his sister and mother until a fight broke out between Darkness and Star ending in the death of Darkness. However, upon death, Darkness' Dark Ki restored Darkness into a Saiyan male body. Up until his 25th birthday Darkness used his Dark Ki to destroy countless worlds in search of battle until running into Escar, leader of Team Time Patrol, who took Darkness in and treated him as a friend, resulting in Darkness helping the Time Patrol in defeating the likes of the demon god Demigra. Afterwards Darkness ended up finding a woman named Lilith, having two kids named Jikan and Blair. After the death of Jikan, Darkness faked his death, causing Blair to try to turn evil like her father, while Lilith moved on to someone else. After faking his death, Darkness disguised himself as the Reaper for a few weeks before returning as Darkness again.


Darkness has been able to go toe to toe with Shiva the rival of Darkness and many other saiyans even going toe to toe with Vegeta and Goku in their base forms. Darkness has enough strength to lend to the future warrior power in Xenoverse 1 to defeat Demigra. Darkness has been able to transform into a super saiyan 1 super saiyan 2 and super saiyan 3 from training with the time patrollers.
SSJ3 Darkness

Darkness after reaching super saiyan 3


Techniques Death Psycho Bomb: a move used by Frieza to kill Krillin in the anime Darkness has learned this move by watching Frieza do it to Krillin.

Infinity Explosion: used by the time breakers charging a explosion of dark ki Darkness knew how to use this technique though watching the time breakers do battle with the future warrior during time patrols however Darkness rarely uses this attack anymore due to hits charge up time.

Sudden Storm: barrage of purple ki blasts from one hand taught to Darkness by Turles in Conton city after the events of the so called "death" of final form Mira.

Rage Saucer: Darkness teleports to the opponent and rapid punches doing this 3 times from different angles if fighting more than one opponent Darkness will teleport to each opponent then rapid punch learned by using his dark ki watching the time breakers use this attack against time patrollers.

Bloody Sauce: Darkness will launch 4 to 5 poisonous ki spheres at his opponent to slow down and poison his enemy learned by watching Towa and Mira and many other time breakers use this technique. Marbling Drop: Darkness unleashes an explosive wave then creates energy spheres around himself then launches smaller energy spheres in every direction.

Peeler Storm: Darkness dissapears using his Dark ki to unleash energy slashes around his opponents for 10 seconds before reappearing.

Serious Bomb: Darkness uppercuts his opponent away then from his hand charges a large dark Ki sphere and launches at his opponent to do massive damage.

Energy Jet: Darkness unleashes large amounts of dark ki around his body to form a massive energy sphere that follows the opponent learned by battling Demigra.

Death Ball: Darkness uses his finger to form a average sized energy sphere that follows the opponent learned from frieza during the frieza saga by watching him use this ability.

Baked Sphere: Darkness condenses his body in a large dark ki energy sphere causing him to slow down but apon impact of the baked sphere with an opponent or when the baked sphere expires the energy sphere bursts apart causing major damage to opponents caught within its close range.

Minus Energy Power Ball: Darkness' most used attack he creates a massive energy sphere using his dark ki then condenses the power ball into a smaller size to make it more destructive before launching it at an opponent.



Darkness like most saiyans the tail nullifies the saiyans power however Darkness keeps his tail hidden inside his Gi. Darkness' Dark Ki is weak to light magic. Darkness is also very weak to Towa's mind control due to his dark Ki. Darkness' family being in danger or even killed Darkness will ignore all defense and go all offense on his opponent with the intent to kill making him much easier because a lack of defense but becomes very destructive and hostile due to his high offensive strength.

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