Chase Reed
Chase Reed
Current appearance
Tan skin, black hair, black eyes
Black suit, dark gray overcoat, black tie
Ability type

Chase Reed is a character in AiM.

Lore Library Entry

Chase live in London for most of his childhood, looking after himself after the murder of his parents. He learnt most of the basic life skills inside his house as going outside would mean that he would be separated from the place he called "home".

After countless years of looking after himself and not leaving home, the government got complaints about a "awful stench" from a house. Chase was going to be evicted from his home by the government at the age of 10. This was where his parents were found dead in a cupboard where they had rotted for many years, their skeletons posed to look like they were hugging. A stain of what appeared to be a pool of blood was found not too far from the cupboard.

The local police force at the time wanted to hunt down Chase, desperately trying to pin his parents' murder on him now that he was at the legal age where he was responsible for his actions this drove Chase away from society again after just being introduced to it, he couldn't trust anyone. He sneaked out of the foster home the government had assigned him to and sought to find a new place.

He eventually found a place where he then joined a gang - "The Mob Mentality" - led by a Russian named Levi Gorshkov. Chase worked up the ropes like any other gang member - participating in countless attacks on rival gangs, stealing things, etc. to gain respect.

Eventually, Levi was ready to dispose of Chase, despite the respect he had built with the gang by the time he was 13. He was kidnapped by his former "friends", knocked unconscious and was taken to an ally across from Buckingham Palace.

Fortunately, Chase was not dazed by the effects of the drug for too long and woke up as Levi was about to execute him. This was where Chase experienced shooting a gun for the first time and where his adrenaline kicked in. He wrestled the revolver out of Levi's large hands with immense strength and shot both of Levi's henchmen at point blank range - each bullet piercing through their heads then swiftly aiming the revolver right in-between Levi's eyes.

Before Chase could pull the trigger to kill the man who betrayed him yet again, the police got wind of the shooting and rushed to the scene. They only found the two dead henchmen and Levi unconscious, his body sinking into the plastic trash bags that were holding him up. Chase managed to make it out of the alley and proceeded to "blend" into reality.

By the time Chase was 15, he decided to turn himself in for his previous crimes, not wanting to live on the run anymore. He admitted to the shooting in the alley, but the police wanted him to be found guilty of "murdering" his parents.

He managed to get a good lawyer to defend him and was able to work out a community service to deal with the court - to work for the Metropolitican Police for the remainder of his sentence. Chase didn't need much training and was out-performing the entire police unit in under a year. After countless arrests and operations, he had made a total of 600 arrests during his time with the Metropolitan Police. He also met his girlfriend Natalia throughout his time in the service as well. Nothing could go wrong.

However, at the age of 16, he was betrayed yet again by his colleagues, but more importantly by his now ex-girlfriend Natalia. She planted evidence on him, linking him to a terrorist plot to kill the British Prime Minister. He was not given a chance to explain and was going to be framed. Thanks to a few friends in his police unit, he got wind of her plan and confronted her about it. Chase nearly ended up killing Natalia, but decided to spare her and get out of the country as fast as he could. He began to trust nobody but himself and retreated from Earth in search of a new life. This was where he started travelling around the universe, heading to places like Teslon and Mobius.

Upon his arrival on Mobius, Chase was greeted by Castor Humunculus - leader of the organization called VORBIS. He aining to make sure he was ready for what he was about to get himself into. Through Humunculus, he has met many friends and enemies along the way - thwarting plans to take out places, planets and even the univers with the help of his associates.

The one thing Chase wants to accomplish through his life is not to repeat the same mistakes he has made, as those have caused him great pain and anguish. He is also proving that anyone can make a difference in the world - big or small, no matter how powerful or smart they think they are.