Just for Clarity These characters are sorta a sub group to any normal group, and are also each a different character (No item "creations" will be mentioned in this group/list of characters, but rather mention the Robotic and Living creations for those that are actually created). This is also a article that may be mixed with Cannon and non cannon stuff (Old world and new World of AiM) And the Variations of Crossover characters (such as a Pokemon) wouldn't normally act a certain way compared to their normal counter parts.

These Creatures are a "sub group" of characters primarily under the ownership of Jolt "Gameverse", Some of which He made himself. few of these creatures also has some slight alter cations to their normal "species" as far as appearance.

Creatures & Creations (Misfit)
Creatures and Creation group misfit
Group of some of the "misfit" Creatures and Creation (note the Pokemon and Dream eater Fcs)
Jolt "Gameverse", location unknown
{Original creations} Naner, Turr, Kink, Kamino, DrilzarX, Acidtrap; {Pokemon} Slazer, Hixlea, Porygon.EXE, Confit, Azuel, Mint, Rouge, Quickswipe, Stling, Geistul, Excalica, Shizu, Pearlia, Psylina, Burnard, Falshe, CroakX; {Dream eater} Tatal
Unknown (Assumed to be with Jolt or some other misfits)
Faction Type
Sub group assist
Dependent on creature
Depends on Creature
The Misfits
Neutral good
Element powers

Training Fix up

Assistance To those in need, if needed
Military Power


This Group of characters being a Sub group are also made up of different Species and some aren't even alive or currently cannon.

Original Creatures

Naner- Naner is a Combination of a Banana and octopus, one of Jolt's first creations as far as fusion goes. Though he can't fight, he still has a good heart and has a clueless yet derpy personality.

Turr- Turr Is a Training Prototype built by Jolt. After Incidentally going Haywire in the Old world or "dream world" Turr was fixed up and mostly debugged. However in the new world he still lacks some parts.

Kink- Kink is the group's first Fix up/ medic character, Programed to deal with medical situations for both Robots, Creatures and other blood types (though It does have a few gaps in it's data chip).

Kamino- Currently only seen In the Old world, Kamino was a Dragon Chameleon Hybrid. Complete with fire powers and flight, even grew as big as a dragon (sorta).

Acidsnap- A combination of a Pitcher plant and a Flytrap, This character was the 2nd hybrid after Naner to be creatures Via Fusion (with Kamino being the third). Complete with Actual Acid.

DrillzarX- A old world drilling machine created by Jolt to find any possible fossils. This bot has shown to have a odd appetite despite it being a robot by trying to eat chairs, tables, and plates.


Azuel- This Smeargle like most of his kin has a interest in painting, and marks his turf with it. He can also try and sketch any attack and possibly even make some real life drawings. (but he's not there yet)

Slazer- A grey metal coated Scizor. He was one of the first Pokemon Jolt actually made a type of bond with (originally) Along with Azuel and Quickswipe, with Him being more reactive to certain situation.

Quickswipe- A Gallade with Armor, This Pokemon tries to keep "honor" and is the least likely of the first three to be aggravated. With yellow metallic gauntlet like armor he can pack a punch to any that might try to harm his allies

Psylina- So far Non Cannon and never seen. This Pokemon was to be in terms Quickswipe's "sister", being just as "honorable" and calm as her brother.

Rouge- This Lycanroc can be a bit reckless if not put under proper control. He Seldom appears in the open but can show a foe what for.

Confit- This mimikyu is a claimed "master" of disguise if he actually uses them (also doesn't help that Azuel was the one who touched up his costume). But He often questions certain aspects of other places (the current world he is confused on how people are getting attention, yet they all look different)

Mint- A Lurantis that is skilled in balance and timing (if there is not a lot of disturbances). She often tries to adapt fighting styles and tries to help some of the others out with that as well.

Pearlia- *Primarina, not a lot of data known*

Excalica- This stern Aegislash is the closest thing to a caretaker for the other pokemon besides Jolt. She often doesn't truly tolerate any misbehavior from her fellow peers, but doesn't punish them too harshly.

Falshe'- *Zoroark, not a lot of data known*

Burnard- *Magmortar character, not a lot of data known*

Shizu- *Crobat, not a lot of data known*

CroakX- *Greninja character, not a lot of data known*

Hixlea- *Delphox character, not a lot of data known*

Stling- *Drapion character, not a lot of data known*

Geistul- *Duskclops character, not a lot of data known*

Porygon.EXE- Likely one of the few pokemon on this time that has a actual item currently (a focus lens on his left eye). He is also the most knowledgeable of the group, granted he does glitch a bit from time to time

Dream Eater

Tatal- Tatal was Originally the first dream eater created by Jolt to Help him with his Nightmares (Granted that Jolt did his research before going to another world). Often having a quirky Personality since his eyes could change at random.

Base of Operations

These characters don't have a home yet do, Since Jolt nor the other Misfits had a perminate home, neither to these creatures but in some cases being with family is "home" (despite some of them being Absent).


It Is likely that most of the Characters here would be Living with Jolt either in his bag (for those that fit or can be shrunken or "broken down") or a Pokeball. Though some of the characters are assumed to live elsewhere and are not actively part of the "travel team"


Original characters

Naner- Dons a Red Bowtie


Azuel- Has a Purple "painter's" hat, and a Apron

Slazer- Grey metalic coaking with a green gem on it's head

Gallade- Grey heard armor and yellow metallic gauntlets with a purple gem on on of them

Confit- Brighter color of yellow and has painted/ wax cheeks, drawn eyes are replaced with a type of googly eyes

CroakX- Black ninja like Attire

Shizu- Purple star mark on her eye and has a bow in her ear


Fc pokemon 2

Group of some of the Pokemon members with Jolt

Kamino the Dragleon Revamp and mostly Grown

Currently "non cannon" member: Kamino (Note this is the Fully grown version)

Redesigned Naner


DrillzarX revamp

Slightly Broken down version of the "Non cannon" Drillzar


  • Out of All the characters in this Sub group only Naner had a alternate costume
  • From new world to old world only the Appearances of Kink and Turr actually changed.
  • Drillzar is the only "Original" creation so far that as been left unused every since the "Old world" ended
  • Same Applies to Acidsnap and Kamino, the two Hybrids that were made after Naner as they have not made a solid appearance since the "Old world"
  • Kamino was also the only character that seemed to constantly grow as apposed to Most of the Misfit Characters.
  • Despite there being many pokemon fc characters in this group only close to half of them have shown up at some point, making the others non cannon as of now.
  • Only exceptions are CroakX and Rouge, CroakX having appeared during the old world, And Rouge Appearing in the New world but no Physical Decal has been seen or made.
  • There was an concept of some of the Pokemon characters appearing during a "side plot" known as "Solus" (This was Rouge's Debut and the Planned Debuts of Stling and Geistul).
  • It is Unknown if the System on AiM truly allows only Six pokemon or not (or more rather If Jolt is even allowed to have that many around with him) or if some of the Pokemon members are at a Poke pelego like area on standby.
  • Tatal Hasn't been physically seen as of yet, Despite plans of it being Involved in trying to Resolve some "Nightmares" of a character.
  • Out of the Pokemon characters shown only CroakX, Quickswipe, Azuel, Slazer, PorygonEXE, Shizu and Confit seem to have Any "Major" modifications for a FC while the rest don't seem to have any change apart from their actually species.