Cocoa Island Archie

Archie's variation of Cocoa Island.

Cocoa Island (also known as Cocoa Isles) is the current main setting of AiM, which orginated from Tails' Adventure, and the original base of the Battle Bird Armada prior to Tails coming to the island and sweeping the armada. Ridding the island of it's influnece and renaming it to Cocoa Isles.


The island is filled with all sorts of growing plant-life and nature. Alot of the plant life has grown over in the dark cave system with only two caves not covered in plant-life. The ammount of nature present on the island is about as much as you'd expect.


The island keeps the climate at a rather warm pace with certain areas making colder or hotter. The climate itself is nothing too special.


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Significant Populations

This is a list of the sigificant populations of the island as of right now:

Notable Areas

This is a list of the areas currently documented at this time: